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Игра: Carmagedon

Чит коды

Carmageddon - Cheats

Enter these codes during gameplay:

SPAMFORREST=- Instant Handbrake
BIG BOTTOM=- Bodywork Trashed
GOOGLEPLEX=- Under Water Ability
GIVEMELARD=- Mega Bonus (loadsa Money)
SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM - Pedestrians Glued to Ground
SMALLUDDERS=- Giant pedestrians
SUPERHOOPS=- Explosive pedestrians
IGLOOFUN=- Hot rod (Huge Speed Increase)
FUNNYJAM=- Turbo Pedestrians
IHAVESOMESPAM=- Gravity has Gone Strange
BUYOURNEXTGAME=- Oh dear, Jelly Suspension
ILOVENOBBY=- Pedestrians Shown on Map
RUSSFORMARIO=- Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray
HAMSTERSEX=- Blind Pedestrians
NAUGHTYTORTY=- Pedestrian Respawn
BOYSFROMTHEBUSH=- Grip-o-matic Tires
TRAMSARESUPER=- Pedestrian Harvest (Pedestrians Stick to Car)
ISLANDRULES=- Vesuvian Corpses
RABBITDREAMER=- Gravity from Jupiter

On the race/car selection screen type :

KEVWOZEAR - This unlocks all races/all cars/all car upgrades
IWANTTOFIDDLE - Unencrypt all external text files. This is great for altering with the weights/properties of objects and changing the physics of the game.
Type in "JOYRIDER" at the network race-type selection screen and you'll get access to all cars for network play. You'll need to select 'all' cars in the options screen to use them. This works with manual or random car selection.

Type "IBETYOUCANTPRINTCUNT" when in a race
F4 - Swap between ingame modes, mostly for track and car editing.
Edit mode - CHEATS:

1 - Credits (large)
2=- Peds glued to ground
3=- Giant Peds
4=-=Explosive Peds
5=-=Hot Rod
6=-=Turbo Peds
8=-=Free Repairs
9=-=Instant Repair
0=-=Credits (small)
SHIFT + 1=- Underwater ability
SHIFT + 2=- Time bonus
SHIFT + 3=- Bodywork Trashed
SHIFT + 4=- Mine
SHIFT + 5=- Frozen Opponents
SHIFT + 6=- Frozen Cops
SHIFT + 7=- Turbo Opponents
SHIFT + 8=- Turbo Cops
SHIFT + 9=- Lunar Gravity
SHIFT + 0=- Frozen Timer
SHIFT + ALT + 1=- Bouncey Bouncey
SHIFT + ALT + 2=- Instant Handbrake
SHIFT + ALT + 3=- Peds from Hades
SHIFT + ALT + 4=- Turbo
SHIFT + ALT + 5=- Mega Turbo
SHIFT + ALT + 6=- Blind Peds
SHIFT + ALT + 7=- Ped Respawn
SHIFT + ALT + 8=- 5 Free Recoverys
SHIFT + ALT + 9=- Solid Granite Car
SHIFT + ALT + 0=- Explosive Peds
CTRL + 1=- Drugs
CTRL + 2=- Gripomatic Tyres
CTRL + 3=- Ped Harvest
CTRL + 4=- Vesuvian Corpses
CTRL + 5=- Gravity from Jupiter
CTRL + 0=- Rock Springs
ALT + 1=- Wall Climber
ALT + 2=- Bouncey Bouncey
ALT + 3=-=Jelly Suspension
ALT + 4=-=Show Peds On Map
ALT + 5=-=Ped Electro-Bastard Ray
ALT + 6=-=Greased Tyres
ALT + 7=-=Acme Damage Magnifier
ALT + 8=-=Gravity from Jupiter
ALT + 9=-=Turbo Opponents
ALT + 0=-=Pinball Mode

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