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Игра: Commander Keen 4

Чит коды

An editor cheat -- By Simon Burrows
Here's a hack for that dated Apogee game: Commander Keen 4. To
use it, load the game, save your position in slot one (top)
then quit back to DOS.
Now, with a Hex-editor such as NU or PC-TOOLS, pop-up the file
SAVEGAM0.CK4 from the main game directory. Then, using the Nos.
in the top-right hand corner as a guide, make your way to the
following hex-locations and.... Hex location Change To
Offset 96, Hex 60 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF 37
Offset 104, Hex 68 05 FF
Offest 122, Hex 7A 03 FF
This will give you 255 lives and shots, and a score of about
900 million points!! Go get 'em, Blaze!