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Игра: Another World


Name : Another World
Producer : Delphine / US Gold
Source : Mercenary

To save a lot of time, I'm writting up some hints for
Another World. I'm not going to reveal the passwords
yet, and I'm not even going to go into detail about
all the little tricks. Half the fun is figuring those
out. Maybe in an expanded hints list.

Segment 1: The Beast
This one is easy so I'm not going to bother explaining it.

Segment 2: The Cage
It's not as easy as before, but you can get through with trial
and error.

Trick: Learn to put up a shield. Just hold down the trigger a
little longer. If you hold it down too long, the effect
is pretty useful also.

There is no special way of getting rid of the guard at the bottom.
Just be damn quick.

When rolling in the tunnels, go left, down, right, down, right.

Segment 3: The Tunnels
When you first enter, go straight down a couple of screens and
then go right all the way until you hit a wall. Nuke the wall.
Then go all the way back left, remembering to up the ramp. Also,
shoot that bat when you see him. Follow him. Then swing on the
stalagtites. Then get on the left of the big rock and blast the
base. Go up one level and go all the way to the right. Blast
out the rock and run like hell back to the left. Ta-da!

Segment 4: The Halls
Basicly, you just blow the hell out of everyone you meet. There
are some tricks.

Kick the guy in the balls.

Set up a shield and get close to the door then step back.

Shoot the chandelier (to free your buddy).

Wait until he stops pacing and shoot the globe.

Subsegment: The Water
Swim down and shut the power off. Or don't (it makes
for an interesting light show).

These hints are designed to be vague, but they were the hardest to
figure out (well, not the kicking one).

Oh, and when you think you are trapped, hold out. Your buddy
will save your behind.

Segment 5: The Guardhouse
Run around it while your buddy gets caught. Then surprise them.

Don't worry when your buddy hucks you across. Just jump back (and

Segment 4: The Church
Ok, everything must be done in order.

Give the trapped guy a chance to close the door above.

Go upstairs, get close to the door, nuke it, and jump forward.
He will continue to huck grenades. This is good.

Go the tube, kill the guy, go down again and shut the power off.
(or don't, see if I care. But you will)

Go up and watch the guy make a fool of himself for a while and then
execute him.

Go down the stairs and down the hole the recently deceased has made.

Wait 1 second in the dark before trying to cross the dark room.

Don't jump down, pull that lever. You can take a break and listen
to the party.

Jump down and go right. We haven't tried to go to the left.

Beam up, go find your buddy, beam higher.

Segment 6: The Arena
Figure it out yourself. Ugly tank, isn't it?

Segment 7: The Baths
I think you can get to the part where you get the hell beaten out
of you. Scoot forward and pull the lever when he is in the right
spot. Then pull the next lever and scoot back.

Segment 8: The Bird
You don't have to do anything. It's the end.

Segment 9: The Payment
Send me the sequel.

Mercenary (cocacola@sloth)