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Игра: Myst 3: Exile (eng)


Chapter 1 is too simple, so i have't include it in solution.

Chapter Two - J'nanin: The Learning Age

J'nanin is a barren island, or so it appears. It has a fresh water
lake in the
middle, at the bottom of a deep chasm. There are pathways,
ladders and stairways
all over the island. This island age will be a learning
experience for you. You
need to find Atrus' linking books and learn their use. First you
need to find
the thief and find out what he is up to at the present moment.

This ragged larcenist has ducked around the rocks up a pathway to
your right. Go
forward twice. Pan to your right to see a metal ladder going up
the side of the
cliff. Climb it. At the top, pan down and cross the walkway to the
destination. It looks like an observatory of some sort. Go to the
door and click
on it. Through the portal, you can will see the thief pacing about
holding the
Releeshan book. Try the door. You can't enter yet.

Turn around and pan down to see that this obversatory building
appears to be
built on a rock projection in the middle of the island's fresh
water lake. Go
back across the walkway and climb down to the middle level, where
you entered the
J'nanin age. Don't continue down to the beach yet. Instead, turn
left along the
short walkway and examine the pedestal with a projector apparatus.
Notice the red
fire marble on top.

Turn it by clicking on the lower, circular handle. There are three
Through this projector, you will sequentially see water, nothing,
and a view of a
similar projector some distance away. The other one has a purple
fire marble
gracing it's top. Back out of the view and go forward right of the
toward the huge ivory tusk looking structure out beside the sea.
Notice that odd
looking black and gold motif at the base of the tusk. Go forward,
see a hole, or
well, ahead of you carved into the rock to your left. Turn toward
Click forward and go down the ladder. Pan up and turn 180 degrees
to see that you
are in a cave near the water line. Ahead of you is a door. But,
there's a
strange, elaborately decorated, wheel obstructing your path to the
door. You
can't get over it, around it, or under it.

Pan left toward the ocean. If you look carefully, you'll see what
appears to be a
turquoise colored man-made pillar out there. And, just to the left
of it, you can
barely make out another ladder on the cliff side. That looks like
our next
destination. You will see the top of the cave ladder just to the
right of the
cliff's edge. Go forward and climb down the ladder. Pan up and
right to stand
before the pillar you saw from the other side. Click on the left
lever to see
what happens to that wheel you encountered on the walkway.

The Wheel Puzzle

To move the wheel out of the way so you can access the door in the
base of the

click the left lever once
click the right lever once
click the left lever once
click the right lever once

Climb back up the ladder. Go left and back down the hole to the
walkway. You will
see the wheel resting harmlessly against the cave wall. Turn
around. Go to the
door and open it. This is the Amateria linking book room. The
thief has
apparently destroyed the room, making it impossible for you to get
across to the
other side. Oh well, you have plenty of other things to do here in
J'nanin. Let's
leave this place for now and explore the island. Take time here to
read Atrus'
journal appearing below your playing screen.

Atrus Journal - Commentary on Releeshan:
Atrus decides not to rebuild the D'ni civilization. But, rather to
carry it's
survivors forward into a newly written age, "...in which the
natural equilibrium
of the world serves as a counterpoint to the upheaval of
civilization." He
considers making Nature the foundation of the new age. He
contemplates, "...nature encourages mutual dependence."
Atrus muses that Nature would be a safer foundation than Energy,
which is forward
moving and harder to control. Finally he decides he must include
all three
concepts under consideration for the new age in order to maintain
a balance. ..."
balanced systems stimulate civilizations."

When you have finished reading Atrus journal, turn around and go
back up the
ladder. Go back across the walkway to the projector with the red
fire marble,
below the observatory. (It should be to your right.) Continue
twice to the short
walkway you see ahead. Turn left and pan down to see another
ladder leading down
to the sandy beach below.

Go down the ladder and turn right. Keep going along the beach
until you come to a
second projector pedestal with a yellow fire marble. Look through
the viewer to
see an interesting edifice in the ocean. Turn the viewer again to
see an
identical pedestal with a blue fire marble. Interesting.

Turn to your left and go out on the rocky point to turn the wheel
on the pillar
jutting out of the rock there. Note that turning the wheel rotates
the dome on
the off shore structure and eventually opens it. Reflected
sunlight is beamed to
the booster projector to the left of the pillar.

Leave the area and return to the yellow projector pedestal. If you
turn it again,
you will see that the reflected light, projected by the off shore
dome, now
shines on either the base of a another tusk structure, or on a
rock area to
screen right.

Turn left and proceed until you come across a pedestal with no
projector on top.
Obviously, its broken. Could the thief be responsible for this
destruction, as
well as that seen in the linking room? Remember where the
broken pedestal is. Go
forward on the left side of the pole four times. Turn right and
descend the rock
stairs through an areas where the wind whistles and reverberates
along the canyon

Follow the spiral staircase on down through the wind tunnel and to
the water.
There, you will see a bridge leading to a lovely little garden

The Garden House

Go across the bridge and open the garden house door. Step inside.
Pan down and
pull the lever on the column to the left. When the gate opens, go
forward into a
small circular area. Pan down left to see another column with a
large round
button on it. Push it. When the gate behind you lowers, go forward
into the
living quarters of the thief, which in on the bottom floor of the

Go right and look at the little stickman mobile on the rock table
beside the
hammock. Hmm. Could that be Atrus and his two infamous sons hung
in effigy there?

Turn left to see the animal hide hammock and pick up a journal
laying inside the
hammock. Read it all now. It is necessary to fill in the back
story for you.

Saavedro's Journal:
Saavedro's journal reveals his twisted, vengeful stalking of Atrus
to seek his
own demented justice for the death of his wife, Tamra, his two
small daughters,
and the people of Narayan, which was his home. He finds after a
time, that Sirrus
and Achenar, Atrus' sons, aren't with him there at Tomahna.
Remember that
Saavedro's understanding is incomplete in addition to being
deranged. He doesn't
have Atrus' latest journal. You do.
Look at the symbols in some of the journals pages in the upper
right corner. You
will notice that some of the strange Narayan numbers are missing
and/or are out
of sequence. Take note ot the fact. Also take a good look at the
Saavedro is quite the artist and you will need both his art work
and his rantings
as time goes along.
Turn around and go up the stairs across the room, in front of the
platform. Look
on your left at the unfinished portrait Saavedro has been drawing.
Obviously a
beautiful woman. But, she has no eyes. Is this Tamra? Did
Saavedro leave her
blinded so she couldn't see the ruins of Narayan. Or does he not
want her to see
the state that he is in and what he is up to?
Go forward, right and forward to stand at the desk. Examine the
scales, the
mortar and pestal, and other items. To the left of the desk,
notice what appears
to be a creature, or plant, in a shell. The device in the center
of the desk is a
battery. Turn the crank at the left. Click on the wires in the
center to
disengage them. Note that the plant creature extends a tentacle or
root arm, into
the gap between the wires. Turn the crank again to reveal that
this is an exotic
Venus Fly Trap variety of plant. Well, we are in the green house,
Look at the scales on the right again. Note that one side carries
four greenish
blue crystal balls and the other side carries a single, dark brown
metal ball.
Yet the scales are perfectly balanced.
Walk left to the stone table beside the hammock. Note that the
scales there are
also perfectly balanced. Yet the right side appears to hold four
brown (wooden?)
balls and the left side holds a single blue green crystal.
Could the different weights of these three materials contain the
answer to the
perfect balance? Or, maybe it has to do with the fulcrum's
position as in the
mobile on the other side of the hammock. Go examine the mobile
again and remember
this exercise with the varying weights of different materials. You
will need it
Go over to the round contraption in the corner of the room. It's
an elevator.
Let's see if you can get at the thief this way. Go around to the
back of the
elevator and click on the door handle to enter. Inside, turn right
and click on
either lever you see. The elevator will rise.

In a cutscene, you will see the thief secure the Releeshan book in
a cage like
contraption and send it down into a pit of some sort, where you
can't see it. You
will not be able to gain access to it. At least, not for the
foreseeable future.
Exit this view and turn around. Try to open the door. No go.
Something else needs
to be done here.

Look out the window. See the off shore light dome and the bigger
projector you set up earlier. Could it be that the appropriate
arrangement of the
various fire marble projectors might shine the reflected lights of
all the fire
marble colors on the door and cause it to open? The alignment
of the observatory
door and the tusk doors provokes much further investigation.

For now, let's go back down in the elevator. Close the door. Turn
left and push
the green button to return to the main floor. Step out of the
elevator and turn
extreme left. See the levers that work the elevator mounted on the
wall? Pull the
levers. The elevator will rise to the top floor again. When you
regain the
cursor, pan down. See the area under the elevator?

Climb down there and examine the elevator's various mechanisms. Uh
oh! Saavedro
has been destroying the works here also. Look at the diagrams in
his journal to
help solve these puzzles.

The Elevator Puzzle
1. Weights (starting left to right)
click the left weight twice
leave the center weight alone
click the right weight twice
2. Crank
Flip the screw bolts by clicking in the center as follows:
Flip the first two bolts so their threaded ends are pointing left
Leave the third one alone. Don't move it. But, leave it positioned
where you can
see it through the opening.
3. Switch
Just pull the rod toward you.
4. Gears
Turn the gears until the tooth on the lower gear and the hole on
the upper gear
line up.

Climb out of the pit under the elevator and use the wall switch to
call the
elevator. Climb aboard and rise to the top. Click the door handle
and watch the
cutscene where Saavedro uses a linking book to quickly escape your
intrusion. The
cage spins out of sight down below.Turn right and open the
elevator door. Step
out of the elevator.

Turn right around the balcony and pick up more pages from
Saavedro's journal on
the floor near the wall. Continue around the edge until you are at
the spot where
Saavedro was standing. See the blue button on your left there,
above the cage?
Press it to see an opening of colored lights from the half domes
on the walls.
This is followed by a cutscene of a message from Atrus to his
sons, contaminated
and claimed for his own forum, by Saavedro.

Saavedro admonishes you to find three important symbols that will
allow you to
access the cage and the Releeshan linking book. After the
cutscene, go look
through the viewers that were revealed before the cutscene.

Look through the viewer closest to where you are standing, to the
right of the
blue button pedestal. You will see the symbol for the Voltaic Age.
You need to
align the symbol with its mate on the tusk structure for the
Voltaic Age.

Put the hand cursor on the view screen and move it up and right
until you can see
the Voltaic symbol on the tusk above the canopied door. Using the
left handle to
zoom in and out, and the right handle for focus, align the four
tiny marbles
around the edge to establish the etched symbol precisely over its
counterpart on
the tusk. When you get it right, the four marbles around the
viewer must be
positioned as follows:

Voltaic Code
outer marble is about half way between the 6 o'clock and the
7:30 marks on the
the second marble (working to center) is at the 9 o'clock
the third marble is at the 6 o'clock position.
the inner marble is at the 3 o'clock position.

Be sure to make a note of the positioning of the marbles. This is
the first of
the three puzzles you must solve and these marble codes are
critical to your
progression in the game.

When you have completed the Voltaic viewer, move to your left and
pull the lever
on the right side of the elevator,sending it back down to ground
level. Continue
moving left to the Amateria viewer and repeat the process you used
with the
Voltaic viewer. When you have completed the code identification
process here and
noted the position of the four marbles, i.e., captured the second
code, move to
the third and last, Edanna, viewer and finish the final code

Amateria Code
outer marble between 10:30 and 12 o'clock.
second marble between 3 o'clock and 4:30.
third marble at 6 o'clock.
inner marble at 9 o'clock.
Edanna Code
outer marble between 10:30 and 12 o'clock.
second marble between 7:30 and 9 o'clock.
third marble at 6 o'clock.
inner marble at 7 o'clock
Return to the elevator and open the door. Cross over to the outer
door and click
on the bolts on the left door jamb to release them. Click on the
door handle to
open the outer door and walk out on the high walkway. Looks
familiar doesn't it?
It's just been quite a long time since the first time you stood
here to watch
Saavedro pace about inside the observatory.
Go to the end of the walkway and go down the ladder to the walkway
below and then
on to the beach. Walk to your right until you come to the lighted
reflector pedestal.

Rainbow Prism Puzzle

Note: The process of setting up the reflected light system to
establish a prism
color array at the Voltaic tusk would have been much simpler for
you if Saavedro
had not broken one of the reflectors.

It's important here for you to write down the color order of the
pedestals as you visit each one and establish their settings.

At the yellow reflector, set it so you can see the blue pedestal
nearby. Walk to
the blue reflector, off to the right. You will see the ladder up
on the rocks.
Turn the blue reflector one time and direct the light to the green
across the chasm.
Go back down to the beach path and go left along the edge of the
island. Cross
the stepping stones and go up the stone slab past the purple
reflector and down
some steps. Go over two walkways together and climb rock steps to
the left on the
other side. Continue up to get to the green projector. Turn it
once and check to
see the red reflector right across from where you are standing.
Go to the red reflector. Turn it two times toward a yellow
reflector clear across
the chasm again. Go back down, across the two walkways and climb
up the rocks to
the fork in the stairs. Go left. Climb up to the second yellow
reflector. Turn it
two times to reflect the light to the recieving purple projector.
Go down to the fork in the steps. Turn to the left and go up to
the purple
reflector. Turn it once. This will send the light beam to the red
projector at
just the point where you entered J'nanin and began to chase the
elusive thief,
Go down the rock slab and cross under the walkway on the stones.
Go right and use
the rock ladder. Once back on top, go right to the red reflector.
Turn it once.
Look through the viewer on the left side to see the beam finally
has come to rest
on the prism device established in front of the entry to the
Voltaic tusk.
Go back down to the beach. Go right and forward up the path until
you reach the
stairs. Go down a few steps to the fork and then go up left to the
plateau of the
Voltaic tusk.
Look at the array of lights created by the prism device. There are
all the colors
you visited. Do you recall all the colors in order? If you
didn't write them
down, the proper order is:

The door to the Voltaic tusk will open. Inside, look up and will
see the
suspended cage with the Voltaic lining book tucked away safely
inside. Pan down
and press the button on the column in front of you. Uh oh! Did you
write down the
marble code from the viewer exercise in the top of the
observatory? The solution
is a page or two back, if you didn't. Once you place the marbles
correctly, press
the middle button. The cage will descend with the Voltaic linking
book. Click on
it to open it and click on the picture to be transported to the
beautiful and
mysterious Voltaic Age.

Chapter Three - The Voltaic Age: Age of Energy

Where the J'nanin Age symbolized a learning of lessons, the
Voltaic Age is one of
the three element ages revealed at J'nanin in Atrus' journal. The
other two are
Amateria: The Age of Dynamic Forces. And, Edanna: The
Nature Age. here in Voltaic
you must find its symbol (and various scattered journal pages left
behind by
Saavedro) and return the symbol to J'nanin.

When you arrive in the Voltaic Age, you are facing a small
circular rock building
set atop a little island. Go forward and left along the walkway.
Turn right to
see the hatch of what appears to house some sort of power supply,
maybe. Try the
hatch lock with no luck. Turn left to see a winged metal object
sculpture?) in a small side area. Go to it and open it. This
winged sculpture
houses your ticket back to J'nanin. It's the J'nanin linking book.
At least you
know you can get back there at any time you want to.

Go back to the little circular intersection and go right out to
the pier. Look
back over your head to the route of the main power cable and
examine the various
structures apparently created to generate electromagnetic power.
In addition to
finding the proper symbol and more journal pages, it appears that
you will need
to establish a functional power source on this island. Or, perhaps
in order to
find that precious symbol, reestablishing power is the requisite

Go back to the little intersection, around the building to the
right and across
the walkway to the cliff side. Enter the chasm of the main island.

When you pass through the cliff side, keep going on down the
walkway to briefly
explore the chasm and the various structures erected in it. The
whole scenario
will make more sense to you
if you do this first.

Walk along to the tube like structure you see on the right. Walk
past it to the
intersection and go right. Follow the semicircular path to end up
facing a small
metal elevator, housed inside of the tube. Turn around and try the
lever on your
left. But, you will find that the elevator is not functional yet
either. Step
back out and look down to view some of the various levels and
walkway erected
here. Go left again to the intersection where you came down to the
elevator. Go
right. Look at the huge round wheel mechanism to the right of the
walkway and the
scaffolding suspended across the top of the chasm. Could that be
some kind of
track? Turn back left and walk along past the big wheel. Look
right to see what
appears to be an air ship. Wow! Do you suppose that's what it

See the ladder at the end of the walkway on your right? Go
down the ladder,
across the walkway to another cylindrical platform. These are the
controls for
the air needed to inflate the air ship. But, there's no power here
yet to do
that. Turn around and go forward to see that the walkway has
suffered greatly
under the hands of Saavedro. You can't get out there.

Go back up the walkway past the big wheel and climb the ladder to
get back on top
where you started. There is much to see and there are many levels
to explore.

Remember that passageway off to the right you passed on your way
into the chasm
area? Let's take a look down there now. Go back past the
elevator to the big
crack in the canyon wall. As you approach the exit, that leads
back to the little
island, turn left and enter the copper colored lighted tunnel. As
you follow the
walkway, keep an eye out for more pages from Saavedro's journal.

When you reach the intersection you will see a door (metal hatch)
off to your
left. Go forward and open the hatch using the red handle. Go
forward to the view
window to see the various mechanisms required to inflate the air
ship with hot
air. Notice how hot it is in here? Yipe!

You can check out the red-knobbed control handle on the pedestal
in front of you,
and move the mechanisms around a bit. You might note that the
center of this
pedestal has been jammed with some sort of pin. Saavedro's work
again no doubt.

Turn around, and walk around the ladder to go down under the
control room. Walk
forward and open the viewer to see that this chamber contains
molten lava. This
has to be where the hot air comes from for the air ship.

Go back up into the control room and go forward once toward the
window. Look up.
This must be a ventilator shaft to direct the hot air to the air
ship. Let's save
investigation of the ventilation system until we've checked out
another area and
maybe start to get a few things accomplished here.
Leave the control room, using the red handled door. Walk forward
and take the new
route down the blue tunnel.

The Water Wheel Puzzle

This new path leads to the main power plant. Just before you go up
the steps, in
the lighted rock chamber, turn right and look at the green diagram
on the tunnel
wall. The symbols represent various places, or structures, in the
Voltaic Age.
The black lines between the symbols will be lighted if/when power
is flowing as
it should. As you can see, there is no power.

the top symbol is the little island.
the three in the middle, left to right, are the water wheel, the
chamber, and the walkway elevator.
the lowest symbol represents the magnet.
You can make a note of the symbols and their use if you like. But
its not really
Turn left and walk ahead to the circular metal hatch. You should
be hearing a lot
of rapidly moving water by now. Could there be a real
waterfall? The hatch won't
open until power is restored. But, note this one's similarity to
the one on the
little island where you came in.

Turn to you right and look down. There's the waterfall you've been
listening to;
the source for generation of this age's electric power.

There's a gate right behind that copper colored tube with the
ladder. Go look.
The tube is full of water, but obviously the ladder indicates that
circumstance can be changed.
Turn to the right and go back down the tunnel to the small
intersection at the
base of the steps. Turn right and climb the ladder. You are in the
control room
for the power station. Pan down to see that one of the control
wheels have been
severely damaged and is inoperable. Saavedro has been here too.

The red wheel on the right controls the gate, however. So you can
control the
gate's operation. Turn the wheel. Water will be admitted to the
water wheel area.
The water wheel is that huge horizontally seated cylinder you are
looking at. The
broken control wheel manipulates the inner workings of the water
wheel. We'll
take care of that in a few minutes.

Leave the control room and turn left. Go back over to the area
where you saw the
waterfall. Wow, what a drastic change in the view! The sluice gate
is now in a
totally different position and water has been directed under the
wheel. Go down
that ladder you saw in the tube earlier. (If there's still water
in the tube, go
back up to the control room and turn the wheel again.)

At the bottom of the ladder, turn around and press the big red
button. You are
looking at a huge gear assembly. The gear must be used with the
water wheel gear,
to turn it. This action produces electricity for the entire
island. Click on the
crank on the left side of the gear to reengage it. Saavedro has
released it so it
doesn't work. When it is raised back into place again, climb back
up the ladder.

Go back down the tunnel. Stop just before you get to the stairs
and turn right.
You should see a broken window in the view port, with some sort of
visible beyond it. This is the paddle device for the water wheel.
Click on it.
The paddles will engage and start to move. This is the manual way
to get around
the fact that Saavedro sabotaged the second wheel in the control

The power in now on from the water wheel to the electromagnetic
chamber. Note
that the tunnel begins to shudder with the turning of the
waterwheel. Turn left
and go down the steps. Turn left again to look at the diagram and
see that the
power line between the water wheel and the chamber is now lit.

Go back up the stairs and down the vibrating tunnel. Look down to
see a view of
the water wheel turning under the platform. And, the circular top
of the gear is
tuning at your feet, right in front of the chamber hatch. You will
see that the
green entry light is now lit. Open the hatch. Go down the ladder
to find yourself
in another chamber. turn to the right and click on the viewer
controls (the black
portal) to see another cut scene of Saavedro blaming Atrus for not
supervising his errant sons, Sirrus and Achenar. Turn right after
the cutscene
and go on down the tunnel with the off set stepping stones.

The Circuit Cylinder Puzzle

At the end of this tunnel, you will enter another large area with
a huge,
squatting cylinder in the center. Proceed down the ladder and look
up to see the
D'ni number 1 on the panel above you. Walk around the cylinder,
left or right, to
see four other panels with the D'ni numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Back at the first panel, you will see a hot spot between the two
cross bars below
the D'ni number. Click on it. This ia an aperture. One of five.
You must line up
the disconnected circuits, beginning with the nonmoveable ones at
the top and
bottom. There can be no gaps in the connections. When you have
created perfectly
joined circuitry in all five panels, electricity will jump from
the cylinger to
the coils arrange on the chamber walls.

You can easily solve this puzzle using different methods. the two
methods I found
easiest would probably be to do one complete panel a a time. Or
you could
establish the circuitry from the top down, or bottom up, walking
around the
cylinders. This way you would establish all the top moveable
circuits first, then
all the middle, and then all the bottom. When you get it right,
all five panels
of the cylinder will close.

Anyway you decide to complete the puzzle, its not difficult and
once you have all
the circuits intact, go back up the ladder where you came into the
chamber and
watch the arcing electricity on top of the cylinder. Success!

Go back down the ladder and find more of the journal pages that
Saavedro has left
for you on the floor in front of the D'ni number 3 panel.

Read Saavedro's journal periodically, to keep up to date with his
response to the tragedy at Narayan. Who could help but be
traumatized after what
happened to his home and family.

Go back to the ladder and make your way through the tunnel with
the off set
stepping stones to the chamber ahead. turn left and go up the
ladder and out
through the hatch. Makes sense to check the power flow diagram
again now, to see
if you have everything running smoothly. Go on down the steps and
turn left.
Darn. There's one structure which still has no electric power; the
little island.

Turn right and continue down the tunnel. At the intersection,
where you see the
red handled hatch on your right, go left instead and continue on
up to a blank
wall. Turn left and go out to the little island. You can see the
water wheel
turning now, from the end of the pier. But, it seems the hatch
door on the
building is still locked tight. Maybe we can now do something with
the air ship
back in the canyon. You know that the elevator is supposed to be
working now,

Go back into the canyon and take the right path at the
intersection. Go to the
little elevator and get in. Pull the lever and go down to the next
walkway. Walk
out to the big wheel mechanism and pull the lever in the cage at
the end. Ah, so
now you see what it's for. The entire wheel opens like a fan for
the air ship to
pass through the elaborate doors. Its a sort of hangar

Go back up in the elevator and on to the main pathway. Turn right
at the
intersection, and go all the way to the end. Look down right and
descend the
ladder. Go back to the control panel for the air ship and turn
right. Try the
controls. Still nothing. Turn to look at the broken walkway which
provided the route to access the air ship. Turn to your right and
see a metal
ladder. Go forward up the ladder three times. Turn and get off
into the bucket
shaped cage ahead of you. Look down on the grilled flooring to
find more of
Saavedro's journal notes.

Come up and turn around to see a giant hatch. Open it and go
through to the
brightly lit canyon side. Walk across the long track or pipe.
(Hopefully, you
aren't afraid of heights.) Go through the next hatch at the end of
the pipe and
to the right. It's very dark in here after the hatch closes. But,
just go forward
until you can't anymore and then turn around. Go back one click an
look down.
Click on the grate and drop down on the floor of (guess
what?) the control room
for producing hot air. A familiar place.

Turn around and go down the ladder. Look at the molten lava again
through the
viewer. You'll need to open this door, but not just now,
obviously. It would be
just a tiny bit lethal.

Go back up to the control room in front of the window. Look at the
pedestal below
the window with the red knob. Saavedro has also sabotaged these
controls by
pounding a metal pin into the center. But, it is still partially

The Molten Lava Puzzle

Click once on the red knob and release the mouse. This will
capture the knob.
Then, click again right on a spot in the direction you wish to
turn it. It will
go there automatically.

Grab the red knob and hang on to it while moving it up and around,
counterclockwise, to the left. It should click a couple of times,
going nearly
all the way around, counterclockwise,and returning to its original
position. You
will see the gears moving through the control room window. Go back
down the
ladder and use the handle besie the view on the molten lava hatch
to open it. If
you are successful, it will open to establish that you used the
red knob on the
pedestal correctly. If there's still lava in the chamber, go back
up and try

Open the hatch and enter. Turn left and go forward through the
railings where you
see a red knobbed pedestal like the one in the control room. Only
this one is
completely intact.

Move the red knob in a clockwise direction, so the platform rises.
The move the
knob again so that it is positioned to pass through the middle
slot. Let go of it
and watch the gear, up to your right, go over your head and lock
on to the larger
gear to the left. Swing right and look at the apocalyptic painting
on the wall.
More of the talented, but tortured, Saavedro's work.
Well, what now? Nothing more is happening.

Try the red knob again. Move it counterclockwise (right) around
the bottom of the
ring. Whoa, cool! Or rather, HOT! The lava chamber has filled
again. But look,
you can go forward past the pedestal now and turn on the fan. See
the red glow in
the circular panel ahead of you? Go turn on the fan. Then
return to the control
pedestal. After all, you can't go anywhere else right now, can
you? At the
pedestal, lower the platform a bit, by moving the red knob
clockwise around the

See, the fan is turning now? Okay, so far, so good. Now, move
the red knob again
to the right, to reposition that first overhead gear back over on
the right side
in front of the painting. Then pull the red knob counterclockwise
to move the
platform to floor level and simultaneously drain out all the
molten lava. Whew!

The fan is now blowing the hot air necessary to inflate the air
ship, but you
need to move that overhead gear back over to the left and engage
it to complete
the process. Pass the redknob back through the center of the

Leave and go back up to the control room. At that pedestal, move
the red knob
counterclockwise. This action will raise the chamber platform
again and allows
the lava to flow back in. Now you have turbo hot blowing air.

Look up to see the open end of the ventilation shaft. Hop in and
skeedaddle out
of there. Time to see if you can get the air ship inflated.

When you come out of the ventilation shaft, turn right, go
forward, left and
cross the pipe again to the other side. Go dwon through the shaft
on the opposite
side. Go through the bucket shaped platform, you may notice steam
coming up from
beneath it now, and go down the ladder. Once on the wing shaped
platform, turn
left to the air ship control panel.

The Air Ship Valve Puzzle

There are three levels of 4 valves each. This is the bottom level
you are
standing on. The first three valves should be open (left to right)
and emitting
hot air. The fourth valve, on the right, has been disabled by you
know who. You
can't fix it.
Look down at the pressure gauge and your pressure should register
at about 10.
Going counterclockwise, you want to establish pressure at 19,
where the dotted
red line is. Tha'ts the air pressure you need to develop to fill
the air ship
with hot air.

Now, it would appear relatively simple to do this, getting the
pressure set at
19. However, there's a rather influential caveat here. There are
three tiers of
valves to work with and the elevator also uses hot air to operate.
This decreases
your accumulated pressure every time you move it.

When you see hot air/steam the valve is open and you lose
pressure. There's a
straightforward way to get the valve puzzle solved. And that's
simply to greatly
overbuild the pressure. Use the lever on the left (pulled to the
right) to raise
the elevator up two more levels to the top tier. Establish the
pressure at
halfway into the red zone on the gauge! Then, work your way back
down to the
middle and bottom level as follows:

Starting on the bottom level close all three working valves.
2nd level - close all valves.
Top level - close the right valve only.
2nd level - open the two left valves.
Bottom level - open all three operable valves
The long side of the needle on the gauge should be just a hair to
the right of
the 19 mark. Good. Close enough!
Swing around and go left forward once. Swing to the right to see a
red handled
cylinder that looks like an air tank. Turn the handle. You should
hear air
escaping. Watch as the hot air flows up the hose and inflates the
air ship. It
loosens it moorings and sails forward on it own. Unfortunately, it
slams into the
closed hangar doors. Oh gad! Well, hopefully there's no damage.
And, we sure do
know what our next move is

Pan down and follow the walkway up through the valve control area
and on across
the walkway, up the ladder, and to the uppermost walkway of the
canyon. Walk
ahead to the intersection and go down to the elevator. Get in the
elevator and
use the lever on your left to go down a level. Get out and go left
along the
walkway to the upright lever at the end. Pull it.

Watch the air ship leave the hangar. What a sight! The air ship
moves forward,
pulls the walkway a bit and hesitates there. What are you waiting
for? The future
calls. Climb aboard!
Turn left and pull the handle. You will surely be impressed with
the air ship
ride through the canyon. When the gondola comes to rest opposite
the little
island, get off to the left and go to the lever at the end of the
walkway. Pull
the lever. Watch the gondola move forward engaging the walkway
and, again, moving
it forward. Then, see the little island split in a huge rift all
the way around
the stone building and rise into the air! Awesome!

Go right back to the gondola. Get in and push the handle to sail
up to the stone
building's new position hovering above its foundation. Truly
surreal. Get out on
the right and go down the walkway to the hatch (now showing a
green light) and
open it.
Go forward to the shaft and climb down. At the bottom, look down
to see a small
wheel. Turn the wheel. That's the symbol for Energy you see
floating there before
your eyes. You will automatically capture it and store it in your
inventory. Pan
upward, then, to see a hot spot in front of you. Click on it. The
doors will open
and the J'nanin linking book will be presented. Time to go back to
J'nanin with
your first captured prize, the Energy symbol.

Go over to the blue imager on the observatory platform above the
blue button.
Remember what Saavedro said about finding the three hidden
symbols? Wonder what
he'd say now that you have the energy symbol. Place the symbol
from your
inventory on the imager. It will cause the cage to appear from

Afterward, you will receive another hologram message from
Saavedro. He recognizes
you have found one of the three symbols and tells you more about
the Lattice
Trees of Narayan and the damage the brothers cause there.

Afterward, go outside via the elevator door on the high walkway.
Now you need to
find the next linking book to take you to Edanna, or to Amateria.

Go down the walkway, down the ladder, across the lower walk and
take the rock
ladder down to the beach. Turn left. Go under the walk to the
stone ramp. Go up
the ramp and forward up the stone steps. At the fork, turn left
and go down to
the walk you can see at the base of the next tusk. Go across the
first walkway.
When you get to the rock pillar before the next walkway, turn left
to see a
ladder. Go down the ladder.

Stop to enjoy a ride on the purple and yellow "Hearken Fern" to
hear amplified
sounds from around the chasm. Can you hear water from the beach
near the green
house? Get out of the fern and look up at the Barnacle Moss
above you and the
seemingly unreachable door to the Edanna Age tusk. Now way to
climb up there at

Turn around, go left past the fern and climb the ladder down to
the beach. Go
straight across the stepping stones and over to the cute, little
Squee's tent.
Turn right and click on the spikey plant in the water in front of
you, to flatten
it. Then, turn back left and click on the bulb atop Squee's tent.
You have
provided a bridge for him to reach the Barnacle Moss. He has
aquaphobia! No,
just kiddin'.... he just can't swim. He will use the plant to
cross over to the
moss. When he runs over there to indulge himself, notice that when
he chirps, the
moss inflates significantly. Hmm. Wonder if this process could be
useful up on
the cliff side? Let's see if you can use the fern to pick up
and amplify those
Squee chirps to inflate the moss up there, by the Edanna tusk.

Leave Squee (I know its tough) and go back up the ladder and ride
the Hearken
Fern again. Aim the fern toward Squee. You'll hear him chirping
happily away.
When you get the fern positioned correctly, a cutscene will play
showing you your
new route to the unreachable door. Climb up there, clear to the
top, and walk
across to the door.

Open the door. Walk across to the pedestal. Input the correct
marble code.
Retrieve the Edanna Age linking book from the cage.

Edanna Code

outer marble between 10:30 and 12 o'clock
second marble between 7:30 and 9 o'clock
third marble at 6 o'clock.
inner marble at 9 o'clock.

The cage will descend. Click on the book clearly marked "Edanna."
Click on the
picture to link to the beautifully vertical Edanna age!

Chapter Four - Edanna: The Nature Age

Right off the bat here, remember what you are here for. You must
find the second
of three symbols. In accomplishing this primary goal, you will
discover the plant
and animal species in this age and the interdependencies
(symbiosis) between
them. Think of Edanna as an inverted 200 foot high tree. All the
foliage, and animals, are on the inside of this tree structure.

You open at Edanna's middle level facing a huge, pink flower with
what looks like
a bulbous magnifying glass in the center. It's hanging it front of
a cage of
twisted wood. It looks like something is in the cage, doesn't
it? You can't quite
get to it. But, you can click on the pink flower's center to find
that it is a
magnifying lens. You will see that the linking book back to
J'nanin appears to
held organically, and securely, inside.

You can only go one direction for now. So, pan right and go along
the path
through the tunnel you see there. Click forward 7 times, until you
stand at the
base of a strange, pink, spiral-shaped plant. This is a "Corkscrew
Click on it for a scenic ride to the top of Edanna's uppermost
level. Turn right
to view the ocean through anopening. You'll be surprized by a
giant, colorful
bird carrying some kind of food to its nest. Walk over for a
closer look. Use the
pink lens flower to see that the bird is feeding it's cute little

Turn and go down the path where you see that the cattail is
drawing water from an
organic basin of collected water. Follow the vine up to the top of
the cattail
with your cursor, to see how that works. Turn back to the left,
toward the bird.
Pan down beneath the bird's nest to see another twisted stick
cage. Turn
completely around again and go back down to the cattail. Turn left
and go through
that opening toward the ocean.

Turn left again to see a twisting greenish bough leading upward.
Follow it. You
will see the bird take off again to find more food. Before you
continue on up,
turn left to see a wilted cattail. If you follow its vine on down
to the nearby
basin, you will see that it's water supply has been used up or has
Poke that big greenish veined melon thing there. It's definitely
full of liquid,
probably water. That would make sense, wouldn't it? Looks
like this particular
symbiotic arrangement needs a bit of your encouragement.

Turn right and climb all the way to the top where you see a plant
that is
obviously a variety of palm. Go right on up to it and press that
bluish circular
bulb in the center. Aha! The palm fronds close up and leap for the

Pan down and to the right now, to see what they were hiding. It's
a second
linking book back to J'nanin. With that reassurance, turn
completely around and
go over to the orange and yellow flower on the cliff's edge. This
is an Aurora
Blossom. Click on it. It's also a variety of lens flower. The palm
fronds have
been moved away now, directing sunligh through the flower's lens.
Pan around
until you see the dry basin by the wilted cattail plant below. See
that black
scar on the tree just above and right of the basin? Does that
look like a burn

This probably gives you an idea on how to quench the thirst of
that poor thirsty
cattail. Well, if not, direct the brilliant hot spot from the
lens, to the green
melon-shaped plant full of water. The melon will burst, filling
the basin with
cool water. The vine quickly carries the water to the cattail and
it unfurls,
providing a new means of transportation for you.

Leave the close up of the Aurora Blossom and turn around left.
Head back down the
path to the now available cattail. Climb aboard for a long trip to
Edanna's lower
level. When you arrive at the bottom, turn left and start down the
big branch
toward the little palm trees you can see. Go three clicks forward.
Pan left a
bit. Go toward the pink light. The little pink electric sting ray
is shocking the
roots trailing into the water, and is eating from them. That is
quite a structure
isn't it?

Turn left and continue down the path of branches where you will
now see
beautifully glowing lavender moss on many branches. It's much
darker and cooler
at this level. At the base of the branch, see another pod-like
plant on the
right. It looks like the pod or melon on the upper level after the
water was
drained from it. Go forward and click on it for a close up. Then,
click on the
reddish growth at the front of the pod. Watch the water come down
the vine,
bringing the little pink ray with it.
Turn around and start down the yellow lighted tunnel on the right.
You should
immediately see more pages from Saavedro's journal. Pick them up
and read the new

Keep on going down the tunnel until you come to a big branch
leading off to the
right, and a drop off into the vegetation beyond it that looks
pretty dangerous.
Interesting looking objects across the way over there. I wonder if
you can get
over there?

Turn right to walk along the limb toward a log brightly covered
with Barnacle
Moss. This we recognize right away. You may hear some creature
noises, or bird
calls, along the way here also. But, just keep going across the
moss to the next
limb. turn right and go into the lavender lit tunnel ahead of you.

Spiraling right, go forward three times until you see a large
yellow lighted
gourd hanging by vines in front of you. Pull the ball on the
bottom of the vine.
That's impressive! The gourd opened up and provides a great deal
of much
appreciated light. The leaf behind the gourd now unfurls,
providing a new pathway
for you to explore.

The Squee Puzzle

Walk to the end of the leaf and look up. Grab that bluish green
vine. Your cursor
will change to look like the handle of a trapeze bar, the end of
the vine. Turn
completely around to see a tent structure behind you. Use the vine
cursor to
swing over there. Visually, follow the rope attached to the top of
this tent trap
to the small pedestal behind it. Go over to the pedestal and turn
the crank. The
tent will rise. Go forward to the pink fruit and knock one down
onto the ground.
Click on the pink fruit to roll it forward once along the crack.
Go back past the
pedestal and down the dark tunnel behind it.

When you pick yourself up, go 90 degrees right, back into the
tunnel. Pan right
again and go forward. Pan right again and go forward again to the
lighted gourd.
Pan down a bit and go down the length of the leaf. A cut scene
shows you an
adorable little Squee, who's come for the pink fruit. Pan down
right and see that
trapeze handle? Pull it. (If you catch the little Squee, you
forgot to roll the
fruit forward in the crack and the Squee will be pathetically

The tent trap should come down beside Squee, scaring him off
across the rotten
log bridge you came across, with all the moss on it. When Squee
squeeks, the moss
expands, right? Watch as the log comes apart and Squee runs
safely off into the
forest with his prize.

Do you suppose that Saavedro placed that rotten log there? It
did look a bit out
of place here, didn't it?

Go down the length of the leaf again (with your back to the Squee
trap) where the
rotten log was. Click on that hanging vine again. Place the vine
cursor over the
flat, lighted area ahead of you. Swing over there. Turn left and
go down the
tunnel to a new area. Walk over to the lighted gourd. Pull the
ball hanging down
from the vine and unfurl the leaf. Don't walk across the leaf yet,

Instead, the lighted gourd reveals better visual access to the
lavender lit area
to your right. Walk over there, where the little round hole is.
Turn left and
follow the path. Go forward five times down the winding path to
find a huge Venus
Fly Trap to the left of the path.

The Venus Fly Trap - Bird Puzzle

The poor mother bird is caught in the fly trap. Unless you
intervene its croak
city for her and probably for her chick. This is your next Edanna

Turn right and see the triangular opening where the ocean is
visible. Click four
times forward to go through the opening. Turn left and go along
the yellow
lighted path. Follow the path down until you come to another round
melon like pod
along the path to the right. Go one click beyond it. Turn around.
Click on it to
go forward and view another example of Saavedro's artistic talent.
The painting depicts the treachery of Sirrus and Achenar. Beneath
the painting
are Saavedro's palette and paints.

Click on the melon pod to inflate in and again, capture the
itinerate little pink
ray. Step back on the path and turn right, looking down the path.
Go forward one
time. Here, the path splits in two, around the spikey roots of the
fly trap plant.

Take the left path for now. At the bottom of this path, you will
see a green
lighted area with a huge organic basin like the ones that water
the cattails
above. Click on it to bring water and the little pink ray right on
down to this
area. Aha, see that the fly trap's twisted roots are coiled int
that dry basin?
Wonder if we loosed the ray to zap those roots, if the fly trap
would be shocked
enough to release mother bird?

Go one click forward past where you can see the ray swimming in
the pod. Pan down
right. Go forward three times and pan slightly right to see some
sort of man made
apparatus sitting on a limb. Oh, its another viewer. Go over and
push the big
metal button in front of the viewer to receive another anguished
message from

Turn left and continue down the path. Do you hear the mother bird
crying out for
help? See that curled up leaf there to the left and up?
But, there no gourd to
light up and unfurl the leaf. What about that other path we
mentioned up the
trail? Go all the way back up the path to where Saavedro's
painting is. Turn
completely around and take the left path. Be sure to carefully
follow the huge
vine that winds down. Stop when you see a white orchid hanging to
the right of
the path. With that white surface, you might be able to get some
additional light
reflected down in here.

If you turn left here, you will see another big white orchid and
of those Aurora
Blossoms across the way. Reflected light must be the answer to
this dilemma. Go
on down the path once. Click on the next orchid off to the left.
Get a close up
view. This flower also has a lens. Place the viewer so you can see
the leaf
across the way. Come out of the close up. Continue right down
clear to the end of
the path and stop. You should see bright sun light below you.

Turn around to face the back side of another huge, white orchid.
Click on the
bottom rear of the flower, or on the vine. Turn the lens so that
you are
positioned right on top of the reflective glow from the second
orchid. The light
will pulsate when combined correctly. Be sure that you position
the light on the
second orchid to the left of the big tree limb in front of you in
the viewer.
Go back up the path to the second fern to see through the lens
that the leaf is
now unrolled making a new path. Make sure you leave the lens
postiion correctly,
or the leaf will rewind itself.

Go back up to Saavedro's painting. Turn around and take the left
side path down
to the electric ray in the basin. Go back behind the basin, just
follow the edge
around to the right, and down in the dark to the now unfurled
leaf. Cross the
leaf and go up right through the glowing mushrooms. At the top,
you should see
the Aurora Blossom and the ray and basin in the same view.

Walk past the blossom and up the steps to another white orchid,
the fourth one.
Manipulate it until the Aurora Blossom is at the center of the
lens. Go back down
the steps past the blossom, on your right, and on ahead to the
hollowed out log
with the lighted mushrooms. Go inside and go forward just once.
You can see the
ocean through an oval shaped hole. Pan up a little bit, so you can
see that the
hole is separated around a large log or branch. Go one click
forward. There's
another route through the log at the right. But, for right now,
pan down left and
take that lighted mushroom path down.
At the bottom, hop on the leaf and turn left. Go across the leaf,
then right up
the path.

At the basin, continue on going up toward Saavedro's painting
again. When you
get there, turn around. Go forward toward that big root again to
the right of the
spikey fly trap roots.

Go down the steps and follow around to the left to the third white
orchid (out
near the ocean where you first found the sunshine). Click on the
lens and center
it on the first orchid now, which is just to the right of the big
limb you can
see in the lens. When you have it right, the pod melon will break
open and spill
the water and the pink ray into the basin. The little ray
immediately goes to
work, shocking the roots of the Venus Fly Trap. Hooray! Mother
bird is free.

After she flies back to her chick, look through the lens again and
move the
bright light back to the left side again to unroll the leaf. You
need it.

Go back up to the painting. Turn around and come down the left
path again, to see
a close up of the basin and the electric ray at work. Go down
behind the basin
again. Go along the path to the hallowed out log. You will pass
the viewer again,
where you heard Saavedro's last message.

Continue on down. Cross the leaf to the hollow mushroom log. Climb
up to the top
and turn around where you see the ocean and sky view, split by a
branch or log.
Pan right a little. See the light inside that other log?
That's where you want to
go next, believe it or not.

Follow along this left bearing mushroom lit path, out to where you
see the ocean
again. Watch for another set of Saavedro's journal pages on the
way down. Click
on the bee hive looking plant to get another trapeze bar cursor.
Click to swing
straight down to the newest pathway.

Follow the path to the right where the twisted branches look
rather like steps.
At the top you will find yourself enveloped by a rather slurpy
sounding flower
and transported back up to another limb. This is your way back up
to the Fly Trap
area if you want to return.

To go on down to the swamp, take the trapeze ride again and for
forward down the
flat walk to the left of the "stairs." When you can go forward no
further, just
one click ahead, turn left and go down into a murky, blue and
lavender area.

The Purple Pod Puzzle

Look at the huge round seed pod to the right. Go forward five
times and turn left
to see another path strewn with white cup mushrooms. Veer back
right and continue
up into the dark. At the top of this path you will find another
huge white
orchid. Look through the orchid's lens and position it to lock on
(pulsate) when
you see the two tendrils stand upright (in the bright light) on
top of the huge
purple pod.

Go 9 clicks forward down the path. Look to your right to see the
cupped white
mushrooms, marking the entry to the other path you found on the
way up.

Go 3 clicks forward and stop. Turn right to see the little insects
over the top
of an open purple pod. You need to get those insects to fly over
to the other
seed pod you hopefully just opened with the reflected light. Turn
right and go
around the side of the seed pod and up to where you see a palm.
Push on the bulb
at its base to make it rise up and block the sun from the open pad
and the
insects below. Now, let's go see if the insects took off for the
other pod.

Go down the path 4 clicks bearing right. Well, this seed pod has
closed all
right, but those stubborn insects are still hanging out. Turn back
left and go on
up this path until you reach a long tubular flower laying on the
grown with a
round hole in its side. Beside it, down left, sits a round
mushroom chock full of
nasty smelling spores. Tun back right and continue examining
mushrooms, going
ahead slowly, until you find the biggest one of all. Click on it
to release its
insect repellent spores and watch the little buzzers take off out
of there as
fast as they can fly.

Go back over to the tubular flower with the hole, and hop right
inside of it. Go
down the length of it and be sure to pickup more of Saavedro's
notes on the way!
You will come up inside the seed pod, complete with buzzing
insects. Make your
way as far up into the pod as you can get. Then turn and click on
the center
stalk where you get a hand icon. A huge cloud of purple spores
will emit and the
mother bird will immediately pay you a visit. She picks up the
seed pod, with you
tucked inside. Off you go to her nest. Don't be afraid, she'll not
harm you.
She's your new best friend. Turn about is fair play. You rescued
her; she rescued

Pan around and down at the base of the pod until you find a place
at the left of
the birds where you slide out and down a limb. Aha! There's the
Edanna symbol you
came for! Turn left and go forward once. See the J'nanin linking
book held there?
Click on it. Click on the picture to go home to J'nanin and the

Walk around to the imager. Take the Edanna symbol and place it on
the imager.
Watch it be manipulated, just as the Voltaic symbol was, and
neatly stored away
in the descending cage.

Listen to and watch Saavedro's seemingly less bitter and much
calmer message. One
more symbol to go before we go on to Narayan.

Remember at the beginning of J'nanin when you first arrived and
moved that big
wheel out of the way down in the cave by the water? Leave the
observatory, via
the elevator and the high walkway. Go down to the walk and out to
the tusk beyond
the red fire marble projector. Go out to the furthest point on the
rocks and down
the ladder on the right. Use the wheel to roll it back into the
now open linking
book room at the base of the Amateria tusk. Using the levers on
the pillar:

click the left lever
click the left lever
click the right lever
click the right lever

Click the right lever one more time to correctly position the

The wheel will roll into the linking room with a resounding
crunch. Climb the
ladder back up, cross the rock and go down the now familiar hole.
Go down to the
little room. Step on the wheel, that has now filled the hole
Saavedro created in
the floor. Approach the pedestal. Set up marbles in the correct
code for

outer marble between 10:30 and 12 o'clock.
second marble between 3:00 and 4:30.
third marble at 6:00 o'clock.
inner marble at 9:00 o'clock.

The cage with the Amateria book will descend. Click on it to open
it. Click on
the picture to link to

Chapter Five - Amateria: The Age of Dynamic Forces

Wow! this looks like an over the water oriental amusement park.
Surrealistic as
all get out, isn't it? And its getting dark to boot. What a
sunset! One couldn't
help but wonder if this age was created when Sirrus and Achenar
were younger;
perhaps just for fun.

From where you are standing, turn right to see a large central
building with an
interestingly shaped pagoda tower. You can't cross the gaps in the
bridge here.

Turn back left to settle on a hexagonal box containing 13 white
buttons. Approach
the box. You will need to solve this puzzle (and two of its
counterparts) to
cross the bridge. But, that comes much later. Turn back left to go
back to the
intersection. Turn right and go across the bridge. At the interim
covered area,
turn right to see your back up J'nanin linking book. There's
another one.

Turn back and cross the second section of the bridge. Walk through
the rock entry
and take the very narrow steps down to the lower level. Just keep
panning down
and follow the blue lights if you aren't sure where to go.

At the bottom, go forward four clicks until you are facing a
yellow fire marble
lantern. There's a wooden walkway over the water on the left, and
another path
into the building on the right. Since it looks like a storm is
coming and it
getting dark, let's take the right path further into the building.

You will see a little elevator off to the left. Get in and look
down to pull the
lever. Step out on the platform and look at a huge metal chute.
Under this metal
chute, you can see massive gears and what might be considered an
axle (fulcrum)
that rolls back and forth.

Pan up left and look at the reddish/orange ball at the top of the
track. Examine
it closely to see that it looks like it is made of 3 parts wood
and 1 part
bluish/green crystal. Now, that should strike a memory bell!
Remember those
little scales in Saavedro's digs under the observatory, where the
elevator is, in
the garden house?

This ball appears to have been deliberately fashioned of several
pieces. But, you are not able to do much here yet. So just
consider carefully the
ball, the track, the chute and the sling just under the end of the

Before you go down in the elevator, and you're standing inside it,
look down to
find more of Saavedro's journal pages. Push the lever to go back
down to the main
level. At the bottom, go to the right and out on the walkway. It
hasn't changed
much weather wise, but you will not get drenched, nor struck by
lightening. Walk
along the wooden bridges around the side of the building to a
strange area of
small, sectioned ponds containing luminous green water.

Keep going and go up on the little platform ahead. Pull that long
vertical handle
on the left. Up you go. Pull the handle on the right of the
control panel to see
a mind boggling scene!

You will witness the top of the central control tower detach
itself from the
building, hover in the air momentarily, and hurdle a perfectly
round ball of ice
onto the tracks below. You can tell its ice, because it shatters
when it doesn't
follow the correct path. Do this more than once, because its great
fun. And, also
so you can see how the orangish ball interacts with the ice ball
to balance the
metal chute as the ice ball attempts to pass through the chute.
Why is the ice
ball shattered? Well, there's the rub!

The metal chute doesn't go down far enough on the left end to let
the ice ball
pass through the chute and onto the tracks unharmed.

You can move the three center levers to position the fulcrum/axle
in three
different spots. Experiment with the levers and the ice ball to
see what
difference the postioning makes.
Then, look up very closely at the orangish balance ball on the
right. Now you
can see nothing but wooden sections, right? We already know
that one crystal ball
is the same weight as four wooden balls. And 1 metal ball is the
same weight as 4
crystal balls. So, the crystal part of the balance ball weighs
identically with
four wooden parts. The balance ball has seven wood pieces and one
crystal piece.
So, the crystal weighs the same as 11 pieces of wood, see? 7
wood + 4
(equivalent weight) crystal totals 11. Although fashioned of
different materials
it carries the weight required for the task and it is perfectly
about this. For example: A ball made entirely of wood would
be too light. A ball
made entirely of crystal would be too heavy.

Well, enough of all that right now. I have a headache. Let's go
do something
helpful. Use the long lever on the left to descend to the ground.

When you arrive, turn left and continue along the edge of the
green pond area to
the small building with the purple roof.

Did you notice it's getting lighter and the weather is
clearing? Amazing.

When you get to the entry of the little building, go inside
through the double
sliding doors and swing left. Go forward to view the weighing and
cutting room
where the balls are fashioned for the counterweight mechanism.
However, Saavedro
has been in here too, the scoundrel! There are fragments of wood,
metal and
crystal scattered on the floor beneath the counterweight.

The Weight and Fulcrum Puzzle

In order to balance the metal chute properly, you will need to
move the
axle/fulcrum and you will need twice the weight of the balance
ball for the
counterweight. The ball that is already begun is half wood. So,
that is 4 wood,
right? You need 22 total weight. So, add two more wood
wedges (just click and
drag) and one metal wedge. You can tell metal from wood by the
rings in the wood
wedges. And, the metal wedges are darker.

When you move the two wood and one metal wedges over to the
counterweight, you
will not have a round ball. But, you have established the
necessary weight

Go back out to the control pedestal. Use the lever to raise it.
Position the
axle/fulcrum at the left most position and pull the lever on the
right side. If
your calculations are correct, the new ice ball will successfully
make its way
down the track, over the metal chute, down the track on the other
side and back
to the tower, intact. You'll see a cut scene of a bridge being
raised up on that
interesting little off shore structure you couldn't reach back at
the beginning
of Amateria.

Also, the two doors that descend to cover the control panel have
the code you
need for the hexagonal puzzle controlling the bridges to the
central tower. Be
sure to carefully record the code pattern on the top of the panel
and note the
border color is yellow!

Go back down from the control tower here and right, down the
walkway over the
water and back into the stone building. Go right and forward up
the steps to the
second level. Go back outside, across the two bridges and turn
left at the
central tower. Go forward once. Turn left. Use the code you just
received when
you solved the Weight and Fulcrum Puzzle to press the buttons in
the hexagonal

If you got it right, when you leave the close up, the first
section of the bridge
to the central tower will snap into place. But, wait, you can
only go across one
of three gaps. There are two more code boxes and, obviously, two
more puzzles to
solve. Good job! That was just a test of your ability to record
the codes. We
have a bit more exploring and work to do before we can enter the

Go back to the stone building. You will notice that when you
start to leave the
area that the bridge snaps open again. In the stone building, go
down the stairs
and back to the right at the fork. Go past the elevator. Keep
going down the
tunnel with the brilliant blue lit rocks.

You will enter a quiet pool area, inside a cave like room, with
another bizarre
painting of Sirrus and Achenar, by Saavedro, complete with an
elevated platform
for him to work from. Keep going out of this room and into the
area beyond that
looks like the burned skeleton of a ship, or maybe a whale?

Go on through, jumping from one outcropping to the next, until you
can climb up
to the track, bearing left.

The Sonic Ring Puzzle

Walk through the pagoda shaped terminal there and out to a big,
hairpin curve in
the track. Wow! There's a huge vibrating circle here. Its a
sonic field of
some kind. Don't go through it yet. Go straight ahead to the
ramp off to the
side. Turn right to see a little control switch. Go in close.
Turn the hand to
the 10 o'clock position. Notice the difference in the sound of the
vibration from
the sonic ring.

Go back and walk right through the field inside the ring. Cool!
Go down through
that little tunnel under the terminal ahead of you. Follow it up
the curving
track to the next sonic ring. Go through it this time. Turn
around to see
another switch. Set this one for 12 o'clock. Step back through
the ring and
follow the track up through another terminal. It's another hair
pin curve. Go
out to the ramp on the left, past the sonic ring, to the switch on
the post. Set
this one to the 2 o'clock position.

Go back through the ring, down to the lower tunnel. Stop inside.
You will see
three exits. Go through the one in the middle. Go on up the
curving track to
the fourth sonic ring. Go through it and right, on the ramp, for
access to the
switch. Set this one to 4 o'clock. Then, go along the track
upward and through
to the top terminal and on to the last sonic ring. Go to the
ramp, find the
switch, and set it for 6 o'clock. You will note that it is very
quiet now. Go
back right and back up the track the way you came to the terminal.
Stop in the
middle and turn left to view the central building. Turn back. Go
forward twice
and then go down right across the black skeletal remnants and into
the pool area
where Saavedro's painting is.

Go through the area and just outside, turn left and go up the
ladder on the side
of the wall. Go along the track to the control platform on the
left. Pull that
tall handle to the extreme left to raise the platform.

Pull the lever at the left to release another ice ball. You will
enjoy seeing
the ball pass gracefully through the sonic ring track without
being shattered.
Afterward, you will see a cutscene of another bridge piece rising
out there on
that off shore structure. And, when the doors close on the
control panel, you
will see that there's a new pattern embossed there and it has a
lovely blue
border! Are you recording it?

Turn left and use the lever to come back down. Turn and go back
up where the
ladder awaits your return. Go back through the pool aread, across
the skeleton
and up again on the tracks. Go left to the terminal. Stand in the
center and go
extreme right. Keep following the track until you must stop over
a pool of
hexagonal basins. Very cool. Step on the moss covered pillars
and go along
until you see a gate made of sticks on your left. Pop in there
and find another
control platform. Use the lever at left to go to the top.

The Pagoda Pinball Puzzle

Your assignment here, "should you choose to accept it, " is to set
up a pattern
so the ice ball ends up at the right side of the wheel out there,
in the top left
available position. The wheel must land in a ring that has a
bottom, or it will
fall right through into the sea.

Use the red pegs on the holes in the two wheel controls to
establish the correct
pattern. Note that one of the pegs is broken off in one of the
holes on the left
wheel. Wonder who did that?

Try this a few times for practice, to see how the mechanism works.
Pull the lever
below the wheels, horizontally to the right, to literally "get the
ball rolling!"


Left Wheel
Place two of the red pegs in the 12 o'clock (just right of the
broken peg) and 2
o'clock positions.

Right Wheel
Place the last peg in the 10 o'clock position

When you are successful, you will see the ice ball enter the
central building, as
did the others, and another (last) bridge to the off shore
structure is complete.

Look at the top of the now closed panel. Record the code on the
top for the
third bridge at the hexagonal boxes.

Note that the border around this puzzle is green. (Again, make
sure you have
recorded the hexagon codes on the top of the control panel doors,
and the
corresponding colors.)

Use the tall left lever to descend. Turn left before you exit the
gate. Pick up
more of Saavedro's journal pages and read them before going on out
the gate.

Go back right across the mossy pillars and up on the tracks. Go
right through the
sonic ring. Go to the terminal and turn extreme left to face the
building. Go forward and turn right to climb down onto the black
skeleton. Go
through the pool area and down the blue lighted tunnel. Go up the
stairs, left
at the fork, and out of the building. Go out the door and across
both bridges.
Turn left. Go forward. Turn left to face the final push to solve

The Central Tower Bridge Puzzle

Key in the first panel code (yellow border) from the Weight and
Fulcrum Puzzle.

Go across the first bridge. Turn left and input the (blue border)
code from the
Sonic Ring Puzzle

Go across the second bridge. Turn left and input the (green
border) code from the
Pagoda Pinball Puzzle.

If you are correct, you will be able to open the round door on the
tower. Step inside to be impressed with the sudden appearance of
a mechanically
operated stairway.

Go up the stairs and look down to see the four doors providing
passage for the
iceballs through the tower. Walk forward and click on the purple
suspended chair
below to gain access to the viewer. Be patient through another
sad monolog from
Saavedro. When he is finished (are you ready for this?)
reach up and pull the
lever above your head.

You are in the ice ball's position. But, you are in no peril.
You have one more
puzzle to solve up here. When the puzzle positions itself in
front of you, look
up over your head to see four lights that denote the color route
of four puzzles
(three of which you have completed) as follows:

Yellow: Weight and Fulcrum Puzzle
Blue: Sonic Ring Puzzle
Green: Pagoda Pinball Puzzle
Red: Offshore Structure

The object of this dandy little puzzle is to send an ice ball
through all the
puzzle configurations that you have already established. If you
solve the
puzzle, the three bridges you saw in cutscenes after you solved
the yellow, blue
and green puzzles, will rise from the water and remain stationary
at the
appropriate critcal moment. When the bridges are stablized you
will be able to
get to the Off shore Structure (red).

The Central Tower Turntable Puzzle

Okay, let's go for it.

Click on the control panel for a close up. Number the circular
buttons from top
left to bottom right:


Look at the red, yellow, blue and green indicator on the sides of
the panel. That
shows where the iceballs start and exit the tracks. You need to
establish a path
out to the red off shore structure. Starting with track button
number two (top
middle) you must build a route from the entrance to the red
structure backwards
to the exit point of the other colors. When you get it right,
the ice ball can
roll from blue, through yellow, through green, to red. When you
think you have
it all set up, push the blue button in the tower over your head.

Try it a few times....try it many times. You can do it.

If you get frustrated, here is the solution:

Click #2 once
Click #9 once
Click #7 once
Click #5 twice (middle)
Click #3 once
Press the blue button up top side.

Not hard once you figure out the pathways, right?

You are about to find yourself inside an ice ball. Oh gad! Is
this incredible,
or what? You personally make the jaw dropping, awesome trip
around the entire
array of tracks in Amateria. It's worth every second of hair
pulling puzzle
annoyance you have been through so far! See the beautiful Dynamic
Forces symbol
unfold before you, when you ultimately arrive at the off shore
structure in the
red zone.

Pan down to access the J'nanin linking book and you'll find
yourself back in the
observatory there. You know just what to do. Take the Dynamic
Forces symbol and
place it on the viewer. You will see the cage appear below you
and, this time
something different, a little bridge to the open cage. Atrus will
speak to you
again, in a cut scene, as though he were bidding Sirrus and
Achenar farewell on
their first trip to Narayan.

Go down across the little bridge to the cage and click on the
Narayan linking
book. Click on the picture to realize almost instantly, that the
last great
segment of your EXILE sojourn will begin under water.

Chapter Six - Narayan: The Balance Age

You are facing a set of stairs. Before going up the stairs, turn
right and
examine the words and symbols (something about the symbols is very
familiar) on
the red tapestries. Also notice a maze of what likely is
electrical conduit all
over the floor in huge looping circles. It looks more like tree

Go back to and up the stairs. Try the little metal hatch on a
pedestal to your
left. What is that? It won't open. Go left and then turn
right to examine the
blue bubble in a lighted doorway. Some kind of force field?
Turn left, go
forward and try the round hatch on a pedestal. Nothing there
either. Turn right
and go forward again, to stand in front of a gate where you can
see a large
gondola suspended from an overhead cable. You can't open the gate
either. You
don't suppose there is a power shortage in Narayan too!:)

Turn right and go up the metal stairway you can see off in the
left corner. As
you turn and step forward toward the tower, Saavedro will immerge.
Yikes! Has
he now gone so totally bonkers that he is dressing in the

He's very angry that you aren't Atrus, that's for sure. Next, he
is chastizing
himself for being so stupid. He's left the J'nanin linking book
behind too, and
he goes on to tell you that you are stuck here for eternity.
However, he says
that if you are lucky enough to figure out a way out of Narayan,
be careful about
the linking books because ...."the doors they open don't close
behind you."

Look down. You are standing on a power generator. That's pretty
obvious. Now,
pan around until you see the controls with a now familiar red
handle. Turn it
once to hear the generator power up. Nice sound. That was simple
enough. Not
like the Voltaic Age, for sure.

You can examine other areas up here. Is that a huge species of
marine plant
towering above the platform? Maybe that's part of a Lattice
Tree that Saavedro
talks about in his journal. It might make you think that all the
strange looking
conduit might really be Lattice Tree roots? Pan right of the
tower to see the
beginning of the gondola route.

Go back down the stairs and over to the switching pedestal that
stands between
the other two, that have opening hatches. Follow the conduit to
the right. Go
over there and open that hatch. Interesting pattern there, but no
action yet.
Leave the hatch. Go back to the center and turn the switching
lever to the
left. Walk over to the left hatch. Open it. Note that it has
three active
circles, on for each age you visited, where you found the
appropriate symbol.

The Age Symbols Puzzle

The symbols you have in inventory are:
Energy - Voltaic Age
Nature - Edanna
Dynamic Forces - Amateria

Now go look at those tapestries. Compare the signs on the symbols
that you got
from each of the three ages. Find the words that correspond with
each sign.
Here's the problem; Saavedro has not revealed the entire set of
four signs
(words) for each of the three symbols. You only have two signs
Parts of each one are missing. Or, in other words, two signs are
missing on each
of the three ages symbols. The signs are all in Atrus' journal as
an intergral
part of his long monolog on the premise behind the creation of
each age.

From Atrus' journal: (four signs/words each age)

Edanna: 1. Nature 2. Encourages 3. Mutual 4. Dependence
Voltaic: 1. Energy 2. Powers 3. Future 4. Motion
Amateria: 1. Dynamic 2. Forces 3. Spur 4. Change

With the information you have, you can complete the entire symbol
for each age in
accordance with the three wheels inside the puzzle. You need four
signs for each
of the three wheels. The signs you have, remember, only supply
two of the four

Starting with Edanna:
You have the signs for NATURE and ENCOURAGE. You need two more
words, MUTUAL and
DEPENDENCE. Find those two words and carefully copy the sign for
each word.

For Voltaic:
You have the signs for FUTURE and MOTION. Find and carefully draw
the signs for

For Amateria:
You have th signs for FORCE and CHANGE, Find and draw the signs
for DYNAMIC and

Note: To make this easier....You might want to sketch, in
order, all four signs
for each of the three ages in the exact word sequence from Atrus'
journal shown

Now, go back to the hatch and attack that puzzle! You can
complete each of the
three symbols in any order. Put the first word in the upper
circle of each wheel
and work clockwise!

I started with Edanna at the top circle. Input clockwise, the
signs for Nature,
Encourage, Mutual and Dependence around the circle to complete the
for that age symbol.

Below right, input clockwise the Voltaic symbol with the signs for
Energy, Power,
Future, and Motion.

Below left, input clockwise the Amateria symbol with the signs for
Forces, Spur, and Change.

As you complete the four signs within each wheel, the symbol will
light up. When
you complete all three wheels correctly, the hatch will close and
the force field
off to the left will be shut down.

Okay, you have established the power to the force field on the
left side for the
switching lever. But, what about the gate?

Don't leave the room yet. Go over to the switching lever and pull
it to the
right. Go back to the hatch at the far right of the room. Open it
and note that
you now have power. But wait, what to input here? Oh yes.
Remember there was a
fourth premise in Atrus journal that we haven't used yet for a
fourth age:
Balance(d) System(s) Stimulate Civilization

We have four more words to find and four more signs to decipher.
Leave the
puzzle. Go back and take a look at the tapestries again. Find the
CIVILIZATION and draw its sign.

On looking further for the words Balance, Systems and Stimulate,
you will find
they are not there. Oh gad! Go back to the switching lever and
pull it to the
left. Turn around and exit the room where the force field has
disappeared. Go left and down the stairs to find more tapestries.
Find the word
SYSTEM(S) and record its sign. Find the word BALANCE(D) and record
its sign. And,
lastly, find the word STIMULATE and record its sign.

You have them all now. Return up the stairs to the main level.
Pull the
switching lever to the right again. Go to the little hatch and
input the signs
in clockwise sequence from the top: Balance, System,
Stimulate, Civilization.

You will see a disturbing cutscene where you are given an
ultimatum by the
devious Saavedro. As soon as he is finished with you, SAVE YOUR

End Game Scenarios

Well, you could be finished here in Narayan. You have turned on
all the power.
And, your ticket home (Tomahna) is the linking book sitting right
downstairs on
the podium. However, you need the Releeshan linking book Saavedro
stole in the
first place. You don't want him left here with an opportunity to
reach Tomahna.
And, you don't want to go back to Atrus an Catherine empty handed
do you?
Remember what Saavedro said about the doors being left open behind
you? What
about his potential access to Atrus, Catherine and baby

1. You can immediately pull the switching lever. If you do this,
Saavedro will
prove himself to be the lieing lout that he has been so far. He
will toss the
Releeshan book away into limbo, jump into the gondola and take
off. This leaves
you stranded till infinity and beyond!

2. You can follow him out to the gondola area where he waits.
But, if you are
out there too long Saavedro will drop the Releeshan book and go
after you.

If you go out again, you will get the same reaction but no hammer
this time.

If you try a third time: Look out immediately!

3. Here's the best scenario: Run upstairs and throw the
power switch on the main
generator. Both of the force fields (gate too) will close,
trapping Saavedro
outside of the control room.

Come back down the stairs. Face Saavedro through the gate. He'll
finally give
the Releeshan book back to you, trying to bargain for his freedom.
Is he
pathetic or what? He can't go anywhere without power and he
can't come back in
the control room.

Here's your chance. Turn around and set the switching lever to
the right. Of
course it won't do anything yet, because the main power is shut
off. Go quickly
back up the stairs and turn the generator back on. This will
activate the
gondola and a grateful, happily waving Saavedro will bid you
adieu, hop in the
gondola and return to Narayan's Lattice Tree, where he now knows
"they are
alive," including his beloved family.

After he sails away, go back down the stairs, turn the switching
lever to the
left to open the force field. Go out through the left exit, down
the stairs to
the Tomahna linking book. Click on it. It will transfer into
your inventory.
Click on it to bring it up, open it and return to a relieved and
happy Catherine
and Atrus, as they receive from you the precious Releeshan linking

So it is said: "All's well that end's well."