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Игра: Kingpin


KINGPIN: Life of Crime (TM) - Getting Started


The violence level on the low violence installation can
judgementally be equated to a movie with a PG-13 rating.

It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE that you study this document
carefully, as several new features have been added to
Kingpin that are not present in other first-person shooters.

This document will refer to all keys in their default
configuration; you may re-configure your keyboard layout at
anytime through the options -> customize controls menu.

Please checkout our website at HTTP://WWW.INTERPLAY.COM for
the latest information on Kingpin.



- 1.0 First things first
- 2.0 Holstering your weapon
- 3.0 Talking
- 4.0 Giving Orders
- 5.0 Activate Key
- 6.0 Searching bodies
- 7.0 Reloading weapons
- 8.0 Sneaking around
- 9.0 Moving Boxes
- 10.0 Ammo Crates
- 11.0 Pawn-o-matic
- 12.0 Bars and Clubs
- 13.0 Weapons and Items
+ 13.1 Lead Pipe
+ 13.2 Crowbar
+ 13.3 Pistol
+ 13.4 Silenced Pistol
+ 13.5 Shotgun
+ 13.6 Med Kits
+ 13.7 Backpack
+ 13.8 Flashlight
+ 13.9 Keys and Plot Items
- 14.0 Character Behavior
- 15.0 Improving Performance
- 16.0 Troubleshooting
- 17.0 Multiplayer Tips
+ 17.1 Dedicated Servers
+ 17.2 Bagman (Teamplay)
+ 17.3 Deathmatch Flags
+ 17.4 Cash Limit
+ 17.5 Messages during Deathmatch
+ 17.6 Bringing up the console during play
- 18.0 Technical Support and Contact Information
- 19.0 Software Use and Limitations License Agreement



If you want to survive for more than a few minutes in the
world of Kingpin you'll need to know a few things. First,
forget about killing everyone that you see. The people that
you meet on the street will often have valuable information,
so if they aren't hostile towards you, talk to them.

The following are the essential new keys that you will need
to know to play the game.



This key will toggle your weapon up and down. This may not
seem like a big deal, but in the world of Kingpin every
character pays strict attention to your intentions; if they
see you approaching with a weapon out, they might just shoot
first and ask questions later. When cruising the streets it
is advisable to keep your weapon lowered. If it looks like
someone wants to get busy, all you'll need to do is press
your fire key (default is "left mouse button") and your
weapon will be automatically raised. If someone tells you
to "...drop your weapon!", you'll generally have about 2-3
seconds to holster your weapon; unless, of course, you
decide to start blasting.



These two keys let you speak to other characters in the
game. When you approach another character, you can initiate
conversation by using either the "y" (positive/yes) key,
or the "x" (negative/insult) key. If someone asks you a
question, "y" will be a "yes", and "x" will mean "no".
There are a lot of ways for conversations to go, and
sometimes you might actually want to insult someone to
intimidate them.



At various points in the game you will encounter potential
gang members. They will be easy to spot by their
distinctive gray-blue shirts. Once you approach them, use
the "y" key to initiate a positive conversation. If
available, they will tell you how much money you will need
to hire them. When they ask you if you want to hire them,
use the "y" key if you want them, the "x" key if you do
not. You will, of course, need enough money to hire the
particular gang member you desire.

Once hired, point your cursor at one of your gang members
and issue one of the following orders:

"Y" - Follow Me/Move out of the way
"X" - Hold Position
"Q" - Attack or activate the Desired Target

The last mode works as follows. Point the cursor at your
gang member, hit "q", then place your cursor on the person/thing
you want attacked/activated and hit the "f" (activate) key.



All items that need to be used in Kingpin, including
switches, levers, doors, etc., will require using the
activate key. Simply approach the item you wish to activate
and press "f".



When you find a dead body on the ground, whether you put it
there or not, you should definitely give it a quick search
for money. You can accomplish this by crouching down
(holding down the "c" key) and then pressing "f", which
is the activate key. When killed, an enemy will drop any
other items that he is holding near him on the ground,
including keys, weapons and ammo. Money, however, will have
to be taken directly off of their bodies.

Tip: Bodies tend to get dragged off after a while, so search
them immediately upon finding them.



This feature works just like it sounds; pressing "r" will
cause the current weapon that you have displayed to reload.



This is not a toggle; you must hold down the "sneak mode"
key for the duration of time that you want to use it. While
in "sneak mode", enemies cannot hear you approach. This
is, of course, extremely useful for sneaking up behind
someone and cracking their skull open.



Any small boxes that you see on the floor may be pushed or
pulled. To push a box, simply get behind it and move
forward. To pull a box, face it and hold down the "f"
(activate) key, then move backwards. If you find that you
are moving away from the box too fast, you can also hold
down the "L-Shift" (sneak) key to move slower.



You can tell an ammo crate by its distinctive green color
and rectangular shape. These crates hold ammunition of
various types, and will explode if shot. However, if you
use your pipe or crowbar on them, they will break apart to
reveal their contents.



This is where you can buy various items that you'll need
during the game. In Kingpin you typically won't find
weapons, ammo or health just lying around on the ground
waiting to be picked up. You will uncover caches of these
items at various points in the game, but they will usually
be heavily guarded. So, one safe way to increase your
arsenal is by visiting the Pawn-O-Matic.

Once inside the Pawn-O-Matic you will not be able to use any
weapons; you will deal directly with the shopkeeper through
the Pawn-O-Matic interface. The box on the left contains
the categories of purchasable items. To select a category
use your up and down arrow keys and hit enter. After
pressing enter, the menu box on the right will display all
of the items available in that particular category. You can
then use the arrow keys to highlight the item that you want
to buy. Press enter and the shopkeeper will ask you to
confirm your purchase; press enter again, and if you have
enough cash, you've bought that item.



Any bar or club that you enter in Kingpin is a "no weapons"
area, so forget about picking fights in a bar. Bars and clubs
are great places to find potential gang members or get
information on what's going on out on the streets.



Learning how to dispose of your enemies with different weapons
can be fun. Here is a brief explanation of some of the weapons
can find in Kingpin.



Not much explanation is necessary here; press the "Left
Mouse" (attack) button to start swinging. Being a melee
weapon, the lead pipe has a very close range of attack, so
make sure that you are right up on someone before you try to
crack their skull. You start the game with this weapon.



Same idea as the lead pipe, but more range and more power.
If you can manage to sneak up on someone without being
detected (see "Sneak Mode"), you can probably drop them
with one swift crack to the back of the head with the



Definitely a step up from the melee weapons, the pistol will
let you start blasting other punks without having to get
right up on them. Initially, the pistol is not very
accurate, but the more you use it the more accurate it will
become. The pistol will also accept a variety of "mods"
that will increase its potential.

Mods can be purchased at the Pawn-O-Matic. These mods are
permanent; once attached to your pistol you won't have to
ever replace them.

ROF (RATE OF FIRE) - Increases the pistol rate of fire
RELOAD MOD - Decreases reload time
MAGNUM MOD - Significantly increases stopping power



The silencer enables you to cap an enemy without any of his
friends hearing you. This is very useful when you are
trying to make your way through an area undetected. Deadly
when used in combination with "Sneak Mode". Typically
lasts for 10 shots.



A real room-cleaner, the shotgun is the perfect close-
quarters weapon. The shotgun holds only eight shells in the
breach, so reloading is important if you don't want to get
caught dry. The shotgun does tremendous damage at close
range; generally, if you are within a few feet of an enemy
one shot to the torso or head should do the trick.
Remember, the shotgun takes time to reload, and is also not
very effect past a range of about 25 feet.


Small and Large Med Kits will heal a portion of your
character's health when you walk over them or purchase them
through the pawn-o-matic.


The backpack will allow your character to hold more ammunition.


The flashlight will illuminate the area your character is facing
when you press the key "l" to toggle on and off.


As the character progresses they will need to pick up different
keys or special items to gain access to new areas. You can view
what items your character has at any time by pressing "tab".



The characters in Kingpin are always checking out the
situation around them in order to determine what their next
actions will be. For example, a guy with a lead pipe is
more likely to run away from you if you're bearing down on
him with a shotgun. Enemies will often try to find
alternate routes to your location in order to get the drop
on you. So, remember to watch your back; you never know who
might be sneaking up behind you.



Kingpin adds a ton of new features to the standard FPS and
taxes your computer in the process. One of the most important
things that you can do to improve performance is to make sure
that you re-boot your computer before playing Kingpin, and to
make sure that you have no other programs open in the
background that might steal cycles away from your computer
while running Kingpin.

If Kingpin is running slow on your system, here are some things
to try.

1) Lower Your Screen Resolution
This can be done in the Visuals Menu. For TNT owners,
try taking your desktop to 16-bit color for improved
2) Lower Your Sound Quality
Kingpin uses a lot sounds, and sometimes they will
causes glitches in the game while they are being
loaded from your hard drive. Using low sound quality
will eat up less RAM and decrease load times.
3) Decrease Pain Skins
Each character in the game has two distinct pain skins
for each of their 15 body segments. Try decreasing the
number to one or none for improved performance.
4) Turn Off Props
Non-essential props may be toggled off and on.
5) Turn Off Fog
Fog may be toggled off an on. No fog will pick up
the frame rate dramatically on some systems.
6) Directional Lighting
Turning off directional lighting will improve
7) Shadows
Toggling shadows off decreases the character polygon
counts by half, improving frame rate. You may also
select "auto" shadows mode and the system will turn
shadows on only when the frame rate permits.
8) Blood Time
The amount of time that blood remains on screen.
Decrease to improve performance.
9) Decrease your screen size
You can use the "+" and "-" keys to adjust the size
of the game screen.
10) Using 3dfx mini-gl driver
If your system has a Voodoo family card in conjunction with,
try using the 3dfx driver instead of the default OpenGL
driver by changing the driver in the Visuals options.
11) Listed below in no particular order are some video cards
that we've had good results with:
Voodoo Graphics
Voodoo 2
Voodoo Banshee
Voodoo 3
Riva 128
Riva TnT
Riva TnT2
ATI Rage Fury


1) If you satisfy all the system requirements for Kingpin and
are still having problems running the game make sure to get the
latest drivers for your hardware devices. Our testing
department found that installing the latest reference or card
manufacturer's video drivers corrected many problems found on
older drivers.

2) Kingpin may not recover from energy saver programs that go
into sleep or standby modes. You should disable these features
while playing Kingpin if they become a problem.

3) Some systems may not multitask properly while playing Kingpin.
Switching programs while Kingpin is running is not supported.


+17.1 Dedicated Servers
For optimal performance we strongly suggest
using a dedicated server for multiplayer games.
From a command prompt, change to your Kingpin installed
directory and type, "Kingpin.exe +set dedicated 1". If you
would like to use a pre-made server configuration already
included,type "Kingpin.exe +set dedicated 1 +exec server.cfg".
You can edit the server.cfg file found inside the main directory

with notepad to change your settings.

+17.2 Bagman (teamplay)
The multiplayer game called teamplay in the manual is now called
Bagman. This game pits two teams against each other to see which

gang can deposit the most loot. You can get money by offing of a

member of the other gang, stealing from the other team's safe, or
sometimes it may just fall from the sky. Each side has their
safe that they can deposit their money in, but watch out the
other team can steal from your safe if you are not careful.
Bagman games can be started from a dedicated server by seting
teamplay "1" in the server.cfg file

Each player can hold up to $150 of loose cash and $200 of money
robbed from a safe. To pick up money laying on the ground crouch
down and press the activate button. The objective is to get your
gang the most cash.

+17.3 Deathmatch flags
-17.3.1 Falling Damage: You can set whether or not players
will take damage from falling
-17.3.2 Weapons Stay: This toggles whether or not weapons
can be immediately picked up by another player. If set
to no the player has to wait for the weapons to respawn.
-17.3.3 Allow Health: Setting this to no stops health from
spawning in.
-17.3.4 Allow Armor: Determines whether or not armor
spawns in.
-17.3.5 Spawn Farthest: When set to yes, you will spawn
away after dieing.
-17.3.6 Same Map: If set to yes, the same map will load
when the
game is finished.
-17.3.7 Force Respawn: You can set whether or not players
automatically spawned back into the game.
-17.3.8 Teamplay by model & skin: Players with the
same model
and skin as you will be considered friendly targets
(Deathmatch only).
-17.3.9 Allow Exit: If there is an exit on the multiplayer
you are using, this option will let players exit the
map. Kingpin did not ship with any multiplayer maps with
-17.3.10 Infinite Ammo: When set to yes, the player does
need to reload or pick up additional ammo.
-17.3.11 Fixed FOV: This sets whether or not players are
to adjust their field of view.
-17.3.12 Friendly Damage: Setting this to yes allows
shots to inflict damage.
-17.3.13 Auto assign teams: This toggles
whether or not you are automatically assigned a team
when playing Bagman (Teamplay).

+17.4 Cash limit
This option on the Start network server menu sets the money limit
for a Bagman (Teamplay) game.

+17.5 Messages during Deathmatch
There are 2 modes of communication availible during deathmatch.
"messagemode" will send your message to all players,
Default key is t
"messagemode2" will send your message to only players on your
team. The Default key is v
To change the key use for these commands add at the bottom of
config.cfg file
bind keyofyourchoice "messagemode"
bind keyofyourchoice "messagemode2"
As an example, bind t "messagemode" will bring up the chat
when the user presses the letter t.

+17.6 Bringing up the console during play
To enable the ability to bring up the console during play add
"+set developer 1" to the command line in you windows shortcut.


The Radiant.exe or Kingpin editor is included as a use at your own
risk utility. Interplay customer service will not take calls
this product. If you want help for this program you should
consult the
readme.txt found in the kprad directory installed on your hard
Information about the Kingpin editor can also be found at the
following sites.

Interplay Productions Technical Support now offers troubleshooting
guides with
complete installation and setup instructions as well as
information that will
help you overcome the most common difficulties. If you have
access to the
World Wide Web, you can find these at
http://www.interplay.com/support/ Here
you will find troubleshooting information on as well as
information on regular
system maintenance and performance.

DirectX http://www.interplay.com/support/directx/
Joysticks http://www.interplay.com/support/joystick/
Modems and Networks

(For game-specific information and additional troubleshooting,
visit our main
page at http://www.interplay.com) If you have questions
about the program, our
Technical Support Department can help. Our web site contains
information on the most common difficulties with our products, and
information is the same as that used by our product support
technicians. We
keep the product support pages updated on a regular basis, so
please check
here first for no-wait solutions:

If you are unable to find the information you need on our web
site, please
feel free to contact Technical Support via e-mail, phone, fax, or
Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail
fax, or letter:
-Title of Game
-Computer manufacturer
-Operating system (Windows 95, DOS 6.22, etc.)
-CPU type and speed in MHz \
-Amount of RAM
-Sound card type and settings (address, IRQ, DMA)
-Video card
-CD-ROM-Mouse driver and version
-Joystick and game card (if any)
-A copy of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files from your hard
-A description of the problem you're having

If you need to talk to someone immediately, call us at (949)
553-6678 Monday
through Friday between 8:00AM - 5:45PM, Pacific Standard
Time with 24 hours, 7
days a week support available through the use of our automated

Please have the above information ready when you call. This will
help us
answer your question in the shortest possible time. When you call
you will
initially be connected with our automated wizard. For information
to your specific title, press "1" on the main menu and listen
carefully to all
prompts. All titles are listed alphabetically. After you have
selected your
title, the most common difficulties will be listed. If the
difficulty you are
having is not listed or you need additional assistance, you may
press "0" on
your games main menu, and you will be transferred to a Technical
Representative. No hints or codes are available from this line.
You must
call Interplay's HINT Line for hints, tips, or codes at
(1-900-451-6869 $1.25 in Canada only). You must be 18 years +,
have a
touch-tone phone, and the cost is $0.95 per minute. Hints are
available for
this title via the hint line.

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