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Игра: Zoo tycoon

Чит коды

Zoo Tycoon

Cheat Method

1. Open config.ztd with winzip.
2. Open Economy.cfg with notepad or wordpad.
3. Search for cZooDooRecyclingAmount and change the number to
you want. This will be the profit for every recycle you do.
you recycle around 8-12 times per month.
4. Also, look for cKeeperCost which should be 800. This is the
you pay your zoo keepers. Change it to something lower and
expenses will decrease dramatically.
5. If you want more money at start of the game, edit zoo.ini
notepad or wordpad and find a line called MSMaxCash. Change
that to
whatever you want and you can start out with a couple of million.

Unlock the Triceratops
Name one of your exhibits "Cretaceous Corral". This will
the Triceratops.

Unlock the Unicorn
Name one of your exhibits "Xanadu". This will unlock the

Note: When using the "name an exhibit" cheat, be sure
that you
let the game name the exhibit for you, then go back and name
exhibit as noted in the cheat. Not doing so may cause the
game to

Instant Money
Press Shift+4 (basically like typing the $), and you'll
get an
instant $10,000.

Yellow Brick Road
Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit.

Double Donations
Name one of your exhibits "Microsoft".

Halloween @ The Zoo
Set your system date to October 31st.

Name Changing Bonuses
Change a visitor's name to any of the following for the

Name Result
Mr. Blue Changes Everyone's Shirt to Blue
Mr. Blonde Changes Everyone's Shirt to Yellow
Mr. White Changes Everyone's Shirt to White
Mr. Brown Changes Everyone's Shirt to Brown
Mr. Orange Changes Everyone's Shirt to Orange
Mr. Pink Changes Everyone's Shirt to Pink
Alfred H White Birds Appear and Scare People
Russell C Fences All Deteriorate 100%
Zeta Psi Some People's Shirt Turns Yellow and They
John Wheeler All Animal Shelters Available
Hank Howie Researches All Zoo Staff Research
Adam Levesque All Animal Care Buildings
Andrew Binder All Animal Buildings