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Игра: A Mind Forever Voyaging


Name : A Mind Forever Voyaging
Producer : Infocom
Source : Cheet Sheets Issue 3

You start the adventure just after your awakening, being told by Perelman
that the simulation to test the plan can begin soon. Note the various
communications outlets at your disposal.

"PEOF"; you are now in Perelman's office. "Wait" till Perelman says you can
now enter simulation mode. The Social Science group wants you to record
several things which are listed for you. "Enter simulation"; use the code
wheel from the packaging and you find yourself 10 years in the future in
Kennedy Park.

This first section is to familiarise yourself with recording and also to
let you map the area. This map will form the basis for other future
simulations. In some cases, there are several ways to record the
information required in this simulation eg eating a meal in a restaurant,
as there are several you can visit. If your record buffer should fill
before you have recorded everything you want, just "abort, PEOF, ask
Perelman to look at recordings" and when he returns, he will tell you want
else he wants recorded.

The recording required are as follows.
(1)Eating a meal in a restaurant. Go to one, eg Roy's Pagoda. "Record on,
buy meal, record off".
(2) Talking to a government official. Go to City Hall, "record on, talk to
official, record off".
(3) Visiting a power-generating facility. Go into the power station,
"record on, look, record off". (4) Reading a newspaper. Go to Bodanski
Square, "buy newspaper, record on, read newspaper, record off".
(5) Riding some form of public transportation. Go down into the tube
system, wait till a tubecar arrives. "Record on, enter tubecar, wait" till
the tubecar stops, "leave tubecar, record off".
(6) Attending a court in session. Go into the court. "Record on, look,
record off".
(7) Talking to a church official. Go into a church eg St Michael's, "record
on, talk to elder, record off".
(8) Going to a movie. Go to the cinema , "record on, buy ticket, in, record
off". (9) Visiting your own home or living quarters. "Inventory, open
wallet, read licence"; you now know your address is Parkview Appartments,
Southway. Go there, "unlock door, w, unlock door, record on, n, look,
record off".

"Abort, PEOF, ask Perelman to look at recordings". So long as you have
recorded all the things required, he will tell you that the experts are
pleased and it looks as though the Plan will be adopted. As a result of
your recordings, more accurate simulations will be possible in future.

At the start of this section, you will be asked to do some psych tests.
This is just a bit of fun, the answers don't mean anything so you can reply
whatever you want!

In a while, Perelman tells you the plan has been recommended for full
adoption in a few weeks. But he says he has a funny feeling about it. If
you "enter simulation mode" now, you can go to either 10 or 20 years into
the future. So go into 20 (2051).

If you have a look around, you will see several things have changed and the
situation seems to be deteriorating. Record anything like this that you can
see and every so often, return and show them to Perelman. If he wants more
recordings, go back into the simulation. Some things you can do are: "look"
at Rockvil Reformatory, talk to the elder in the church, read a newspaper.
Go to the old station, it is now the Church of God's Word. "Look" there and
read the pamphlet. Visit the soup kitchen, Heiman's World, the police
station, your own appartment. Go to Huang Hall, the city dump, skycar
factory, courthouse.

When you have spent enough time in the simulation and recorded enough, you
will find a new simulation, 30 years into the future, is available. Do the
same here (2061). Some useful recording for 2061 are: spend some time in
your appartment and have a good look round, the soup kitchen, the city
dump, the skycar factory, Church Street Park, the Health Centre, the
church, read the pamphlet in the Church of God's Word, visit the school,
the stadium, the reformatory and Huang Hall. Go to Kennedy Park and the
airport terminal. Various incidents also happen on the streets.

In a similar way, spending time and recording enough here will open a 40
year simulation into 2071. Again, record changes and things that happen in
the street. Visit your appartment, the zoo, read the banner in the zoo, go
to the aquarium, fire station, stadium, bank, athletic field, airport,

These are just some of the places you can go in each simulation.
Eventually, Perelman asks you to visit the last simulation in 2081, 50
years in the future, to see if everything turns around. This simulation is
very small and dangerous. Go into the inn, onto the bridge over the river,
examine the sack there, get eaten by dogs, or killed when you enter certain
Show these recordings to Perelman. He says the plan must be cancelled and
he's going to Washington!

At the start of this section, you're informed that a WNNF device is about
to be added to your auxiliary systems and will be online in 4 or 5 hours.
Perelman returns and tells you that he's been accused of faking the
recordings. He goes to meet some colleagues. There is also a message given
to you that the complex has been sealed for security reasons.

"PEOF" and "wait" in Perelman's office. When Ryder enters, "record on"; you
make a recording of him threatening Perelman. Then Perelman is taken away.

Now go to the roof with "RCRO". "Wait" till some men arrive. "Enter
interface mode" and "HVAC controller, turn off ventilation in delta
sector". "Enter communications mode, MACO"; in a while, the men arrive and
start working on one of the conditioning units that house your brain.
Eventually, the build up of fumes caused by you turning off the ventilation
causes them to pass out. This saves you from being killed.

Now wait till the WNN feeder is active (check by entering interface mode
and looking at the active ports). When it is, "WNN feeder, transmit record
buffer, enter communication mode, WNNF"; you see your recording of Ryder
threatening Perelman being broadcast, thus discrediting Ryder and his

Wait till Perelman contacts you telling you Ryder has fled. The plan has
been cancelled and you're a hero!

You now have one final simulation to enter and enjoy..........