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Игра: Quake (Modem) (ENG)


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Subj : Quake Modem FAQ
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Hello All!

Тут вот часто спpашивают "как, бля, в Quake по модему игpать?"
Кидаю последнюю веpсию буpжуйского FAQ'а на этот счет.


How to play Modem Quake FAQ v1.3 by Michael Wise
An attempt to clarify id's rather confusing interface.

Copyright 1996 Michael Wise. Feel free to distribute EVERYWHERE!

Write me at: mikewise.ddd@juno.com
Int'l PC Games Echo (FIDO) to Michael Wise
id software/DOOM (FIDO) to Michael Wise

"I've gone through hell getting modem Quake to work, and I don't want anyone
else to have to!" --ME :)

These instructions are good for Quake 1.01. (1.05 is coming out soon, and
if there are any major changes, I will have an updated FAQ out within
a few hours, hopefully.)

LEGALITIES: If your computer blows up while following my instructions,
don't blame me. I am NOT responsible for ANYTHING that happens to your
computer when following my instructions. QUAKE is a registered trademark
of ID Software, Inc.

---[0.5] Read before you begin!

!NO! You DO NOT need a third party program to run modem Quake. You can
use Quakes internal stuff, and probably end up better!

---->Call your fellow Quaker NOW and set up your game with him or her!
---->Coincide when going through the numbered steps.

(i.e. YOU are on step one, he or she should be on step one!)
(well, when you get to step 4, you go your different ways)

---[1.0] Fastest computer?

I generally recommend that the user with a faster CPU be the server.
RAM, especially under Windows 95, does NOT make us much of a difference
than it should. (Personally, I've seen 8MB RAM computers do pretty
good.) Video card power RARELY effects modem game performance.

---[2.0] 300 Baud NOT allowed.

I recommend a 28.8k+ modem. ISDN/T1 modems do not have special support
(YET!) 14.4k seems to lag. (Will turn a P120 into a limp)
Unfortunately, 28.8k is sometimes not enough. Can't wait for ISDN
support for modem games.

---[2.25] Your OWN setup...

Go to the following menu:


Choose your host name, if you wish.


Choose your shirt and pants colors. Use bright colors if you are going
to be in co-op mode, or use drab (dark) colors if you will be in
deathmatch mode.

---[2.5] Modem Setup

You can access modem setup while setting up your game.
So hold on to yur seats!

EVERYONE use ATZ as CLEAR in modem setup.
EVERYONE use AT H for HANGUP. (the space is important)

>SERVER: For your INIT string in modem setup, >ALWAYS< use this init:

(I don't care what another FAQ says. It works best, so don't worry.)

AT S0=1

>CLIENT: For your INIT string in modem setup, >ALWAYS< use this init:

(I don't care what another FAQ says. It works best, so don't worry.)


Make sure that you have either PULSE or TOUCH TONE dialing set to whatever
phone service you receive!

---[3.0] These dang menus.....

---> That guy or gal with the fastest computer (SERVER):

1. Multiplayer
New Game
See 2.5--> Set up your modem correctly in Modem Setup!!
Press OK

2. Choose whatever levels you want to play, etc.

>YES!< S-Ware Quake WILL communicate with Reg'd Quake, you just can't use

the registered d-match levels when playing.

3. Hang up with your client friend.

4. Pressing START GAME will throw you to the level you chose. Your friend
will call now. >>You will NOT get a "waiting for call" screen like most
games. Quake just inits your modem and throws you to the level. Period.<<

5. Note that Quake will pick up the modem automatically and put client into
game automatically. (no user interaction...wow!) See Troubleshooting if you
have problems.

---> That guy or gal with the slower computer (CLIENT):

1. Multiplayer
Join Game
See 2.5--> Set up your modem correctly in Modem Setup!!

2. Enter your friend's number in to the phone number blank.

3. Hang up with your server friend.

4. Wait about 10-20 seconds so the server will be ready to receive
your call.

5. Press CONNECT. When the modems connect, everything *should* be automatic.
(The level should load on its own!) See Troubleshooting if you have problems.

To END the game: Quit to DOS or Win95 or whatever OS you use!
OR Start a new game. The modems will disconnect.

---[4.0] Uhhh...Troubleshooting...Uhhh...FAQ...

Problem: Server's modem isn't answering.

Answer1: Make sure the server INIT is:
AT S0=1

Answer2: Are the correct COM/IRQ ports set? Is the modem plugged in?
Hooked onto phone line? IS AN EXTERNAL MODEM TURNED ON?

*Problem: When you connect with the server, you see this in the console:


Connection Failed

Workaround/Answer1: Both of you quit to DOS or Win95 and load everything
up again. This is only known to happen on Direct Connect (See below) but
COULD happen with modem games. You also may have incompatible modems.


Interesting thing: When we (my friends and I) were experimenting
with Direct Connect, we found that if the client would not be able
to get back on the server if we had discontinued the game and
the client tried to get back on later. (The server had kept playing)

*Problem: I'm connected and am sitting here in the console doing nothing.

Answer: Slow computers take awhile to get going. (One computer sat for
over a minute before loading a level in deathmatch)

*Problemo: I have an irregular COM/IRQ combo.

Answer: Quake takes all COM/IRQ combos.

*Problem: Uhoh! I got an ERROR when dialing. (client only)

Answer: Typographical error. Go to modem setup and fix it. (See 2.5
for proper inits and clears)

1.0 Initial Release 9-28-96
1.1 Fixed typographical errors 9-30-96
1.2 Added more troubleshooting, content, modem setup 9-30-96
1.3 More troubleshooting, added your own setup, numbered easy to use steps,
fixed MORE errors, added to modem setup. 10-1-96



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