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Игра: Wolfenstein 3D

Чит коды

KY> Hу ладно. Если никто не хочет писать команды отладчика в
KY> Wolfenstein 3D, то скажите хотя бы зачем там в конце каждого уpовня

Вот все, что смог по Вольфу поиметь, надеюсь чем-то поможет...


Sooo...you were about to delete the shareware Wolfenstein 3-D files when UPS
arrived at your door (heh heh heh) with all SIX episodes, when you try the
classic WOLF3D.EXE -next trick, and find to your disdain that ctrl-tab-enter
won't pop up a window that sez that you can cheat your way through this game!
If you didn't return the package for a refund (weird analogy...), you either
let the program collect dust (leave it archived on its floppy) or kept
repeating episode 1, level 1, right? Wellll...Apogee likes to keep secrets,
so mebbe they did that on purpose so you _can't_ cheat. I hereby break their
trade secrets...(Note that this will also work on the less common shareware
release 1.1, but the six episodes are more widespread.)

In this archive (which should say 'Authentic files verified! #EFE251 Black
Pawn' when unZIPped), you will find a replacement WOLF3D.EXE. THIS IS NOT
NECESSARY TO USE ANY OF THE CHEATS! It is merely a replacement file that
curbs the annoying 'this is not shareware' and 'PC-13 rated!' messages that
waste time fading in and out and cause carpal tunnel syndrome when you press
enter twice every time you play and have to skip over them. Though it may
remind you of the alpha version, it's not and even sez it's version 1.1.

To run either Wolfenstein executable, use the '-goobers' parameter. Yes.
Goobers may very well be a trademark, but Apogee used it anyway. While in the
game, you may do the following:

Hold down M, L, and I at the same time to use the 'primary' cheat, I think
it's the only one Apogee wants the customers (and otherwise 'users') to know
about. This is also present in the same form on v1.0, and doesn't require
'goober mode' to be active.

Press Alt-Backspace-PgDn (interesting combination, huh?) to activate the tab
debugging keys.

Tab-B lets you add cosmetic appeal to the game by changing the border color.

Tab-C pops up a box with intriguing info on active and passive (?) actors and

Tab-E advances ahead two levels.

Tab-F shows the current positions, down to the pixel.

Tab-G puts you in 'God mode' where nothing harms you.

Tab-H hurts you.

Tab-I gives you free items.

Tab-M gives you knowledge that will last a lunchtime (thanx Roger) about
memory usage.

Tab-O seems sorta dysfunctional now, but used to bring up a map.

Tab-P is great for those days when you want to screw the software up.

Tab-Q quits instanstly, but not so instantly that you don't see that screen
with helpful clues about HDU's being erased.

Tab-S turns on slow motion; this option doesn't do much on a 286.

Tab-T shows an amusing sprite test; press enter and various keys to show
different shapes.

Tab-V adds a selected number of VBM's, apparently a unit of timing used to
gauge the lack of speed older computers have and test adjustment to it.

Tab-W warps to any level (don't try any above 10, it will screw up the game at
the end)

Tab-X gives you extra stuff which I have yet to see.

Try holding down BAT in this game, then in the one referenced by the


Black Pawn