Прохождения игр, чит-коды, хитрости

Игра: Hexen

Чит коды

*shareware cheats:
BGOKEY: god mode.
BPELLETIER##: warps to level ##.
BRAFFEL: gives 25 artifacts.
CRHINEHART: gives all weapons.
CSTIKA: kills all enemies.
EBIESSMAN: turns you into a pig.
JSUMWALT: shows coordinates.
MRAYMONDJUDY: gives all keys.
PLIPO: alters class (0 fighter, 1 cleric, 2 mage).
REVEAL: in map mode, toggles normal, full and full with enemies.
RJOHNSON: toggles no clipping mode.
SGURNO: resores full health.
TMOORE: gives items.
*registered cheats:
BUTCHER: kills all enemies.
CASPER: toggles clipping on and off.
CLUBMED: gives max health.
DELIVERANCE: pig mode.
INDIANA: gives the player 25 of everything.
INIT: restarts the game.
KILLS: displays the frag count in deathmatch mode.
LOCKSMITH: grants player all keys.
MAPSCO: displays entire game map.
MAPSCOMAPSCO: displays entire map with objects.
MRJONES: displays version number.
NOISE: gives sound information.
NRA: grants all weapons.
SATAN: toggles invulnerability on and off.
SHADOWCASTERx: changes class of player: x can be 0, 1, or 2.
SHERLOCK: gives player all puzzle pieces.
TICKER: displays frame count on screen.
VISITxx: kevel warp: xx is map level.
WHERE: display X,Y map coordinates.