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Игра: X-COM : UFO Defense (ENG)


X-COM : UFO Defense -- The Unofficial Strategy Guide

and some answers to frequently asked questions!

(updated 11/18/94)

maintained by Kuo-Sheng (Kasey) Chang
(kschang@mercury.sfsu.edu / ksc1@aol.com)


This article contains a lot of information that you may prefer to find out
by exploring and researching yourself! If you want to play the game in the
dark then read on with care or not at all!

This FAQ was prepared using a wide range of material, including two
existing UFO/XCOM FAQ's, Computer Gaming World's Strategy article, Computer
Game Review's Strategy article (both are September 94), and the collective
wisdom of fellow XCOM players of which there are too many to mention
(though I'll attempt to). In future updates all attempts will be made to
credit each author with their specific hint.

In case you are wondering, the title was changed since there WILL be an
OFFICIAL X-COM Strategy Guide authorized by MicroProse.

If you have any comments or other strategies and tactics, please submit
them to the author via e-mail at the addresses above.

Any new or revised items will be marked with @ (the "at" sign) in the
appendix and section title.

Some Legalese
X-COM is a trademark of MicroProse software, a subsidiary of Spectrum
HoloByte. All rights reserved, used for non-profit purposes only. Thanks
to the following:

* Julian Gallop, XCOM High Commander (XCOM Creator)
* XCOM Strategist (CGW Strategy Writer)
* Kevin Perry, XCOM Strategist (CGR Strategy Writer)
* William Kang, commander, XCOM Strike Team 1 (FAQ Writer)
* Tim Chawn, commander, XCOM Strike Team 2 (FAQ Writer)
* Doug Osborne, XCOM master sergeant (Contributor)
* Stuart Lamble, XCOM sergeant (Contributor)
* Seth Cohn, XCOM sergeant (Contributor)
* Bill Soo, XCOM sergeant (Contributor)
* Jeff Shaffer, XCOM treasurer (Contributor of the profit analysis)
* Rob Eiben, XCOM physical trainer (Contributor of TU usage chart)
* Menachem Pastreich, XCOM intelligence officer (Contributor of
several UFO floor layout diagrams)

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 2

* IrwinNY (?), XCOM architect (Contributor of base cost chart)
* And all the fellow X-COM players, without whom this Strategy Guide
will not exist!

(Any one I missed?)

Now, let's go save Earth!

Table of Contents

1.0 General Information about XCOM .....................................3
1.1 What is X-COM : UFO Defense?.....................................3
1.2 What's the difference between X-COM and UFO:Enemy Unknown?.......4
1.3 What type of PC do I need to run it? How about a demo?..........4
@ 1.4 How about any known bugs?......................................4
@ 1.5 I need some help! Any saved game editors?.....................5
@ 1.6 Any plans on sequels or expansion disks? Other versions?......5
2.0 How to use this strategy guide .....................................6
2.1 Dealing with flying UFOs.........................................7
2.2 Dealing with landed or crashed UFOs..............................7
2.3 Dealing with Terror Sites........................................7
2.4 Dealing with your initial lack of technology.....................7
2.5 Dealing with your limited budget.................................7
2.6 Dealing with alien infiltration of governments...................7
2.7 Dealing with alien bases on Earth................................7
3.0 Strategy on Bases ..................................................7
3.1 Where should I build bases?......................................7
3.2 Base Types and evolution.........................................8
3.3 Base Design and Expansion........................................9
3.4 Defending a base................................................10
4.0 Air Combat and Intercept Strategies ...............................11
4.1 Intercept tactics...............................................11
4.2 Weapons vs. Target Analysis.....................................12
4.3 Differences among Aggressive, Normal, and Cautious attacks......12
4.4 Craft Weapons...................................................13
4.5 Finding the alien base..........................................13
@ 4.6 UFO weapon ranges.............................................14
5.0 Ground Combat Strategies ..........................................14
5.1 Basic equipment considerations..................................14
5.2 General Tactics.................................................15
5.3 Weapon Tactics..................................................18
5.4 Assault tactics.................................................20
5.5 Capturing aliens................................................21
5.6 Psi / Anti-Psi Tactics..........................................23
5.7 Different shots and different weapons...........................24
5.9 Misc. Ground Combat Questions and Answers.......................25
6.0 Research and Manufacture Strategies ...............................27
6.1 What should I research?.........................................27
6.2 Suggested Research Priorities...................................27
6.3 Research Strategies.............................................28
6.4 Research Cheat [Verified].......................................28
6.5 Manufacture Strategies..........................................28
7.0 Logistics and Material Management ................................28
7.1 Why is Elerium important?.......................................28
7.2 I keep running out of funds! What do I do?.....................29
7.3 Dealing with Equipment Shortages................................30
7.4 When to sack / retire things....................................31
7.5 Equipping Landing Crafts........................................31

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 3

@ 8.0 Miscellaneous Hints and Observations ............................32
9.0 Misc. questions and answers .......................................33
A. Appendix of Tables .................................................33
A.1 Base Facilities.................................................34
@ A.2 X-COM Crafts and Craft Weapons................................34
A.3 UFO Types.......................................................35
A.4 Ground Combat Weapons...........................................39
A.5 Alien Information...............................................40
A.6 Costs...........................................................41
A.7 TU Usage by Activity............................................42
A.8 X-COM Profitability study -- by Jeff Shaffer [edited]...........43
@ A.9 X-COM Base Costs List -- by IrwinNY...........................44
@ A.10 X-COM Money Cheats...........................................44

1.0 General Information about XCOM

1.1 What is X-COM : UFO Defense?
[Excerpt from X-COM manual, page 6]
It is the year 1999. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have
started appearing with disturbing regularity in the night skies.
Reports of violent human abductions and horrific experimentation
has struck terror into the hearts of millions. Mass public
hysteria has only served to expose Earth's impotence against a
vastly superior technology.
On December 11, 1998, representatives from the world's most
economically powerful countries gathered secretly in Geneva.
After much debate, the decision was made to establish a covert
independent body to combat, investigate, and defeat the alien
threat. The organization would be equipped with the world's
finest pilots, soldiers, scientists, and engineers, working
together as one multi-national force.

This organization was named the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit.
[End Excerpt]

You are in overall command of X-COM. You will launch
interceptors to attack marauding UFOs, send soldiers out to
attack crashed or landed UFOs, raid alien bases on Earth (if you
can find them), keep the sponsor nations happy (by shooting down
the UFOs and prevent alien terror attacks), buy the ammo and
weapons you need in the war, research and build better weapons as
your troops brings in alien artifacts for analysis, pay for
everything by sponsor countries' contributions and by selling
excess stuff, and eventually figure out where the alien threat is
coming from and end the threat once and for all.

The strategic level is centered on a screen with a rotate-able /
zoom-able 3D globe (GeoScape), with buttons to manipulate your
bases, check UFO activity, check your funding levels from the 15
sponsoring nations, and to look up data in your on-line UFOpedia.
At the tactical level (BattleScape) you control troops/tanks in
3D combat which is quite similar to Syndicate and Populous.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 4

1.2 What's the difference between X-COM and UFO:Enemy Unknown?
Nothing. UFO:Enemy Unkonwn is the European version of X-COM.
Both were developed by Mythos Games, based in England, which is
headed by Julian (Laser Squad) Gallop. The game was picked up by
Microprose U.K. and imported to the US.

MicroProse US changed the name because subLOGIC (the original
Flight Simulator people, now R.I.P.) had a game called UFO. That
one uses actual physics for its flight model (huh?!), and include
this dumb little game where you gather fuel so your mother ship
can leave Earth. It can use any scenery disks that you got for
FS, and was never very popular any way. There is also a CD-ROM
"multimedia" program called UFO that collects all those UFO
pictures, interviews, and so on a while back.

1.3 What type of PC do I need to run it? How about a demo?
Requirements listed on XCOM is as follows: 386/486 (higher?), 4
MB RAM, VGA, Mouse, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher. It may run with two
megs though (at least one person reported doing so).

It comes on 3 3.5" HD disks, and needs about 12Mb of hard disk to
install. (24 MB if using Stacker or DoubleSpace) There is a CD
version which needs less hard drive space. The game requires 560K
conventional memory and at least 1 meg of XMS. The technical
supplement does *not* guarantee that the game will work with
Windows, DR DOS, Novell DOS7 or OS/2. The game uses 32-bit
protected mode so it may run under Windows.

There's a playable demo available at most FTP sites. It could be
named UFODEMO or XCOMDEMO. (The copy at ftp.std.com had been
deleted for some reason) America On-line and other on-line
services should also have it in games forum or MicroProse forum.
If you got the ZIPed version, remember to unzip it with the -d
(restore all subdirectories) option.

@ 1.4 How about any known bugs?
Here are some of the well-known XCOM/UFO bugs. If you have seen a
bug that is not listed here, send a short description to me.
MicroProse is aware of most of these problems.

At beginning of November Brian of MicroProse support explained
that they are working on a completely new level of sound support
that will fix ALL the sound bugs plus native support for most
sound cards, including Gravis Ultrasound, AWE 32, stereo support
for the cards that can handle it, 16-bit sounds and General MIDI,
and so on. It is due before Christmas.

There are two patches available for the European version (UFO)
which upgrades V1.0 to V1.1 and V1.2 respectively. The patches
does not apply to XCOM, which is equivalent to UFO V1.2 here.
Recently a UFO13pat.ZIP has surfaced in certain FTP sites, though
no word from MicroProse as to its authenticity. Do NOT apply the
UFO13 patch to XCOM.

1.4.1 The Green Text Bug
[Net] When running in BattleScape, the game start to display
some 40-column Green Text (DOS extender error). Usually happens
just after battle in GeoScape. Sometimes it takes you back into

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 5

the BattleScape (indefinitely again and again), and sometimes it
hangs the computer. No workarounds. The saved game is corrupt.
Try to restore an earlier saved game. Also see 1.5.2.

1.4.2 Intercept Save Bug
[MPS] If you save a game while an intercept in progress (i.e.
craft is in the air and you minimized the window to save) the
saved game is corrupt and cannot be reloaded (it will crash the
computer). This probably causes the 1.5.1 Green Text Bug. Work

1.4.3 The 16-bit Sounds Bug
When playing on a 16-bit sound card such as SB-16 or PAS-16, the
music and sounds often is played with a bunch of static instead,
or no sound effect at all (soldiers walking inside the craft
should have "walk on deck" clank-clank sounds). Play with sound
off. Also note that the setup program asks for the DMA channel,
NOT the interrupt.

1.4.4 The One-Shot Blaster Bug
[FAQ] The blaster launcher, when fired with only one way point,
cannot be reloaded. It will show there's no round in the weapon,
but when you drop a round in the weapon it will say "Weapon is
already loaded". [Net] You can actually UNLOAD the "empty" shell
and drop it. See "How Do I UNload a Weapon". For now, the work
around is program launch with two or more waypoints.

1.4.5 The Flying Frozen Bug
[Net / SCOHN] Sometimes a unit (could be any) gets stuck at or
near the edge of the map. S/he/it is OFF the map, (at least the
square is) and can only go up or down (if flyable), but not back
onto the map. S/he/it will recover when mission is successfully
completed. No workarounds.

@ 1.4.6 The GUS Bug
[Net] UFO 1.0 and 1.1 works fine with GUS, 1.2 and XCOM doesn't.
GUS users will probably need to turn the sound off.

@ 1.5 I need some help! Any saved game editors?
There are currently three editors available: SOLDIER, BASE, and
MONEY. The first two are available as UFOCHEAT in some places.
All three are available on America On-line (PC Games Forum,
Library Search, XCOM), and should be available elsewhere in the
Internet. The author of SOLDIER and BASE has just made V2.4
available (Sorry! Please e-mail me!). In A.10 is now some money
cheats. For more help, try wuarchive.wustl.edu or its mirrors, in

@ 1.6 Any plans on sequels or expansion disks? Other versions?
MicroProse Rep on America On-Line has revealed at least one
(possibly two) scenario disks are being developed. According to
CGW's CES report, UFO2 is in the works, with better sounds and
graphics, but NO CHANGE to the combat system. (Hurrah!) Here's
the actual message:

Subj: Re:Terror from the deep Date: 94-11-01 16:34:23 EST
From: MicroProse@aol.com

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 6

>> Anyone know anything about the sequel? <<

XCOM: Terror From the Deep

The war continues...XCOM Terror From the Deep brings the alien
terror into a totally new dimension...

Seeking to take advantage of a weakened earth, XCOM's deep space
foes unexpectedly change strategy and launch a powerful second
front against planet Earth. In the dark depths of vast oceans,
long sleeping forces are awakened by re-animation signals sent
out across the galactic silence by their interstellar brothers
and sisters. Slowly but surely, an army of hibernating alien sea
creatures awakens.

Your combat now extends to the strange new world of the deep
where superior alien technologies threaten the very survival of
the planet. Your planet: Earth.

* Sequels the hugely successful XCOM: UFO Defense
* Actual undersea geoscape mapping system with rich topographical
* Full array of undersea military technology
* Rich graphics feature water coloration and wrecks
* Multi-level tactical maps featuring both underwater seascapes
and buildings
* Alien encylopedia features mutation technology and new watery


There was some talk about a Macintosh version, but no decision
has been made. Mac users who want a Mac version should contact
MicroProse and voice your opinion. Try MicroProse@aol.com.

2.0 How to use this strategy guide

As you have read from (1.1), Earth is under attack by superior
technology. It is YOUR job to ensure the survival of Earth, even if
it means xenocide (hey, they started it!).

To achieve this, you will need to capture alien artifacts and live
aliens to gain information on where they come from, learn to reproduce
and adapt their weapon technology, prevent Terran governments from
surrendering to the aliens, and finally and go to the source and deal
with it once and for all. Of course, there are a lot of obstacles in
your way, including but not limited to the following:

Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. alien harvest and/or abduction of
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Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. alien terror attacks on innocent
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Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. your initial lack of technology
vs plasma rifle?!?!)
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. your limited budget (what do you mean
I'm four million short?)

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 7

Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. alien infiltration of governments
signed a treaty with WHO?)
alien bases on earth as center of operations
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Error! Bookmark not defined. and more...

Each of these has a counter-strategy, which will allow you at the end
to WIN. We will discuss each one in detail in this section.

2.1 Dealing with flying UFOs
Those flashing lights in the night sky are not fun any more.
Shoot them down and sort them out on the ground! See section 4.X
for strategy and tactics on air combat.

2.2 Dealing with landed or crashed UFOs
So you manage to catch an UFO on the ground or shot one down!
See section 5.X for Ground Combat Strategies and Tactics.
Remember that landed UFOs can take off again, and it will be hard
to catch then. Also, landed UFOs usually means there is an alien
base nearby.

2.3 Dealing with Terror Sites
Just like the intro animation, your team rushes to the rescue of
the defenseless civilians! See section 5.X for Ground Combat
Strategies and Tactics. Just remember that civilian casualties
must be avoided at all costs!

2.4 Dealing with your initial lack of technology
This can only be countered by research. See 6.X for Research and
Manufacture Strategies. Initially you have few options to go,
but as you capture alien hardware you will be able to copy the
aliens weapons you captured.

2.5 Dealing with your limited budget
The countries pay you certain amount of money each month, and may
increase or decrease the funding level depending on their
satisfaction level of your performance. Unfortunately, that
source of money is never enough. Section 7.X goes into detail on
how you can make more money. Also see A.8 and A.10

2.6 Dealing with alien infiltration of governments
Aliens will attempt to force governments to abandone the X-COM
project by attacking that country mercilessly until the
government signs a treaty with them. We tried this on Hitler
just before World War II. It did not work then, it will not work
now, but that doesn't prevent stupid leaders from trying it!
When the government signs the pact it ceases to fund the X-COM
project... And when too many governments quit, Earth is doomed!
See 9.X Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

2.7 Dealing with alien bases on Earth
Those pesky aliens have established bases on Earth! Those bases
are well-hidden and only a prolonged patrol by X-COM crafts will
find them. You should send soldiers to take them out ASAP since
those act as infiltration centers. See 4.5 on how to find them
and 5.X for ground combat strategies.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 8

3.0 Strategy on Bases

3.1 Where should I build bases?
Usually you start in either Europe or North America, as those
continents contain most of your sponsoring countries. Your second
base would be in the other area. As for others, check UFO activity
and see below.

The following are suggested hot spots for your bases. Your initial
base is in the first two places, then add a base if the aliens
concentrate near one of the other listed spots.

Central Europe (western USSR and all of Europe, India)
North America / Rockies (USA and Canada)
Japan (eastern USSR, Japan, and China)
Eastern South America (Brazil)
Australia (Australia and Pacific)
Central Africa (South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria)

3.2 Base Types and evolution
You will probably have four to six types of bases. As you play
you will start upgrading them to the next level to create a more
effective detection and interception network.

3.2.1 Radar/Picket base
Just an access lift and some radars, plus maybe some storage for
HWP defense team and/or living quarters for defending soldiers.
Their purpose is detect UFOs. Add more radars and defenses when

The long range radars have 450 nm range, 5% detection / 10
minutes, and short range radar have 300 nm range, 10% detection /
10 minutes. Adding more radars would improve chances of
detection. A hyperwave decoder would also help.

3.2.2 Airbase
Base with a hangar or two housing an Interceptor or Firestorm (or
Avenger), used to intercept and shoot down UFOs, as well as to
patrol for enemy bases. HINT: Use an empty Skyranger to tail
UFOs for bases can be very effective since it has very long

Can be improved from radar base by adding hangar(s) and storage
space for the craft weapons and ammo.

3.2.3 Strike base
Base with at least one transport (Skyranger, Lightning, or
Avenger), as well as living quarters and storage. Houses soldiers
and equipment. Used to attack landed/crashed UFOs and/or attack
alien bases.

Can be created from both radar base or airbase by adding a hangar
for the transport. Add more storage space (for ground weapons
and ammo as well as captured artifacts) and alien containment

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 9

3.2.4 Command Center
The EVERYTHING base, includes research and manufacturing. Your
first base is your first (and probably only) command center,
where all the research and manufacturing is done. Most people
have this configuration instead of 3.2.5 and 3.2.6.

3.2.5 Research Lab
Some players suggested that you should separate the research
facility from airbase or attack base as to minimize loss of
research against alien retaliation raids which destroy the base.
Transfer objects to be researched is CHEAP, and you only need ONE
of the objects to research.

3.2.6 Manufacturing / Engineering Facility
You just need living quarters and workshops for the engineers,
and general stores for storing the results, and maybe a hangar if
you are manufacturing crafts. Transfer between bases are cheap,
and you don't need anything else. A nice place to put this is

3.3 Base Design and Expansion
Bases are the guts of X-COM defense. You must build them carefully to
minimize risks and maximize benefits.

3.3.1 Plan for defense!
Try to isolate hangars and access lifts from the rest of the base
to create a choke point. For example:

Design A Design B
XXXXXX A XXXX H=Hangars A=Access Lift X=anything else

Design A: Vulnerable areas are concentrated to ONE part of the
base, limiting possible attacks along that ONE long corridor.

Design B: Isolates Hangar from Access Lift. Since hangars have
no doors, blaster bombs and/or fusion tanks can destroy
everything in those spaces with one/two shots per hangar, plus
secondaries due to the fuel drums. The access lift can be
blocked easily.

3.3.2 Watch each base carefully
Plan ahead for expansion. Use the BASE INFORMATION button
frequently (once every 10 game days?) and start construction of
things BEFORE you actually run out. Most facilities takes about
a month to complete, start ahead of time!

3.3.3 Initial modifications
First things you need to add to your main base are: alien
containment (prisoners), general stores (more ammo and captured
artifacts), and long range radar (improve detection). Later, add
living quarters, labs, workshops, and defenses when needed.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 10

3.3.4 Keep a hangar available!
You should always keep a hangar SOMEWHERE available for new
construction purposes. Transfer a craft between bases is free.
See base types (3.2) for details.

3.4 Defending a base
Aliens will raid your bases. The loss of the base means the loss
of everything based on it. So what can you do to prevent the
destruction of your base? Several things besides 3.3.1.

3.4.1 Build defenses
days cost upkeep def accuracy
Missile Defense 24? 600k? 8k? 500? 50%?
Laser Defense 24 900k 10k 600 60%
Plasma Defense 36 1200k 12k 900 70%
Fusion Defense 36 1800k 14k 1200 80%

In addition, there's two more facilities that helps in Defense

Grav Shield 38 2300k 15k Gives another chance of hitting
Mind Shield 33 1300k 5k "Cloaks" base from alien scout

[CGW] Your base defense rating should be over 2500 to
consistently repel alien attacks.

[KSC] I recommend over 3500, PLUS grav shields, if you don't like
fighting inside your own base. Three fusion ball defense is
enough. Over course of a month, I allowed alien battleships to
attack my main base, which has the above. In ten tries, only ONE
battleship made it through my defenses (somehow four out of six
shots missed). Only eight Ethereals and one Sectopod made it
down against 10 hovertanks (2 of them Fusion Ball launchers).
The rest is history...

[Doug] Fighting inside your own bases is not that bad... Just
make sure you did not clog up the 80 items list with useless
stuff like electro-flares and such. See 3.4.2 and 3.4.3.

3.4.2 Attack the incoming UFOs
[FAQ] Usually you can detect the UFOs as they come in for the
attack. Shoot them down first. If you got Hyperwave Decoders,
watch for UFOs with "retaliation" missions. Those are coming
after your bases. The small UFOs that come first are scouts. If
they see your base, then comes the battleships.

[KSC] [Not verified] If you managed to intercept the attacking
UFO, stay in standoff mode, and it won't attack the base unless
it outrun you.

[KSC] If you attack the incoming battleship with interceptors
you'll lose them. Do NOT attack battleships with interceptors.

[Doug] If you think you can hold your base, you can let the UFO
through and just fight the ground action. Of course, you risk
getting your base wrecked, but you also get chance to capture
aliens and alien equipment.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 11

[Net] In V1.0 of UFO, if you win a defend base action, you can
gain thousands of units of Elerium. This is no longer true in
V1.2 of UFO and X-COM.

3.4.3 Watch the "80-item limit"
If the aliens made their way down, you will have to defend
yourself. Only the first 80 items in storage can be used for
your Defense, so this is another reason to sell off those excess
inventory. Besides, you need the cash. Do NOT keep electro-
flares in the warehouse as those are often the first items in the
he 80-item list! Lasers and HWPs are on top so keep them.

3.4.4 Keep some HWPs just in case
[CGR] HWP's only take up storage space, are the first things on
the storage item list (therefore always in those 80 items), and
needs no personnel, which makes them ideal base defenders.

[KSC] Fusion Ball Launcher Hover tanks are absolutely great in
base defense, being able to shoot around corners. So are blaster
launchers, if you have them.

3.4.5 Booby trap the rooms!
Booby trap all rooms that you must abandon, usually by throwing
proximity grenades near the doors. Any alien steps in, BOOM!
You can clear them by dropping a regular grenade on top of them.
See Section 7.X on weapon tactics.

4.0 Air Combat and Intercept Strategies

Air combat is an important part of X-COM. Without it, you will
have very little chance of capturing any aliens or alien
equipment, and thus have no progress in the game!

4.1 Intercept tactics
Interception of UFOs is very important. Intercepting UFOs over
sponsoring countries tells them you are doing your job and keeps
them happy. Successful interception and shoot-down means you can
capture aliens, alien bodies, and alien equipment. Even if
interception is unsuccessful you may discover alien bases during

4.1.1 Feet dry! Feet dry!
Try to attack an UFO over land, because if you shoot it down at
sea no one can get to it. If you intercepted it over water,
press minimize and click over to 1 minute time step until you ran
out of fuel, it lands, it outruns you, or you got back over land.
If you fly back over land, change back to 5 seconds, then attack!

4.1.2 Go home early
When you send multiple crafts after one UFO and the UFO gets shot
down, the shooter will go home, but other crafts will continue
onto the crash site and THEN return. Instead, click on them and
turn them back early (Return to base). They will return earlier,
thus be refueled and rearmed faster for the next mission.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 12

4.1.3 Keep Landed UFOs covered
Even if UFO has landed, keep an interceptor on top of it until
your landing craft arrives for the action. That way, if the UFO
takes off, you still have a chance to shoot it down.

4.1.4 Stay out longer
[HENDERSM] Once you intercept an UFO fuel consumption is halved,
when you click on patrol, the ship drops to half speed, and thus
half consumption (timed and tested). The ship can be thousands
of miles away and still intercept.. also, if you intercept near
your base, it needs no fuel to return hardly, so is extended
stay out anyway.

4.2 Weapons vs. Target Analysis
Before attacking click on the VIEW UFO button to take a look at
your target before deciding whether to attack or not. Attacking
with wrong weapons means either the loss of the interceptor or
the UFO totally destroyed so that nothing can be recovered.

4.2.1 Very Small / Small UFOs
Interceptors with Stingray missiles and cannons can only handle
very small or small sized UFOs. Attacking larger UFOs means
heavy damage or even destruction. Laser cannons are not much
better, sharing the short range flaw.

4.2.2 Medium UFOs
Interceptors with Avalanche missiles or plasma beams can handle
medium UFOs easily by normal attack. On the other hand, one
Avalanche will blow a very small UFO into pieces.

4.2.3 Large UFOs
Interceptors with Plasma beam and/or Avalanche missiles can
handle large UFOs, but not VERY large UFOs. Plasma beam may blow
small UFO into pieces.

4.2.4 Very Large UFOs
Multiple Interceptors with plasma beam and/or Avalanche are
needed to attack very large UFOs, and you'll probably lose a few,
since one shot from battleship will at least cripple an
interceptor. Just don't do it.

The only way to "safely" attack alien battleships is to use
Firestorms and Avengers with twin plasma beams. Even then you
will probably be heavily damaged (as in 20% to 60% damage), which
is not a good trade. Many have suggested that you should let
them land and attack them on the ground.

4.3 Differences among Aggressive, Normal, and Cautious attacks
The difference between Aggressive, Normal, and Cautious attacks
were not explained clearly in the manual. Here's my version:

4.3.1 Cautious Attack
Attack the UFO from maximum range of the available weapon(s) at a
slow firing rate. Cause least damage per shot, useful when you
want prisoners or avoiding possible overkill of a small target.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 13

4.3.2 Normal Attack
Attack the UFO from maximum range of the available weapon(s) at
standard firing rate. Cause average damage per shot, suffice for
most attacks if your weapon outrange the enemy's.

4.3.3 Aggressive Attack
Attack the UFO as fast as possible, as close as possible, and
fire as fast as possible. Cause most damage per shot, but
exposes the craft to enemy return fire.

4.3.4 Applications of each attack mode
To determine which attack mode to use, you need to look at the
UFO first. Click on the VIEW UFO icon and take a look at what
type of UFO it is. See section A.3 for list of UFOs and
recognition chart.

Of all the UFOs, only battleship is a major threat to your
crafts. Battleship have a weapon range of ~65 kilometers, which
outranges all XCOM craft weapons. NO OTHER UFO has this kind of
firepower. The only way to ensure destruction of a battleship is
to use Firestorm or Avenger with dual plasma beams or groups of
Firestorm/Avenger with mix of plasma beam and fusion ball
launchers. One shot from a battleship is enough to destroy an
Interceptor, so do NOT attack battleships with Interceptors.

When attacking battleships with Avengers and Firestorm, use
Aggressive Attack. After several battleship interceptions with
an Avenger, I've found that using Aggressive Attack with an
Avenger I get approximately 40% damage (once as low as 30%) where
as I usually get 60% damage in Normal attack. Firestorm got hit
pretty hard against battleships, usually 50-80% damaged.

All other UFOs can be safely tackled with Avalanche missiles and
plasma beams, since you can stay at maximum range and avoid their
fire. Supply Ship and Terror Ship have range of ~50 km, which is
the second longest, but Avalanche and Plasma beam outrange them.

4.4 Craft Weapons

4.4.1 Get Plasma Cannon quickly
Plasma Cannon is THE best craft weapon in the game, with 99 shots
and 54 km range. Interceptors armed with twin plasma cannons can
even tackle large (though not VERY large) UFOs safely by
remaining outside the UFO's weapon range.

4.4.2 Get rid of Stingray Missiles and cannons
Stingrays are only good for hitting VERY SMALL and maybe SMALL
UFOs due to the short range (30 for Stingray, 12 for cannon).
Replace Stingray and Cannon with Avalanches as soon as possible.
You can also forget about the laser cannon but at least it does
not use ammo and gives good profit.

4.5 Finding the alien base
Alien Bases can be found by two ways: X-COM agents can find an
enemy base for you, or you have to send out crafts and patrol
certain parts of the world. If you see a lot of UFO activity but
can't get any interceptions, there's probably a base.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 14

Hyperwave decoders, which can tell you what a UFO is up to, can
allow you to spot the UFOs on their SUPPLY runs. Once you spot a
supply UFO, use an empty Skyranger to follow it. If it
disappears, go to last known coordinates and start patrolling.
With a couple hours (game time) in the air you should see it.

An empty Skyranger is best for this job since it has the longest
range of any XCOM craft.

@ 4.6 UFO weapon ranges
The UFO weapon ranges appears to be quite a bit off when compared
to game play. Try divide the UFO weapon range as listed in the
UFOpaedia (or appendix A.3) by 8 should give a better comparison
to XCOM craft weapon ranges.

For example, Battleship has weapon range of 520 in the UFOpaedia.
520/8=65, which is the limit of fusion ball range.

5.0 Ground Combat Strategies

Ground combat is arguably the most important aspect of X-COM, and
probably also the most satisfying part when a successful raid has
been completed. Here are some tactics and advises to keep your
soldiers alive and well and keep alien body counts mounting.

5.1 Basic equipment considerations
Since you only get 80 items per craft, you will have to plan
carefully. Also see 7.5 for more material management strategies.

Lasers are useful since they do not need ammo, saving you a lot
of items. They also cause a nice amount of damage (though not as
much as plasma weapons, thus the trade-off).

Once you got Blaster Bombs, carry those if you can afford them.
They start out as unloaded, unlike other weapons, so load them
during BEFORE the battle starts. Use them to flatten buildings
and fences, and to open new doors for entrances.

5.1.1 Basic Loadouts
Skyranger: 2 HWPs and 6 soldiers. Divide them up to 1 HWP / 3
person fire teams, with HWP as scouts. If necessary you can
split each team up further into pairs. You can also split
into 1 HWP/2 person teams with 2 special weapons.

Lightning: only one choice since this thing does not carry HWP's,
but it has more than one door so you can deploy faster...
And less blind spots.

Avenger: 4 HWPs and 10 soldiers are good. Use 2 teams of 1 HWP
and 2 soldiers, and 2 teams of 1 HWP and 3 soldiers, or you
can make them all 1 HWP and 2 soldiers, with two soldier as
the special weapons team with blaster bombs and/or psi

5.1.2 Rookie Training
Try to always take a couple of rookies along to give them
experience to boost their stats. In XCOM, you learn by doing.
You want more strength? Carry heavy stuff. More accuracy? Take

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 15

more shots. Soldiers with kills gain more than those without

5.1.3 Avoid night missions
[Consensus] Avoid night missions if you can. The UFO can usually
wait until next morning or later unless they take off first.
Just set the craft to patrol nearby. Aliens hold an advantage in
visibility range at night (or appears to). If you MUST, carry
LOTS of electroflares and incendiary weapons.

5.1.4 Mix up the weapons
Try to take along a mixed set of weaponry, like lasers, auto
cannons, AND plasma guns. This way you'll be ready for all sorts
of threats, as some aliens are more vulnerable to certain types
of weapons than to others. See A.2 for alien tables.

5.1.5 Use Stun on Terror [!?]
[CGW] When tackling terror sites, take along lots of stun
weaponry and stun any civilians that you find. Alien terrorists
don't attack unconscious civilians, and therefore the civilians
count as "saved" at the end. Just don't drop grenades on them or
fire rockets and missiles into the area.

[Net] Recently someone reported that stunned civilians, upon
waking up, are counted as enemy and must be killed to finish the
battle. Can someone verify this?

5.1.6 Misc. Equipment
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Medikits are important. In
addition to healing fatal wounds they can raise morale if used
on panicking troops as well as revive unconscious soldiers
(hit by a stun bomb?)
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Motion detectors are useful for
looking behind doors and walls, but only helps if aliens moved
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Mind Probe is useful in
alien leaders and commanders, or any specific type of alien
you want to capture. Make sure you have an arsenal of stun
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Proximity grenades are great for
blockading large UFO doors. Just drop one next to the door
and wait for them to come out

5.2 General Tactics

@ 5.2.1 Assign specialties to soldiers
[CGW/CGR/KSC] BEFORE you go on missions, assign each soldier a
specialty, according available weapons and abilities. The
person(s) with the most strength would carry Heavy Cannon, Auto-
Cannon, or Rocket Launcher. The person(s) with the most time
units would be scout, and so on. After you've decided, add a
suffix to their name by clicking on the name in the solider stat
display and type.

For example, if "Bill Donovan" has lots of strength, make him
"Bill Donovan/HW" (HW for Heavy Weapons). That way, when you
arrived at the battle, you can equip the right people with the
right stuff.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 16

[KSC] Here's some suggested specialties and related equipment
Scout (SC) -- carry motion sensor
Medic (MD) -- carry Medi-Kit
Intelligence (IT) -- carry mind probe
Heavy Weapons (HW) -- carry "heavy" stuff
PsiCorp (PSI) -- carry psi amp for psi attacks *

* PsiCorp is named after the organization in Babylon 5 :-)

You can also cross-train, of course. There's no limit in the
number of spots each person can hold... And real-life SEAL teams
are all cross-trained any way.

[SCOHN] Another way of doing this is put the TUs / Fire / Throw /
Str in the person's name. For example, "Bill 58/46/78/40". You
may have to update the stats after every mission or so, but it
helps you see a variety of skills quickly when you need to load
up the landing crafts. [KSC] After you get psi, add one or both
numbers in the description (maybe forget the name! :-D)

5.2.2 Deploying from craft
[NET] Keep a grenade in hand as you deploy since sometimes there
are enemies right next to your landing craft. Grenades should
also be used to reduce any cover close to your craft.

[KSC] Only deploy two soldiers at a time from Skyrangers or
Avengers. Next to the landing gears is good. If you deploy all
of them at once you invite grenades and blaster bombs. Move the
two away before deploying the next two.

5.2.3 Spread out and cover each other
Bunch up invites enemy attack you with grenades, or worse,
blasterbombs. Stay about four to eight squares apart.

Aliens DO attack from behind sometimes, so try to have two
troopers who can watch each other's back. This is ESPECIALLY
important when going up against Chryssalids, who moves extremely
fast [~120 TUs!] It will turn your soldiers into zombies in a
blink of an eye... One player reported losing the entire squad
to a single Chryssalid on a terror mission! It pays to watch
each other's back!

Here's a simple demonstration with a four person fire team:




A and B moves forward, leapfrogging C and D. C and D would look
forward when A and B move, ready to shoot at any spotted enemies.
When A and B has stopped, C and D would turn around and watch the
backs of A and B, who would also turn facing outwards.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 17

5.2.4 Use the terrain!
Use whatever advantage terrain can give you. Hide behind things,
use secondary explosions or fires, etc. Also see 5.2.5.

If enemy is standing next to some volatile objects (fuel drum in
Hangar, purple command console in UFO room or base, etc.), shoot
the object instead of the alien to take advantage of the
secondary explosions. Lots of things are explosive in enemy
bases. Just make sure you are not close by when it goes...

Hide behind other aliens can be a valid tactic. Aliens do NOT
check who's in their path before firing. They may kill their
comrades as they try to shoot you. It was reported that one
alien shot itself after attempting to shoot down the gravlift.

[KSC] Hiding behind something can be the difference between a
dead soldier versus a critically wounded solider who could be
saved by a medikit. NEVER if possible leave soldiers out in the
open. Either use up all their TUs and get under cover or don't
move at all. This also means do NOT stay in midair if you have
flying suits. Also, try to leave 4 TUs so you can kneel down.

5.2.5 Aliens are wishy-washy (alien movement pattern)
Aliens usually move forward, take a shot, then turn 180 and move
back. So, if you see them in their movement phase and don't see
them in yours, move forward a little, and you may see them. For
example, they move like this...

S -----/-->S
| | YOU

5.2.6 Leave opportunity for shots
To make opportunity shots in the enemy movement phase, you need
TU's left unused, as well as a high reactions rating (over 50
preferred). So leave enough for a shot while moving and still
get in cover, or don't move at all.

HINT: have soldiers kneeling close to UFO doors is a good way to
get better reactions, if they have plenty of TUs left to shoot
any aliens who comes out. This is great against Muton UFOs, as
Mutons tends to come out and go back in the doors.

5.2.7 Use HWP as scouts
HWP's, especially Hovertanks, are great scouts. They have 70 to
100 TU's, nice firepower, plenty of health, and are immune to
alien psi attacks. On the other hand, they ARE expensive, they
do NOT gain experience, and they are four space units.

Don't make kills with HWP's. Their job is to SEE the enemy so
the human members can then fire at them, even when it's beyond
THEIR visual range.

5.2.8 Deny cover to the enemy
The rocket tank and perhaps the Fusion Ball Hovertank are great
for taking down buildings and walls, denying aliens places to

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 18

hide. You can also use grenades and rocket launchers, or auto-
cannon with explosive / incendiary ammo.

[Consensus] There's no penalty for destroying civilian property,
so go ahead and blast all the houses into pieces if you have to,
just to get that last alien on the map. Of course, don't kill
any civilians in the process.

[Counterpoint] While this is a game, it's NOT nice to destroy an
entire building just to wipe out one last alien... X-COM is a
COVERT organization, not the "Dirty Pair"...

(For those of you who don't know "The Dirty Pair", Kei and Yuri
are Japanese Anime trouble-shooters who usually wreck the place
they troubleshoot... :-)

5.2.9 Listen to the sounds in alien movement phase
The sounds in alien movement phase can reveal important clues to
alien locations. Normal door clicking means the aliens are near
a regular building (farm house, etc.) Hydraulic door sounds
means the automatic doors were used. Two sounds close together
means someone just went in and immediately came back out (or vice
versa). COROLLARY : the length of the alien movement phase is
also proportional to the number of aliens left on the map.
(Remember that stunned aliens or civilians can wake up!)

5.3 Weapon Tactics
Different weapons should be used differently and in different
circumstances. Here are some suggestions on how to best employ
the different weapons.

5.3.1 Pistols and Rifles
Use them only when you have to, sniper style. Dump them for
lasers as fast as possible. They use clips and doesn't do much
damage. They may be enough to use against Sectoids, who has
little armor, but not against tougher enemies.

5.3.2 Heavy Cannon
More accurate than the auto-cannon and slightly more damage, but
a lot less effective with only six shots and no auto-fire mode.
I'd rather use the auto-cannon.

5.3.3 Auto-Cannon
Probably the most effective weapon in the early game, with auto
mode, three types of ammo, and 14 shot magazine. Still, 14 shots
is not much in auto-mode, and three magazines can run out on you
pretty quick. It is also HEAVY.

5.3.4 Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher packs your biggest punch in the early game, and
being an area weapon makes it invaluable in dealing with nasty
Reavers and Cyberdiscs. On the other hand, you can only carry
three of them, and they only fly in straight lines. Try to have
another team member carry reloads.

5.3.5 Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, and Heavy Laser
Forget the heavy laser. The 35% more damage that it does is
offset by having no auto mode and decreased accuracy. You can

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 19

probably forget the pistol also, but you need to research it to
get laser rifle. Laser rifle is arguable the best squad weapon
in the game, needing no ammo, with decent accuracy and damage.

5.3.6 Grenades and High Explosive
Get alien grenades when you can, but regular grenades would do.
Use them to flatten small buildings and take down walls so aliens
have nowhere to hide.

[NET] Proximity grenades should be used to block off doors and
stuff so nothing can sneak up behind you. They appear to have a
2-square blast radius and 1-square sensing radius, so do NOT
throw them next to the door! Throw them one square away from the
door so when the alien have to come out before it blows up. For
example: (D=Door P=Proximity Grenade A=Alien)

Alien just behind door, does NOT trigger the grenade since not in
radius of 1. Then Alien steps through the door, and BOOM!

| |
| |

I haven't found smoke grenades to be that useful. I've tried it
in covering my deployment, but it doesn't seem to work that well.

I've yet to use any high-explosive in any of the games I played,
but [NET] has reported that they are very useful taking out
Cyberdiscs in tight urban settings, due to more blast power,
useful before you get alien grenades.

5.3.7 Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, and Heavy Plasma
Plasma weapons are good weapons, and the heavy-plasma is the only
heavy weapon in the game with auto mode. On the other hand,
Heavy Plasma is , like its name says, "heavy". Heavy Plasma
should only carried by a few select members, due to possible
shortages in clips. Also, with only 80 items per craft, having
so many clips around can be a problem.

Heavy Plasma can punch through inner walls of UFOs when auto-
fired a couple times, useful for pincer attacks.

5.3.8 Blaster Launcher
Blaster launcher is probably one of the greatest weapons in the
game. It is expensive, its ammo is expensive, but it is VERY
useful. You can blow up things in ANY direction, turn around
corners, go up and down stairs, flatten entire barns, even punch
a hole in UFO's outer hull! With a bit of management one solider
can carry up to 5 reloads (2 on belt and 3 in backpack).

[NET] One trick is to leave the soldier and the launcher inside
the craft kneeling on top of the ammo on the floor. That way
there's more than 5 rounds available. Or you can have other
soldiers carry more ammo, drop them on the ground, then have the
launcher guy stand/kneel on top of them. You can use this trick
on rocket launcher too, but it's not as useful.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 20

[NET] You can also blow open parts of UFO and go in that way
instead of through the door. Many have reported that wrecking
the bridge first with a well-placed blaster bomb or two into the
upper level will decrease casualties by a large amount.

[KSC] Use blaster bomb to enlarge a standard door so you can fit
a tank through by targeting the wall next to the door. You can
also try this with heavy plasma as those can sometimes punch
through walls. This is great for battleships since the large
central lift allows tanks to go up to any level, and they also
have 2-space corridors wide enough for tanks.

5.3.9 Small Launcher
This is the only weapon that gives you standoff stun capability.
Get this when you need to stun aliens. Try to back this up with
a regular weapon. Stun damage counts against alien's health, and
a hit can drop its health low enough so it gets stunned.

5.4 Assault tactics
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Your first priority is to
make sure
no aliens can ambush you as you deploy. This makes HWP
invaluable as they are often the first ones to exit the craft,
saving your soldiers from getting shot. They also take
several hits, even from heavy plasma, before being destroyed.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Your second priority is to scout
and clear out the map of any stray aliens, while locating your
primary objective. When boarding UFOs, the objective is the
UFO itself. When attacking alien base, the objective is the
alien command center. Spread out into fire teams of two
soldiers or one soldier and one HWP and search. One team
should guard the entrances to the objective when found.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Your third priority is to secure
the objective. Leave a team guarding the entrance to the
objective in case the perimeter sweep missed somebody.

5.4.1 Use a "scout" to open the door
There should be one person whose specialty is open doors so that
other people can shoot through the open door. The person with
the best reaction and most TUs should get this job.

5.4.2 Look "over the top" if the top's open
[SCOHN] Some of the small or medium UFO that has been shot down
have their tops blown open. Throwing some grenades into that
opening can help you clean up any more aliens left inside.
There's not that much equipment left in there any way.

[KSC] If you have flying suits, you may want to go up to the
upper level and see if you can see any one while standing on the
edges. Four of you at separate corners can set up a great cross-
fire pattern and fry / stun any aliens left inside.

[NET] On larger UFOs you may want to OPEN a hole from the top
with a blaster launcher. Also see 5.3.8. Many people have
reported more success cleaning the UFO from the TOP down instead
of bottom up after blaster bomb killed the leaders in bridge.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 21

5.4.3 Aliens have no manners
Unpowered doors do not close by themselves. Therefore, if you
spot an open door and you know you didn't open it, there must be
an alien nearby! See also 5.2.9.

5.4.4 Look up!
[KSC] On multi-level UFO and bases, you can sometimes see enemies
at the upper level near grav-lifts. Multi-level UFO's with floor
pieces destroyed will also allow you to look up into the higher
level. If you see someone, ATTACK FIRST!

[KSC] Remember to look at the upper level (view level up button),
since sometimes you may have walked by the ceiling hole without
realizing it. Also, watch the blast patterns in the floor and
check the center of the blast pattern and turn around to look up.

[NET] Sometimes kneeling down may allow you a better view upward,
and let you see something you couldn't see before...

5.4.5 Use your blaster bombs!
Blaster bombs shoot around corners and up/down grav-lifts as well
as opening up walls and stuff, so use them! Blasting new doors
are great. Just remember not to bunch up so the aliens can do
the same thing to you. You can do the similar things with Fusion
Hover tanks but those have weaker warhead. See also 5.3.8.

5.4.6 Use your windows in the craft!
[CGR/CGW] Your craft have windows, so turn your rearmost soldiers
or HWPs around and take a look. This will let you know the
general terrain layout before you even get out of the transport.

5.4.7 In base, find Central Command!
Usually the base commander does not move from their two level
command center, with a corridor all around, windows on the
corridor, and a VERY large gravlift in the middle. It is very
distinctive. If you can find it, and watch your back while doing
so, you can probably setup ambushes all around as other aliens
converge on you and head into the trap. Just don't bunch up and
be blasterbomb bait.

@ 5.4.8 Arrange a diversion
[Bill Soo] Aliens DO care about where you attack from, and you
can attract them to one side while you attack the other side. A
tactic to try if aliens are holding the UFO doors is send a
couple guys to the other side of UFOs and keep shooting at the
walls, even if you don't penetrate. After a turn of two, charge
through the doors. The shots on the other side may have
attracted the alien's attention to that side.

5.5 Capturing aliens
Capturing aliens will yield a lot of information, especially the
medics, engineers, and leaders. Alien commanders (who are only
in bases or base-establishing UFOs) are the only ones that can
give you clues on how to WIN the game once and for all, so
capturing aliens are very important.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 22

5.5.1 Build Alien Containment first!
Without "Alien Containment", any aliens you capture DIE upon your
arrival at the base. So build alien containment as your FIRST
improvement. Add alien containment to all strike bases, since
prisoners are ONLY brought back to that strike team's home base.

5.5.2 How do I capture aliens?
There are three ways you can capture aliens : you can shoot them
and hope you only knocked them unconscious (i.e. they did NOT
scream as they collapsed); you can use stun rods; or you can use
stun bombs. Another way, difficult to arrange, is keep the
aliens inside smoke clouds till they choke and drop. You may need
multiple attempts before succeeding. NOTE: You cannot stun a
Cyberdisc or a Sectopod. Those are robots.

5.5.3 WHO do I capture?
You want specialists like leaders, medics, and engineers over
common soldiers or terrorists. Specialists can give you more
information like UFO stats and specie information. Leaders and
Commanders can give you special information that will eventually
lead to the final battle, and only Ethereals and Sectoid leaders
/ commanders can give you Psi Power.

HINT: You can use a mind probe on aliens to identify their rank
while they are standing.
HINT: you can also stun them then try to pick them up, which will
also identify their rank. [by Stuart Lamble]

5.5.4 Double-team them!
Capturing, as in all fighting, requires a backup. If one fails
you get another chance. This is especially important with stun
rods since you must go up right next to the alien. Failing that,
save enough TUs to get back to cover and hope the alien doesn't
come after you or your buddies will cover you.

5.5.5 Using Stun Rods
You should sneak up from behind to use Stun Rods. Have one guy
in front to keep its attention, while another sneak up behind it
and ZAP! This works best in the large scout UFOs (the one that
looks like a plus sign) when there are TWO doors leading to the
"bridge". You can also use this on panicked aliens or aliens
that just shook off your mind control. HINT: Use a Mind Probe on
the alien to see if it has enough TU's to fire back.

5.5.6 Using Stun Bombs
Stun bombs frequently requires several shots in order to
incapacitate one, but they are effective over an area. So if you
have several aliens close to each other, one bomb can stun
multiple aliens. Try to fire between them.

If an alien got hit by a stun bomb and does not drop, have
someone take a snap shot at it. If the shot hits and does not
kill it, it'll probably drop unconscious.

5.5.7 Do NOT stun Mind-Controlled Aliens! [Verified]
[Verified] Aliens under your mind control does NOT count as
captured when you stun them since they are technically on your
side. You MUST wait until they are no longer under mind control

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 23

before stunning them for the program to count them as "captured".
[Confirmed by Bill Soo]

5.5.8 It won't fit, lame double-brain! (Anti-Reaver tactic)
When under attack by Reavers, hide in a house with a single-space
door. The Reaver, being a 4-space creature, cannot go through
the door, and being a HTH attacker, cannot attack you through the
door or window. You can then jab it with stun rods or any weapon
you feel like using. Just don't... No, not the wall! Aieee!!!!!

5.6 Psi / Anti-Psi Tactics
Ethereal and Sectoid leaders can conduct psi attacks on your
soldiers. To get psi powers yourself, see 6.0 Research. You
will need to train your own soldiers in order to identify those
with most psi potential and then further training to bring them
up to speed. You will also need psi amp to conduct your own psi
attacks. Once mastered, psi attacks are very powerful. Here are
some suggestions in using and countering psi attacks.

5.6.1 Go ahead, cause panic
Aliens who panic drop their weapons. Since they never pick them
up, this makes them a lot less dangerous (except for the enemy
that use HTH attacks). Cause panic can also cause berzerkness.
Cause panic is also more likely to succeed than mind control.

@ 5.6.2 Access Mind-Controlled Enemy Inventory [Cheat / Bug]
If you mind-controlled an alien, you may have noticed that you
cannot access their inventory by clicking on the person icon.
However, there is still a way: go through YOUR soldiers'
inventory, THEN use the scroll buttons to scroll over! The alien
will show up as a squad member with no armor, but with name of
Race and Rank, like "Ethereal Soldier".

WARNING! Sometimes aliens have multiple items in the same
REDISTRIBUTE THINGS, since if you don't have enough TUs to move
things, you can't put it back, so you must reboot!

5.6.3 Use mind-controlled aliens as scouts
Mind controlled aliens should be used to go where you do NOT want
to go personally. If you want it to shoot, keep the weapons.
Otherwise, drop them. Use them to open doors is much safer than
using one of your own.

5.6.4 Sack your psi-weaklings and cowards
Sack any rookies with bravery under 40-50. They will panic first
in combat. Once you have psi labs, sack rookies with the lowest
psi strengths and train only those who have the highest psi
strengths. High psi-strength also means more resistance to alien
psi-attacks. Save the psi-weak veterans for attacks that you
know do not involve psi-active races. This is another reason not
to equip crafts until you know for sure about the mission.

5.6.5 Check for signs of mind control
When an alien attempts to mind control your troop you'll see the
signs. If the control did not succeed, have that soldier drop
his/her weapons immediately and kneel. That way if s/he was
taken over, little harm could be done. If you got the alien you

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 24

can always have the soldier pick up the weapon again. HINT:
panicked aliens and mind controlled soldiers NEVER EVER pick up
dropped weapons. HOWEVER, they WILL use any weapons they still
have ON them anywhere, including those in backpack.

5.6.6 How to improve psi-skill faster
Psi-skill can be improved by practice once you get psi-amps.
Therefore, psi-strength is much more important, since those
cannot be improved. Just keep attempting to panic aliens and you
can gain psi skills faster than training by psi-lab.

@ 5.6.7 Controlling a LARGE creature
Mind control a multi-square alien (Reaper, Cyberdisc, and
Sectopods) CAN be done, but you need to mind control ALL FOUR
PIECES of the creature. If you miss one, they are still there.
Fortunately, there large creatures with weapons (Sectopod and
Cyberdisc) tend to shoot the mind-controlled portion and kill
itself. It's Reapers that you need to watch out for.

5.7 Different shots and different weapons
Which shot to take from which weapons depends a lot on the
tactical situation involved. Any shot, no matter hit or not, can
alert the enemy who may turn around and let loose some shots (if
alien is still alive after the shot) by opportunity fire. Here's
some general guidelines.

5.7.1 When to use auto-shot
[KSC] Auto shot fires three rounds, but is the least accurate of
the three shots. On the other hand, when you use the laws of
probability, you actually come out ahead using an auto-shot,
since each shot is calculated independently.

For example, let's say chance of hitting in auto shot is 25%, and
snap shot is 30%. The chance of getting at least one hit out of
three is 1-(chance of no hits). Chance of 25% hit prob AND no
hit in three tries is 0.75*0.75*0.75=0.42. Chance of getting at
least one hit is then 1-0.42 which is 0.56, or 56%, much better
than 30%. When your accuracy improves, you increase your chances
of hitting the target multiple times.

[Doug] I disagree. I believe auto shots are useless unless
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. You are standing next to the
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. You have a cannon with HE
and wants
to clear the area

5.7.2 When to use snap shot or aimed shot
[KSC] Personally, I only use snap/aimed shot when:
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. I don't need the three shot
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. There is something close or
the target I do NOT want hit, or I want the target hit only
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. I only have enough TUs to
take a
snap shot

5.7.3 Pistol versus Rifle debate

[Doug] I like pistols because:

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 25

*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. pistols are accurate enough at
close range
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. since they are one-hand weapons,
you can carry something in the other hand without messing up
your aim, good for specialists carrying special equipment
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. shots take less TUs than rifles,
thus more possible shots

[KSC] On the other hand:
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. they require a separate type of
ammo (unless you are using laser pistols) which counts against
your 80 item limit
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. they usually do not have
auto mode
(again, exceptions) which means the enemy can conduct
opportunity fire / reaction fire
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. they don't cause that much
even if they hit

[Consensus] All weapons have their place... Weight the decrease
in accuracy of a rifle but increased damage versus the pistol,
which has more accuracy (maybe) but less damage

5.9 Misc. Ground Combat Questions and Answers

* Why do I lose ammo that was fired only a few times? -- After combat all
clips that had been USED in the battle are lost, no matter only 1 round
fired or totally empty. UNUSED clips are NOT affected (even if they are
loaded), contradicting earlier reports. You should unload any weapons that
had fired and use valuable ammo before the battle ends. See "How do I
UNLOAD ammo from a weapon?" [SCOHN] You can tell when the battle is almost
over by judging how long the alien movement phase takes.

* How do I reload weapons? -- Make sure you have enough time units [SCOHN :
You do NOT have to have the other hand free.] Drop ammo into weapon. You
should hear a "reload" click. Click on the weapon in hand and it will tell
you what type of ammo and how many shots are left.

* How do I UNLOAD ammo from a weapon? -- Keep the other hand empty. Click
on the weapon and drop it on the UNLOAD icon to the right of the screen
(just under the OK and the scroll arrows). The ammo cartridge should be in
the other hand.

* Some of my soldiers have TU's used before I moved them. Why? -- [KSC]
You "overloaded" them. They have low strength yet you gave them too many
things or things too heavy to carry, which decrease their TUs. Give them
something lighter to carry. [SCOHN/KSC] On the other hand, soldiers gain
strength by carry heavy stuff... So if there isn't much danger, train the
"weak" soldiers by giving them heavy stuff to carry and running them back
and forth around the landing craft. They'll gain some strength when the
battle's over. (Imagine a drill sergeant conducting training under live
fire! :-D )

* Why should I need grenades when I have auto cannon? -- [FAQ] An
autocannon has very impressive firepower. However it is heavy to carry
(strength 40+ recommended). A soldier equipped with a laser rifle can
carry a couple of grenades and use them to flatten small buildings or other
targets without needing a bulky cannon.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 26

* How can I fire on aliens in their movement phase? -- [FAQ] You can carry
out opportunity fire on aliens as they move. Leave enough TU's after your
move for at least a snap shot, then if your trooper saw an alien and has
good enough reactions s/he will fire at the alien. Use the 4 icons near
the bottom left of screen to reserve the TUs. Rookies typically will not
fire unless you leave them with more than half of their TUs.

* What's with troops missing in action (MIA)? -- If one of your troopers in
under alien control at the end of a battle (s)he counts as MIA; therefore
try to wait until (s)he is no longer in control before finishing off
aliens. (This would be a bug since there's no one to control him/her any
more!) Another way to get people MIA is try to take off (abort mission)
with only an unconscious person in the transport. You'll lose that person
as MIA as well as the transport. HINT: use MediKit to wake them up
(stimulant) then march them in. See next.

* How do I wake up unconscious soldiers? -- [SCOHN / KSC] Stand over
unconscious solider, use Medi-Kit, apply one shot of stimulant. Check
inventory. If the "Body" is still on the ground, repeat. When the "body"
is no longer there, the soldier should be standing in an adjacent space
next turn. S/he may need further treatment, see below. You should HEAL any
fatal wounds FIRST as those decreases health per turn, and may cause the
soldier to fall unconscious again.

* How do I use Medi-Kit? -- Stand next to the soldier you need to heal
(except for unconscious, see above), medikit in hand, select use. If
healing, click on part in red to show number of fatal wounds in that area,
then apply one dose per wound. Fatal wounds must be HEALed since they
decrease health per turn (bleeding?) and can kill a soldier. You can also
add painkiller to raise morale. EACH dose dispensed costs 10 TUs. See
UFOpedia for applications.

* How do I open doors? -- [KSC] Target your soldier to move to the "square"
behind the door and (s)he will then automatically open it (using some TUs).
HINT: Do not open doors without plenty of spare TU's. Using a motion
scanner will help. HINT: Create a door! Either shoot a hole in the wall
or blow up the entire wall with grenades, HE, HPlas, or BBomb.

* How do I use motion scanner? -- [KSC] Put motion scanner in one hand,
select hand, select Use Motion Scanner. It will display every movement for
a radius of 9 around you. The more movement, the larger the blip on the
scanner. The central arrow is your facing, North is top.

* How do I use Mind Probe? -- [KSC] Keep the alien visible to at least one
of your soldiers (does NOT have to be the one holding the Mind Probe). Put
Mind Probe in hand, select use. Click cursor on the alien (make sure the
cursor square is blinking). You will see the alien's stat graph screen
(TU's, armor, etc.) and their type and rank (ex: Sectoid Engineer). NOTE:
ANY one can use a mind probe, no psi power required.

* How do I use the Blaster Launcher/Bomb or Fusion Hovertank? -- When you
select Launch Missile, you can specify a series of up to 9 "waypoints"
which can go around any thing, climb and dive, even fly in circles. The
final waypoint is the explosion point, UNLESS it runs into something solid
first. (You can UNset a waypoint by right clicking) Remember that a
blaster bomb can actually miss, so keep everyone WELL CLEAR of the flight
path!!!!! When you are finished plotting, click LAUNCH, then enjoy the

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 27

fireworks! Program it with two or more waypoints to avoid the one-shot
blaster launcher bug. See 1.5.

* How do my soldiers improve? -- By doing things. They improve firing
accuracy by shooting at things, strength by carrying more things, and so
on. Those getting kills will improve more than those who did not.
Therefore, try not to let HWP get a kill since you will lose a chance to
let a soldier improve, and leave the easy shots (against panicked aliens,
for example) to the rookies. Psi skill also improves with use.

6.0 Research and Manufacture Strategies

6.1 What should I research?

Here are the research trees that shows detailed progression:

Laser Weapons Heavy Heavy Plasma Plasma
| Plasma Plasma Clip Rifle Rifle Clip
Laser Pistol |___________| |__________|
| | |
Laser Rifle | |
| |__________OR___________|
Heavy Laser |
| |
Laser Cannon Plasma Cannon
(Laser Tank) (Hovertank/Plasma)*
| |
Laser Defense Plasma Defense

Alien Alloys Blaster Blaster
| Launcher Bomb
Elerium 115 Personal Armor UFO Power Source |___________|
|_____________|_________________| |
| Fusion Ball
| (Hovertank/Launcher)*
Power Suit UFO Navigation |
|_________________| Fusion Defense
Flying Suit

Alien Elerium UFO UFO
Alloys 115 Power Source Navigation
UFO Construction
New Fighter Craft
(Firestorm) * = [Hovertank / Plasma]
New Fighter-Transporter
| |
Grav Ultimate Craft

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 28

Shield (Avenger)

* You need "New Fighter Craft" before you can build the hovertanks. You
need fusion ball launcher before you can build the fusion ball hovertank.

6.2 Suggested Research Priorities
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. [KSC] First, get laser weapons
ASAP, then go down the list to laser rifle, No need to go
further than that on that tree
* [Doug] laser cannon is a GREAT money maker, see A.8
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Get alien alloy researched
you can build personal armor, which will increase your
survival rate substantially. Research and build any armor
that you come across ASAP.
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Do not research medikits
until you
get at least personal armor, and probably power suit, because
before then, one hit will usually kill you, giving you no
chance to use medikits
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. You need better weapon and armor
initially more than you need anything else. Concentrate
research on weapons.
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. While plasma rifle is
lighter, skip
it and research heavy plasma since you would need the extra
firepower. The "weaker" members can carry laser rifles
instead or get some exercise
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Research plasma beam immediately
after you finish researching the plasma weapons. Plasma beams
make interceptors much more effective and lowers its operating
cost (no missile reloads)
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Research small launcher/stun
and blaster launcher / blaster bomb when you get them (but not
top priority). They are nice to have, but not essential until
need to capture live aliens for more research and fights in
alien bases
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Motion sensor is great for
assaults, allowing you to see behind walls and doors
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Mind Probe is very useful in
aliens for possible capture

6.3 Research Strategies
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Do not research the same
thing at
different bases, there is no benefit; the research is
independent at each base (as is manufacturing).
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Gang-research each topic.
If you
have 50 scientists, do NOT spread them into 5 topics of 10
each. Assign all 50 to one topic. Assign ALL scientists you
have to ONE task. You'll finish each faster overall.
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Add scientists whenever you can.
You will probably be limited to about 50-100 scientists only,
but add more if you can. Add scientists up to the maximum
your living quarters can permit.

6.4 Research Cheat [Verified]
If you have more than one research site, arrange transfer of
scientists and/or engineers JUST before the end of the month so
that they will arrive next month (check transfer times). Since
salaries are deducted at the end of month for scientists/
engineers at each base, no salary is paid...

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 29

6.5 Manufacture Strategies
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Remember that item(s) being
uses up some workshop space, so do not hire 50 engineers just
because you have 50 open workshop space. You may end up with
a couple engineers sitting on their hands doing nothing.
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Always keep your engineers busy
building something. Never let them sit idle. You need to keep
them around in case of new manufacturing needs, but in the
meanwhile they should earn their money's worth. See A.8 for
things to make.

7.0 Logistics and Material Management

7.1 Why is Elerium important?
It is a power source NOT native to the Solar System. You need it
to build most alien things such as UFO power source, stun bombs,
plasma clips, and more. In addition, the UFO-style crafts you
get use Elerium for fuel. Since you cannot make it yourself, it
is a very scarce and valuable commodity.

7.1.1 Where can I get Elerium then?
Each intact engine captured can yield about 50 or so units of
Elerium. Bases can contain more. Consider cautious attack in
order to preserve the UFO upon crash landing, or chase them until
they land and attack landed UFOs only. Consider leaving one alien
base alone and attack the landed Supply UFOs just for Elerium.

[NET] In UFO V1.0, if aliens attack your base and fail, you will
get thousands of units of Elerium. This is no longer true in UFO
V1.2 and XCOM.

7.1.2 How can I save Elerium?
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. In the air, use Interceptors
(they have longer range any way) with Avalanche missiles and
maybe laser cannon. Do not use the modern crafts, which needs
Elerium for fuel.
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. [Possible Cheat] keep
the craft in the air might mean the craft can keep flying even
at 0% fuel
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Plasma beam seems to need no
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. On the ground, use captured
equipment and laser weapons only.
* Unload any used clip (but not 0) before the battle ends so you
keep the clip for a free refill.
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Never sell any Elerium-based
that you MAY need or Elerium itself. Build stuff that
requires elerium only grudgingly. (Sell extra clips since
they count toward 80-item limit!) You capture lots more on
each mission any way.

7.2 I keep running out of funds! What do I do?
There are three ways to make money:
1) The sponsoring countries pay you each month if you keep them
smiling. They may even increase payments if you make them

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 30

REAL happy (i.e. get a good score) See 7.2.1. On the other
hand, the amount they pay is quite little...
2) You can sell off excess alien artifacts for money. One raid
on a large UFO can net a million bucks or more. See 7.2.2 on
what to sell and what not to sell.
3) You can sell off stuff that you manufacture. This is one way
to make the engineers earn their salary when they are idle.
See A.8 for a profitability analysis.

7.2.1 How do I keep sponsors happy?
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Intercept UFOs over their
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Shoot those UFOs down (thus
discouraging further UFO presence)
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Board UFOs and capture
live aliens, and dead bodies with little or no casualties (score
you get at end of mission)
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Attack terror sites and minimize
civilian / XCOM casualties
* Destroy alien bases on Earth
* Prevent destruction of your own bases
*Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined.
Error! Bookmark not defined. Successfully research and apply
alien technology

You can see your score in the graphs screen. (Unfortunately
there is no breakdown like the after-battle report) You can see
your current funding levels in the Funding screen.

@ 7.2.2 What alien artifacts should I sell?
For non-weapon items, keeping one should be enough, since you
only need one artifact for your scientists to research, so sell
off the rest. Alien Entertainment, Food, and others are of no
use to you except for research value. Don't bother researching
those until you have nothing else to do, just sell them.

WARNING: There are reports (supposedly fourth or fifth-hand
information from one of the UFO/XCOM designers) that every unit
of alien entertainment sold will increase chance of a country
signing pact with aliens. This is UNconfirmed.

Sell off all the alien bodies unless you need one for research,
which probably won't happen till near the end. It's interesting
to know, but not essential to the win. So just sell those bodies
and research live aliens only.

7.2.3 What alien artifacts should I NOT sell?
Never sell any Elerium. Practically every "useful" alien
artifact that can be manufactured requires Elerium. Besides, it
doesn't sell for much.

Never sell any ammo that you may use unless you have plenty more.
If you have 10 heavy plasmas, then you should keep between 15 and
20 HP clips. Blaster bombs and stun bombs are harder to find and
usually have to be manufactured, so save those while you can.

On the other hand, do NOT keep too much extra stuff because you
need the cash. If you only have 10 soldiers, you don't need
twenty rifles. Keep just enough weapons and ammo for the

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 31

soldiers, plus grenades. Remember crafts and base have SEPARATE
storage... So you may have double the amount you think you do.

7.2.4 What manufactured objects should I sell?
Laser Cannon. See table A.8 for an in-depth analysis in the
profitability of any manufactured object by Jeff Shaffer.

7.3 Dealing with Equipment Shortages
No equipment? Running out of equipment? Here's some hints and
tips on how to deal with that.

7.3.1 What is "Not Enough Equipment to Re-Equip Squad"?
Your base does not have enough inventory to keep the same amount
of the equipment the team had previously onboard the craft before
the mission. For example, you had 16 grenades on the Skyranger.
You used up 4 on the mission, but the base only has 3 left, so
base cannot reprovision you to the original stock of 16.
SOLUTION: Stock up a bit more at the base.

7.3.2 I bought HWP's but I can't use them!
Did you get them a full load of ammo? You cannot put HWP's
onboard crafts unless you have enough ammo for each
(automatically loaded). HWPs except Laser Tanks and Plasma
Hovertanks require ammo. Cannon Tank needs 30 shells, Rocket
Tank needs 8 rockets, and Fusion Hovertank needs 8 HWP Fusion
Balls. Always keep twice or more in stock, especially HWP Fusion
Balls (which must be built).

7.3.3 I keep running out of missiles for crafts!
[KSC / FAQ] If you ran out of money also, use weapons that
doesn't use ammo, like plasma beam and laser cannons. On the
other hand, Avalanche is cheap at 9000 each and has a good punch,
so stock up on those, keep 4 times capacity around. For example,
Avalanche launchers holds 3 each, so Avalanche stock should be 12
per Avalanche launcher. If it doesn't fit, add a General Stores.

7.4 When to sack / retire things
[KSC] Crafts that were too heavily damaged (i.e. over 50%) should
be sacked and a new one hired, unless it must be manufactured and
you are short on money, time, or materials. Repair time may be
too long. That's one more reason to keep your engineers busy...

[KSC] Rookies and squaddies who have not improved much yet were
wounded heavily should be sacked / discharged and money spent on
a new recruit. Remember that you still pay for each soldier even
when they are in the hospital recuperating. Of course, you can
try using the Transfer Trick to avoid paying for them...

7.5 Equipping Landing Crafts
There's an 80-item limit on what you can take with you per craft,
no matter it's a Skyranger or Avenger. Here's a couple tips on
getting the most out of those 80 items:

7.5.1 Use Laser Weapons
[CGW / KSC] Laser Weapons require no ammo, eliminating a large
number of items. Assuming two clips per weapons, 8 plasma rifles
vs. 8 laser rifles means 16 less items (2 clips each assumed).

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 32

Of course laser rifles are about 33% less powerful, but 16 more
items means you can take along more grenades and other things.

7.5.2 Bring uniform weapons
Don't bring both pistols and rifles, since they cannot use the
same ammo and adds one more item into the equation. Bringing one
more clip for one or the other is better.

7.5.3 Bring less misc. equipment
[KSC] You do not need a Medi-Kit on each person, just on
designated medics. You also don't need mind probes, motion
detectors, and psi amps on every one, just the specialists.
Remember to have a backup or two for each.

[Doug] I disagree slightly. Having a medi-kit on everyone means
more immediate treatment is available instead of waiting for the
medic to get to you. At least have one kit every 2 soldiers.

7.5.4 Bring HWP's
HWP's is just one item, yet it has lots of firepower, and ammo is
included. Of course, you need to trade 4 spaces on the craft for
it, but that means you bring less soldiers who would need less
items, giving you even MORE items savings.

7.5.5 Don't fight at night
Fighting at night means electro-flares, and those take up a lot
of the 80 items. So don't fight at night. Fighting at night is
also a major pain any way.

@ 8.0 Miscellaneous Hints and Observations

There's a lot of little tid bits of information that does not go under any
particular section, so here they are... Hopefully they will help you...

UFO flight paths -- UFOs actually have logical flight paths. They usually
appear somewhere near the poles (polar orbital insertion?) then cruise
straight toward their destination. If you see one and lost contact,
redirect interceptors NOT toward last contact, but extrapolate next
position further down the direction of travel.

GeoScape object ID -- If you click on the UFO in GeoScape, you can get a
lot of information on it, like if it was picked up by Hyperwave intercept,
radar contact, size, and so on. In fact, you can do that with almost any
base, XCOM craft, even shot-down UFOs to bring up more information and
perhaps some options (if the object is yours).

Quicker Game -- many fellow X-COMers claimed that shooting down the UFOs
will make the game longer. Their strategy: let the UFOs land and attack
them on the ground. More intact equipment, Elerium, and so on can be
found, which means more money, and thus more and faster research.

Supply Ship Delivery -- alien supply ships land to deliver stuff to the
alien bases, but you can benefit from their supplies also. Attack the
supply ship near enemy bases on the ground means you can often capture it
intact, and thus gain 300 units of Elerium and other stuff. And they keep
coming as long as the alien base is still there!

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 33

Finding Alien Bases -- have an empty Skyranger on standby. Use it to
intercept any large UFOs in addition to regular interceptors and other
crafts. If UFO is a supply ship, do NOT attack. Just follow it, and let
the Skyranger reach the spot. Then change it to patrol a closeby waypoint.
With a few hours in the air you should see the enemy base. If you cannot
find any, patrol edges of your base coverage area or areas where UFOs have
landed before.

Gun Fodder -- using rookies for gun fodder can be a valid tactic. Give
them nice armor if you want, hand them a pistol and a grenade, then sent
them into hot spots to attract fire or flush out aliens. If they survive,
they will gain experience, otherwise, they just failed the toughest
selection process.

Cyberdisc misc. -- in case no one told you, you can NOT stun a Cyberdisc.
It's a robot, and stun stuff tend to fry its innards. An alien medic may
be able to tell you more about it. One thing bad: it tends to explode when
it "dies", probably due to a self-destruct charge. Interesting Fact: if
you hit a cyberdisc in mid-air and killed it, body drops to the ground, but
explosion was at the level where it was killed! You can mind control it,
but you need to control every single of the four pieces. On the other
hand, if you controlled one piece, it will shoot itself to death. :-D

Alien shooting -- aliens rarely if ever shoot beam weapons up/down lifts.
However, they shoot a lot of blaster bombs and conduct psi attacks across

9.0 Misc. questions and answers

How do I win the game? -- The ultimate aim of XCOM is to research
(interrogate) live aliens to find out where they are coming from and why.
Grab an alien commander in an alien base. Once you interrogate a commander
you should get a big clue!

I still don't understand... How do I beat the aliens? -- *sigh* You need
to research Alien Origins, The Martian Solution, then Cydonia or Bust. As
you finished research on each, READ the accompanying text. See A.2 for
more information.

Why do I never see any large UFOs? -- On missions like retaliation, base
and terror, small ships scout before the large ship comes in. If you
destroy the scouts, no large ships will appear.

Why do my soldiers rarely get promoted? -- To have promotions after battle
you need to have a certain number of troops around all your bases for the
promotion to be possible. There can be only one commander in all XCOM.
[KSC] These numbers appears to be based on the number of soldiers XCOM has
EVER HAD, rather than soldiers in employment.

Rank Sergeant Captain Colonel Commander
Troops needed 5 11 23 30

[Manual] HINT: Try to spread the officers out into different teams. Troops
led by officers have higher morale and is less susceptible to panic, unless
the officer is killed.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 34

In the Soldier's stats, what's with the 2 colors on the bars? -- The dark
color was the soldier's ORIGINAL stats, when s/he first arrived at XCOM.
The lighter colors are the stats s/he gained since then. HEALTH bar is a
little different. The health bar have red indicating current health, with
a pink outline denoting original health. The WHITE bar that overlays the
red bar sometimes is the "STUN" bar. When the white bar reaches over the
red bar, the person drops unconscious. The white bar go up from smoke
inhalation or getting stunned. The red bar drops from taking damage.

XXXX has signed a pact with the aliens! Can I get them back? -- Net has
conflicting reports on this question. Some have reported that if you
patrol that country aggressively, shoot down all UFO you see close by,
eliminate any alien bases in that country, and so on, it may came back
after a few months of positive score. Others have reported that this
tactic does not seem to work. It may be related to difficulty level.

I've researched an alien commander. How do I go to Cydonia? -- Read the
text that goes under Cydonia or Bust carefully. If you do everything
right, select that craft to intercept, and on the top next to CANCEL should
be a button labeled CYDONIA.

A. Appendix of Tables

Following are series of tables for XCOM. All information are in your
UFOpedia somewhere, but are presented in different forms here. The ?
items have unknown values at this revision. If you see them, please
notify the author so an update could be made.

A.1 Base Facilities
You can have up to 8 bases around the world. There are 36 (6x6)
locations in each. Only hanger takes up more than one location. Also
see A.9 (new!) for costs to start a base at different locations around
the world.

Name Days Build Cost Cost/month Usage
Access Lift 1 300k 4k (Entrance to underground base)
Living Quarters 16 400k 10k (Sleeps 50)
Laboratory 26 750k 30k (Allows 50 research)
Workshop 32 800k 35k (Allows 50 manufacture)
Small Radar 12 500k 10k (300nm range, 5% detect/10mins)
Large Radar 25 800k 15k (450nm range, 5% detect/10mins)
General Stores 10 150k 5k (Holds 50 units of equipment)
Alien Containment 18 500k 15k (Holds 10[!?] live aliens)
Hanger 25 200k 25k (Maintains 1 craft)
Missile Defense 24? ? ? (Def value 500, Accuracy 50%)
Laser Defense 24 900k 10k (Def value 600, Accuracy 60%)
Plasma Defense 36 1200k 12k (Def value 900, Accuracy 70%)
Fusion Defense 36 1800k 14k (Def value 1200, Accuracy 80%)
Grav Shield 38 2300k 15k (Gives defenses an extra shot)
Mind Shield 33 1300k 5k (Stop aliens finding base)
Psi Lab 24 750k 16k (For troop psi training)
Hyperwave Decoder 26 2000k 30k (To evaluate alien missions)

NOTE 1: In a workshop, the object being manufactured takes up some space.
So you will not be able to cram all 50 engineers in there.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 35

NOTE 2: You can dismantle a facility, even when it is under construction.
Simply click on the facility, and the program will ask you do you wish to
dismantle it, select OK or Cancel.
NOTE 3: To dismantle a base, you must remove all facilities (transferring
all people and equipment elsewhere if needed) then finally remove the
access lift itself.

@ A.2 X-COM Crafts and Craft Weapons
Speed Accel Fuel Weapons Hull Cargo HWPs
Skyranger 760 2 2000 0 150 14 3
Interceptor 2100 3 1000 2 100 0 0
Firestorm 4200 9 20(E) 2 500 0 0 (1)
Lightning 3100 8 30(E) 1 800 12 0 (2)
Avenger 5400 10 60(E) 2 1200 26 4 (3)
(E) Uses elerium-115 for fuel (1) new fighter
(2) new fighter/transport (3) ultimate craft

@ Note: for the Elerium fueled crafts, You may need to divide by 5 for the
actual units used. Reports in the net shows that Avenger takes actually 12
units of E-115 for refuel, instead fo 60 as implied here.

Damage Range Accuracy Reload Shots
[Start with]
Cannon 10 10 10% 2s 200?
Stingray 70 30 70% 15s 6
Avalanche 100 60 100% 20s 3
[Must Research]
Laser Cannon 70 21 70% 4s 99?
Plasma Beam 140 52 140% 6s 99
Fusion Launcher 230 65 230% 25s 2

NOTE 1: Match the weapon to the target. You want to force the alien to
land so you can board it and recover artifacts and prisoners, not blow it
into smithereens (though it might make you feel good)
NOTE 2: The long range weapons, like Avalanche, Plasma Beam, and Fusion
Ball Launcher, gives you advantage since UFO usually do not fire back until
you are quite close. See A.3 for UFO weapon ranges.
NOTE 3: It is possible to miss with weapons that have accuracy of over 100
percent, usually when target zooms out of range.

A.3 UFO Types
Max Hull Weapon Max Ship
Speed Damage Power Range Crew Width comment
Small Scout 2200 50 0 0 1 3 Like an Apollo capsule
Medium Scout 2400 200 20 120 6 9 1 level, small square
Large Scout 2700 250 20 272 ? 12? 1 level, like a cross
Harvester 4000 500 40 176 ? 16 3 levels, top hatch
Terror Ship 4800 1200 120 336 ? 30 2 levels, narrow top
Supply Ship 3200 2200 60 288 ? 30 3 levels
Battleship 5000 3000 140 520 ? 30 3 levels, 5 legs
Abductor 4300 500 40 160 ? 12? Jagged sides
???????? Big 2 level room, square

Following floor plans are approximately 1x1. Any one want to do more?
Please send them in, and don't forget your name so I can credit you!


XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 36

D/Dr = Door
Gr = Gravlift (Up/Down)
Gu = Gravlift Up
Gd = Gravlift Down
Pw = Alien Power Unit

Small Scout 123 Looks like an Appolo Capsule...
(Very Small) /=\ 2 level, 1 square each UFO

Medium Scout (Small) 123456789

| |
| |
| Pw |
| |
| |

Large Scout (Medium) 123456789012
| D |
| | |
/-----+ | +-----\
| +-------+ |
| | | |
| D P | D
| | | |
| +-------+ |
\-----+ | +-----/
|--D-| |
| D |

Terror Ship (Large) 123456789012345678901234567890
/------| |------\

Level 1 --Menachem M. Pastreich (mpastrei@email.ir.miami.edu)
/// \\\
/// ______ \\\
+--------+ /// __| |__ \\\ +--------+
| | | __| |__ | | |
| | | __| Pw |__ | | |
| |____| | | |____| |
| | | |
| | Pw Gu Pw | |
| ____ | | ____ |
| | | |__ __| | | |

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 37

| | | |__ Pw __| | | |
| | | |__ __| | | |
+--DrDr--+ \\\ |__Dr__| /// +--DrDr--+
\\\ ///

Terror Ship Level 2 -- Pastreich
/// | | \\\
/// D D \\\
///--| | | |--\\\
| | |____Dr____| | |
| | | |
| | ____Dr____ | |
| | | | | |
| D | Gd | D |
|____| |__________| |____|
| |
| |
| |
\\\ ///
\\\ ///

Battleship (Very Large) 123456789012345678901234567890

Battleship Level 1 -- Pastreich

/ \
| Gu |
| Pw |
| |
\ /

/------\ /------\
/ \ +------+ / \
| | |GuGuGuD | |
| GuPw | |GuGuGuD | PwGu |
| | |GuGuGu| | |
\ / +DrDr--+ \ /
\------/ \------/

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 38

/ \
| |
| Pw |
| Gu |
\ /

Battleship Level 2 -- Menachem M. Pastreich (mpastrei@email.ir.miami.edu)

./ | | | \.
./ D | Gd | _____\.
./ | | | | \.
//----- --| +--+ +--+ | \\
./ | | | __| \.
./| +------| | | \.
./ | | | | \.
/ | +--------| | D \
| +--Dr--+ | | | | |
| Gu | | | | |____ |
| | D | | | |
+------+ | | +--+ +-- | +------+
| | | | | | | | |
| +------Dr------+ GrGrGr +--Dr----------+ |
| Gd GrGrGr Gd |
| +--Dr------Dr--+ GrGrGr +--------------+ |
| | | | | | |
+------+ |___ +--+ +--+ +--Dr--+
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
\. | | | __| ./
\. D | | | ./
\. | D | __ ./
\. | | | | ./
\\ +--Dr----+--+ +--+-------+ //
\. | | | ./
\.| | Gd D ./
\. | | ./

Battleship Level 3

./ | | \
./ | | \
./ | +---Dr---+ | \
// | | | | \\
./| | | | | \
./ | D | | | \
./ D | | | | \
/ | | | | | \
| | | | | | |
| Gd +----------+ +--------+ +-----Dr---------|
| | |
|______|__________ ___________ |

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 39

| | | +---Dr---+ | | |
| | | | GdGdGd | | | |
| D | D GdGdGd D | D |
| | | | GdGdGd | | | |
| |___________| +---Dr---+ |___________| |
| |
| |
|-------+ + -----+ +---------+ +----------------|
| | | | | |
\. | | | | ./
\. | | | | ./
\. | | | | ./
\. | | | D ./
\\ | | | | //
\. | +----Dr---+ | ./
\. | | ./
\. | | ./

Assault Hint: use blaster bombs to penetrate one of the legs at the bottom
and go up that way. Leave one team at bottom to watch the bottom doors.
Once central gravlift on level 2 is secure use blaster bomb to widen doors
on level 3 to 2 wide, then send tanks through.

Note: Typically UFO's will not fire until you are at 1/8th of the weapon's
maximum range, sometimes even less.

Here's a Recognition Chart for air intercepts...

Harvester 1234567890123456
(Medium) (?) /---|------|---\

Supply Ship (Large) 123456789012345678901234567890

Abductor 1234567890123456
(Medium) (?) /---|------|---\

A.4 Ground Combat Weapons
(Accuracy / TU%)
Aimed Snap Auto Dam Type Ammo (Capacity)
Pistol 78/30 60/18 26 AP Pistol Clip (15)
Rifle 110/80 60/25 35/35 30 AP Rifle Clip (20)
Heavy Cannon 90/80 60/33 56 AP HC-AP (6)
52 HE HC-HE (6)
60 I HC-I (6)

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 40

Auto Cannon 82/80 56/33 32/40 42 AP AC-AP (14)
44 HE AC-HE (14)
48 I AC-I (14)
Rocket Launcher 115/75 55/45 75 HE Small Rocket
100 HE Large Rocket
90 I Incendiary Rocket
Laser Pistol 68/55 40/20 28/25 46 Las
Laser Rifle 100/50 65/25 46/34 60 Las
Heavy Laser 84/75 50/33 85 Las
Grenade 50 HE
Smoke Grenade 60 HE(!)
Proximity Grenade 70 HE
High Explosive 110 HE
Plasma Pistol 85/60 65/30 50/30 52 Plas PP clip (25)
Plasma Rifle 100/60 86/30 55/63 80 Plas PR clip (30)
Heavy Plasma 110/60 75/30 50/35 115 Plas HP clip (35)
Blaster Launcher 120/80 200 HE Blaster Bomb
Small Launcher 110/75 65/40 90 Stun Stun Bomb
Alien Grenade 90 HE
(AP = Armor piercing HE = High Explosive I = Incendiary)

Note 1 : TU cost is always a percentage of the soldier's total TUs
Note 2 : Accuracy for two-handed weapons is decrease 20% if other hand is
not empty (i.e. holding something like grenade, psi amp, etc.)
Note 3 : Accuracy is increased 10% if the soldier is kneeling, which takes
only 4 TUs, so kneel whenever you can before you fire.

A.5 Alien Information

Attack Types, strengths, and weaknesses:
Type Attacks with Resists Weakness Notes
Sectoid Weapons Leader/Commander has psi
Cyberdisc Weapons explosives Explodes when dead
Floater Weapons Flies (=flying suit)
Reaper HTH incend Two brains and hearts
Snakemen Weapons fire/heat Carries up to 50 eggs
Cryssalid HTH HE Turns humans to zombies
Zombie HTH Dies -> Cryssalid
Ethereal Weapons & Psi All have psi attack
Sectopod Weapons plasma laser Power armored robot
Muton Weapons AP Strong, work for Eths
Silacoid HTH fire/incend Works with mutons
Celatoid Venom The blob!

Average Alien Stats ------ Armor ------
TUs Ene Hea Bra Mor Rea Fir Thr Str PSt PSk Fro Lft Rgt Rer Und
Sectoid 55 90 30 80 100 65 30 60 30 ? ? 2 1 1 1 1
Reaper ??
Floater 50 90 35 80 100 50 25 60 40 - - 4 3 3 2 6
Cyberdisc 60 90 120 110 100 65 30 0 90 - - 17 17 17 17 17
Snakeman 40 80 45 80 100 45 30 65 50 - - 10 9 9 8 6
Cryssalid 110 140 95 100 100 70 0 0 110 - - 17 17 17 17 17
Zombie 40 110 85 110 100 40 0 0 85 - - 4 4 4 4 4
Ethereal 70 100 60 80 100 75 40 80 50 50 40 17 17 17 17 16
Sectopod 60 90 95 110 100 65 30 0 90 - - 70 65 65 50 45
Muton 58 90 90 80 100 60 30 60 70 - - 10 10 10 10 5
Celatoid ??
Silacoid 40 80 115 100 100 40 0 0 70 - - 25 25 25 25 5

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 41

NOTE 1: you can get info on particular alien stats by using a mind probe on
them. Leaders and commanders are 10 to 20% higher, and there appears to be
random modifiers. Sectoid Leader and Commander have Psi capabilities.
NOTE 2: The high TUs on cryssalids allows them to move a long way and often
surprise troops from behind, turning them to zombies before you can react.
When killed, zombies shed their skins to become new cryssalids.
NOTE 3: There does not appear to be a commander in the Muton base.
Therefore Commander in a Muton base could be an Ethereal!

Specialties and information possible from them:

Alien Soldier ----- Alien activity
Alien Medic ----- Species information *
Alien Navigator ----- Hyper-Wave Decoder
Alien Engineer ----- UFO stats
Alien Leader ----- The Martian Solution
Ethereal/ Sectoid Leader ----- Psi Lab -> Mind Shield/Psi-Amp
Alien Commander ----- Cydonia or Bust **

* alien medics can give information on species other than their own
** commander can be found in bases, or UFOs on Base missions, but players
have reported that only commander captured from a base can help you
research "Cydonia or Bust".

Alien Missions

Research Generally small vehicles, least threat
Harvest Great concern to governments, usually cattle abduction
Abduction Abducts humans, causes great alarm
Infiltration Infiltrates countries and try to make pact with government,
big threat as countries that sign pact cease to fund XCOM
Base Survey and establish alien base, may contain alien commander
Terror Creates terror sites when lands at city
Retaliation Scout / attack XCOM base, greatest threat
Supply Supply alien base, trail them and patrol nearby to find
alien base

A.6 Costs

All things are listed there. Those that can be purchased or cannot be
manufactured have NO Engineer-hours. Those that must be manufactured have
Engineer-hours listed. Those things that cannot be purchased nor
manufactured have only sale price listed. See also A.8.

Engineer Workshop Alien Sale
Hours Cost Space Elerium Alloys Price
Stun Rod - ? - - - ?
ElectroFlare - 40 - - - 30?
Motion scanner 220 34k 4 - - 45600
Medikit 420 28k 4 - - 46500
Mind probe 1200 262k 4 1 - 334000
Psi amp 500 160k 4 1 - 194700
Personal armor 800 22k 12 - 4 140000
Power suit 1000 42k 16 5 5 310000
Flying suit 1400 58k 16 16 5 420000

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 42

Tank/laser 1200 500k 25 - - ?
Hovertank/plasma 1200 850k 30 30 5 980000
Hovertank/fusion 1400 900k 30 25 8 1043000
HWP fusion bomb 400 15k 25 5 8 31500
Proximity Grenade
Smoke Grenade
High Explosive
Laser pistol 300 8k 2 - - 20000
Laser rifle 400 20k 3 - - 36900
Heavy laser 700 32k 4 - - 61000
Plasma pistol 600 56k 3 - 1 84000
Plasma pistol clip 60 2k 4 1 - 4440
Plasma rifle 820 88k 4 - 1 126500
Plasma rifle clip 80 3k 4 2 - 6290
Heavy plasma 1000 122k 4 - 1 171600
Heavy plasma clip 80 6k 4 3 - 9590
Blaster launcher 1200 90k 5 - 1 144000
Blaster bomb 220 8k 3 3 - 17028
Small launcher 900 78k 3 - 1 120000
Stun bomb 200 7k 2 1 - 15200
Alien grenade 200 6.7k 2 2 - 14850
FIRESTORM 14000 400k 30 - 65 -*
LIGHTNING 18000 600k 34 - 85 -*
AVENGER 34000 900k 36 - 170 -**
[Craft Weapons]
Stingray Launcher
Avalanche Launcher
Laser cannon 300 182k 6 - - ?
Plasma beam 500 226k 8 15 - 267300
Fusion launcher 400 242k 6 - - 281100
Fusion ball 600 28k 6 4 - 53300
Alien alloys 100 3k 10 - - 6500
Elerium-115 - - - - - 5000
UFO power source 1400 130k 22 16 5 250000
UFO navigation 1600 150k 18 - 3 80000
Alien Surgery 20000
Alien Examination 20000
Alien Entertainment 20000
Alien Food 20000
Alien bodies 20000

* needs 1 UFO power source + 1 UFO navigation
** needs 2 UFO power sources + 1 UFO navigation

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 43

Misc. Equipment Descriptions
[Available at start]
Stun rod has a chance to render an alien unconscious with
hand-to-hand attack (i.e. go up next to it)
Electro flare Lights up small area at night, thrown, can be
picked up & reused
[Must be researched]
Motion scanner detects movement in the near vicinity, even
behind doors and walls, useful when storming UFOs
or buildings
Medikit heals fatal wounds (heal), revives unconscious
(stimulate) and boosts morale (painkiller)
Elerium 115 only found on alien UFOs/bases, and needed for
many important weapons and power units
Mind probe when used on an alien tells you its stats and
rank, useful to find an alien commander or leader
Psi amp allow soldier to use psionic attacks on aliens
(attempting to cause panic or get mind control),
requires Psi training

A.7 TU Usage by Activity

Weapon Usage: see A.4

Equipment Usage:
Medi-Kit 10 / dose
Mind Probe 25%
Motion Sensor 25%

Movement Usage:
Kneel/Stand 4/8
Go up 8
Go down 8
Turn 1 per 45 degrees
Go forward depends on terrain (details?)

Material Transfer Usage: (Thanks to reiben@vt.edu)

From \ To! Hand ! Belt ! Shoulder ! Leg ! Pack ! Ground
Hand ! - 8 10 8 14 2
Belt ! 4 - 12 10 16 6
Shoulder ! 3 10 - 12 16 4
Leg ! 6 10 10 - 18 6
Pack ! 6 12 14 16 - 10
Ground ! 8 12 12 10 20 -

A.8 X-COM Profitability study -- by Jeff Shaffer [edited]

Recently, we at the XCOM Business Institute (our motto: "If it's worth
doing, it's worth analyzing to death") spent all last night to bring you
the following table. The basic assumption is that you are willing to
support engineers long-term in order to make a profit. I calculated
results for a hypothetical 2-workshop operation. You would get slightly
better results with larger facilities, due to the economy of scale.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 44

Work Eng Raw Sale Unit Monthly Net
Item Space Hrs Material Cost Price Profit Profit Profit
Motion Scanner 4 220 - 34000 45600 11600 3765993 1275993
Medikit 4 420 - 28000 46500 18500 3146057 656057
Psi Amp 4 500 1E 160000 194700 29700 4242586 1752586
Personal Armour 12 800 4A 22000 54000 6000 491040 -
Power Suit 16 1000 5E+5A 42000 85000 - - -
Flying Suit 16 1400 16E+5A 58000 115000 - - -
Alien Alloys 10 100 - 3000 6500 3500 2343600 3600
Elerium 115 - - - - 5000 - - -
Laser Pistol 2 300 - 8000 20000 12000 2916480 376480
Laser Rifle 3 400 - 20000 36900 16900 3049098 534098
Heavy Laser 4 700 - 32000 61000 29000 2958994 468994
Plasma Pistol 3 600 1A 56000 84000 21500 2586020 71020
Plasma Pistol Clip 4 60 1E 2000 4440 - - -
Plasma Rifle 4 820 1A 88000 126500 32000 2787278 297278
Plasma Rifle Clip 4 80 2E 3000 6290 - - -
Heavy Plasma 4 1000 1A 122000 171600 43100 3078374 588374
Heavy Plasma Clip 4 80 3E 6000 9590 - - -
Blaster Launcher 5 1200 1A 90000 144000 47500 2797750 332750
Blaster Bomb 3 220 3E 8000 17028 - - -
Small Launcher 3 900 1A 78000 120000 35500 2846627 331627
Stun Bomb 2 200 1E 7000 15200 3200 1166592 -
Alien Grenade 2 200 2E 6700 14850 - - -
Mind Probe 4 1200 1E 262000 304000 37000 2202240 -
UFO Power Source 22 1400 16E+5A 130000 250000 7500 310885 -
UFO Navigation 18 1600 3A 150000 80000 - - -
Fusion Ball L'cher 6 400 - 242000 281100 39100 6836244 4396244
Fusion Ball 6 600 4E 28000 53300 5300 617768 -
Laser Cannon 6 300 - 182000 211000 29000 6760480 4320480
Plasma Beam 8 500 15E 226000 267300 - - -
Tank/Laser Cannon 25 1200 - 500000 594000 94000 4371000 2406000
Hovertank/Plasma 30 1200 30E+5A 850000 980000 - - -
Hovertank/Launcher30 1400 25E+8A 900000 1043000 - - -
HWP Fusion Bomb 25 400 5E+8A 15000 31500 - - -

First six columns are just basic information from my version of XCOM.
(Note: I have seen posts stating that UFO has higher sale prices for some
items, notably armor!) The 'Unit Profit' column is sale price minus cost,
minus the cost of any E-115/Alloy used in manufacture. A '-' means a net
loss, no further analysis. 'Monthly Profit' column is based on an "XCOM
Month" of 24*31 = 744 hours. The calculation is number of engineers that
fit in two workshops times 744 times unit profit, divided by the hours
required to make one item. For example, the monthly profit for Motion
Scanners is 96*744*11600/220 = 1275993.

The 'Net Profit' column is the bottom line. Monthly expenses are the
salaries of as many engineers as fit in the workshops times $25K, plus the
maintenance on 2 workshops and 2 living quarters. As you can see, Fusion
Ball Launchers are the winner, narrowly edging out Laser Cannons. A profit
can be made early in the game on motion scanners, however.

One final note: It costs roughly $7M to hire engineers and build the
facilities, so you'll need to 'borrow' some money (preferably from alien
supply ships :) to get started.

XCOM:UFO Defense Frequently Asked Questions Page 45

@ A.9 X-COM Base Costs List -- by IrwinNY

base location lift cost Covers
Africa, South 550,000 South Africa
Africa, North 650,000 Nigeria, Egypt
Alantic, North 500,000 (Really Greenland)
America, North 800,000 USA, Canada
America, South 600,000 Brazil
Antartica 900,000
Arctic 950,000
Asia, Central 500,000 Eastern China
Asia, South East 750,000 Japan, Western China
Australasia 750,000 Australia
Europe 1,000,000 Eastern Commonwealth, UK, France,
Germany, Italy, Spain
Pacific 600,000 (really Hawaiian islands)
Siberia 800,000 Western Commonwealth, India

@ A.10 X-COM Money Cheats

Use a hex editor and edit LIGLOB.DAT in your saved game's directory.
Overwrite the first bytes with

64 64 64 64 00 00 00 00...

You should get about 1.68 billion dollars. (In case you are wondering,
64646464h is a hexadecimal number. In decimal it is 1,684,300,900.) You
can also use

FF FF FF 7F 00 00 00 00...

Which will give you about 2.1 billion dollars. (7FFFFFFFh = 2,147,484,647)