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Игра: Ultima (SPELLS) (ENG)


--- --- --- SPELLS --- --- ---

1ST Circle
I M Y Create food
I L Light
O J Magic Arrow
B I S Resist Blows
S H Stealth -- Briefly prevents you from making noise.

2ND Circle
Q C Cause Fear
W M Detect Monster
I B M Lesser Heal
I J Rune of Warding -- Places an enchantment in an area which will
report if anything disturbs it.
R D P Slow Fall

3RD Circle
B S L Conceal -- Like invisibility
O G Lightning
Q L Night Vision
R T P Speed -- Slows down enemies
S J Strengthen Door -- Spikes a door

4TH Circle
I M Heal
H P Levitate
N M Poison
A J Remove Trap
S F Resist Fire

5TH Circle
A N Cure Poison
P F Fireball
G S P Missile Protection
O W Y Name Enchatment -- Reveals the true nature of an object
E Y Open

6TH Circle
V I L Daylight
V R P Gate Travel -- Allows you to travel instantly to a moonstone
A E P Paralyze
O P Y Telekinesis

7TH Circle
I M R Ally -- Causes the ensorcelled being to fight the last enemy he or
she saw you attack
V A W Confusion
V H P Fly
V S L Invisibility
O A Q Reveal

8TH Circle
F H Flame Wind
A T Freeze Time
I V S Iron Flesh
O P W Roaming Sight -- Allows you to see the world from a bird's-eye view
V P Y Tremor