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Игра: Doom/ Ultimate Doom and Doom II/ Final Doom all codes

Чит коды

IDCHOPPERS: gives the chainsaw.
IDCLEVxy: level warp. use x=episode (1-3), y=level (1-9) for Doom, x=level (1-32) for Doom II.
IDCLIP: toggles clipping mode (Doom II/ Final Doom only).
IDDQD: invincibility on / off.
IDDT: use in map mode; gives complete automap.
IDFA: similar to IDKFA, no keys.
IDKFA: full health, full armor, all keys and weapons.
IDMUSx: changes music: x is music level (Doom II/ Final Doom only).
IDMYPOS: prints current map position.
IDSPISPOPD: toggles clipping mode (Doom/ Ultimate Doom only).
IDBEHOLD: use with one of the following letters:
A: full automap.
I: partial invisibility.
L: night vision.
R: radiation suit.
S: berserker mode.
V: god mode.